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DNS resolution acceleration for website URLs under Ubuntu10.10

It is actually very simple. That is, dnsmasq. However, the default Ubuntu10.10livecdi386 is only installed with-base, and the dnsmasq program is not installed. After using the url, the translation speed of the url into an ipv4 address is almost

Linux DNS Server installation, configuration, and maintenance

Each IP address can have a host name that consists of one or more strings separated by a decimal point. With the hostname, do not memorize each IP device IP address, just remember the relative intuitive meaningful host name on the line. This is the

Clear DNS resolution cache under UbuntuLinux

Most DNS clients cache the results of domain name resolution locally, which can speed up access to the same address. When you open a single page, there are usually multiple access requests to the same domain name. Basically, each file, image, and

Install the DNS server in Linux

ConceptDefault dns lookup sequence for linux clients: Local DNS Cache → local hosts file → preferred DNS server (recursive) Linux DNS Server Query sequence:The DNS cache of the preferred server → the domain in which the preferred server is

In Linux, cache DNS resolution is used to speed up online response!

These days I have been very careful and found that when I browsed the web page using Firefox, I always saw a prompt in the lower left corner at the beginning: "Parsing host xxx ..." It seems that it is waiting for the DNS server to resolve the

Intelligent DNS resolution in CentOS Environment

The essence of DNS Intelligent Resolution: the dns server returns different results based on different sources The most basic function of DNS policy resolution is to intelligently identify the users who access your website, and resolve your domain

In Linux, cache DNS resolution is used to increase the speed of online response.

In Linux, cache DNS resolution is used to speed up the response to the Internet-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. When you use Firefox to browse a webpage, you will always see

Linux through caching DNS resolution to improve the response speed of the internet! __linux

After a few days of hard and careful, found in the browser Web page with Firefox, the beginning will always see the lower left corner of a line of hints: "Resolving Host XXX ..." Appears to be waiting for DNS server to resolve domain names, idle,

Simple experience of DNS server in ubuntu

In ubuntu, you can simply build a DNS server in ubuntu to understand how DNS works. 1. install the corresponding server software. The apt-getinstallbind9 installs bind92 and sets the primary server domain and domain resolution file vim/etc/bind/na...

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