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Ubuntu boot recovery after Windows corruption

I downloaded and installed Ubuntu in Windows XP. Under normal circumstances, I will provide the option to enter two systems after the startup. Recently, due to the installation of shared software, Windows cannot be restarted, and even a blue screen

Ubuntu text tutorial on hard disk installation in Windows 7

Ubuntu13.10, codenamed SaucySalamander, has been released. Since the new version of Gnome3.10 is not used, we are somewhat disappointed. It is mainly because the release time of Gnome3.10 is too close to that of Ubuntu13.10, the development team

Ubuntu 14.10 text tutorial on hard drive installation in Windows 7

Ubuntu 14.10 text tutorial on hard drive installation in Windows 7 The famous Ubuntu version of Linux has released the latest version 14.10, and you may not know that it is ten years old. Compared with 14.10 half a year ago, this Ubuntu 14.10 system

Ubuntu Reference Manual

 Ubuntu Reference Manual   Summary The Ubuntu reference manual is designedUsers running UbuntuProvides comprehensive guidance. The book provides a large numberShell-commandInstances, which cover all aspects of system management, including the

Ubuntu Samba Server Configuration

Ubuntu Samba Server Configuration I recently made open source software. Sometimes a package involves several operating systems, including windows and Linux. it is not convenient to transfer packets between these two operating systems. scp or ssh

MacBook Pro Install Ubuntu

Https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookProDetermine your hardware revisionTo determine which version/generation of the MacBook Pro you have multiple options:From the GUI in OS XClick on the Apple in the top left > ' about this Mac ' > ' more Info .

Install Ubuntu 13.04

Http://geek100.com/2390 Today, UBUNTU 13.04 is installed in the notebook.I used to use Windows and Ubuntu again. The most obvious feeling is that the Ubuntu font looks better. There are a bunch of online tutorials on Ubuntu dual-system hard disk

Ubuntu 18.04 screenshot Tool shutter the edit button is not available for a workaround

Shutter is a third-party-provided tool that runs on Ubuntu, relative to the system's own tools (which can be started by default with CTRL + Shift + Print shortcut), the biggest advantage is that you can instantly edit the image, make some marks and

Exclusive 2-First lesson Ubuntu system installation and configuration

1.1 Installing Ubuntu using VMware1.1.1 Preparatory work1) VMware's installation packageVMware will use at least 10.0, this article with the latest version of VMware12, this version of USB3.0 support is more stable, if the installation of more than 1

Ubuntu perfectly installs and builds a Git Server

Recently, the company's project needs Git to manage the project. Just over the weekend, it took some time to build a git server in the Ubuntu System of the Virtual Machine. Due to the small problems encountered during the construction process,

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