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Ubuntu automatically selects the fastest source script

From: http://hi.baidu.com/fancycedar/blog/item/13711c546163821a3b2935f6.html This book was moved between the lab and the dormitory. One was CERNET, and the other was Nb's Netcom. To install something, we had to manually change the new software

Using the EXEC function group call to execute the Shell script __ function

The EXEC function under Linux is not a single function, but a function group, respectively: int execl (const char *path, const char *arg, ...); int EXECLP (const char *file, const char *arg, ...); int execle (const char *path, const char *arg, ...,

Linux programming process (III): exec functions and system functions

1. Exec replacement process image On Process Creation, Unix adopts a unique method, which separates Process Creation from loading a new process image. The advantage is that there is more room to manage the two operations. After we create a process,

Introduction to the sda * hard drive partition device number in Ubuntu

First, basic knowledge is required: FROM disk partition basics and hardware partition device number on LINUX ================================ ================ now let's start talking about partitions, first, clarify the concept: primary partition: a

Ubuntu 11.10 + win7 dual-system startup Item Management and configuration method

Ubuntu 10.10 has been installed recently. Because Windows 7 and other systems have been installed before, the Startup menu is displayed after Ubuntu is installed. By default, Ubuntu is started. I have found many ways to modify the startup options on

Why isn't Ubuntu/etc/inittab file? Start-up process analysis of Ubuntu

Recently, because of the Linux development with teammates, because not the same version of Linux (he used the arch, I use Ubuntu), and then often the configuration is not the same, as the Inittab file, and then delve into the reason:The Linux kernel

Php uses exec to execute unzip decompression command. The Chinese characters in the file name are UTF-8 strings.

Php uses exec to execute unzip to decompress the file. Why are the extracted civilized names in Chinese in a format similar to UTF-8 characters? For example, 2064 php uses exec to execute unzip to decompress the file Why are the extracted civilized

Ubuntu 5.10 (breezy badger) Guide

Ubuntu 5.10 (breezy badger) Guide Install Attach and detach media devices Create and play an ISO Device Create and check MD5 verification Codes Configure SSH for CUCs and remote desktop for office computers Related Links Install Install

Ubuntu 12.04 configuration records

Ubuntu 12.04 configuration record 1. Network Connection during installation, but do not select "Download Update". Select Chinese as the language and Shanghai as the region. 2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page to update the

Use Ubuntu to crack wep wireless encryption

Use Ubuntu to crack wep wireless encryption I. Install ubuntu and aircrack-ngFirst install the latest Ubuntu version and update the system to the latest version.Enter sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng in the terminal to install aircrack-ng.If you are

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