ubuntu file attributes

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Ubuntu Linux 8.04

1. system initialization 1. Update source list, Updae your system. Switch the source of education network and telecom network: (For a hard-working user, you only need to replace gutsy in the following source with hard-working) Sudo

How to add Ubuntu software source

ArticleDirectory Default software source Change software source Change Internet update attributes Add software source by yourself Ubuntu software source We believe that the online update Design of Ubuntu is very

Ubuntu 10.10 dual-system installation on an XP Hard Disk

Original article address: Http://www.ylmf.net/ubuntu/guide/201010297968.html Http://www.ylmf.net/ubuntu/guide/201010297969.html Http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php? T = 272229   Maverick Meerkat Ubuntu 10.10 enables a brand new installer,

Ubuntu10.04 root account enabling + modifying file attributes

Ubuntu10.04 the root account enabled + permission to modify file attributes was viewed online for a long time, but it was not completed by myself. When it was achieved, I suddenly realized that it was easy to share my experience with cainiao, in

Ubuntu and Windows file transfer sharing

First, the use of flying pigeons to achieve the function of the bookThere are Iptux and ipmsg in the popular software for the use of Flying Pigeon books under Linux.1.1 IptuxIptux is an Ubuntu software that can be used to transfer files to and from

[Turn] Ubuntu installation of some common software

First of all, there are several ways to install Ubuntu software:1. How to install the Deb packageDeb is the Debian Linux package management method, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution of the Debian department, theThis software installation is supported

Ubuntu some basic software installation methods

Ubuntu some basic software installation methodsFirst of all, there are several ways to install Ubuntu software:1. How to install the Deb packageDeb is the Debian Linux package management method, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution of the Debian

Ubuntu Development Environment Building

1. Sogousudo add-apt-repository ppa:fcitx-team/nightlysudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get-f install FCITXsudo apt-get install FCITX-CONFIG-GTKsudo apt-get install Fcitx-table-allsudo apt-get install Im-switch2. Update the sourcecd /etc/aptsudo cp

First knowledge of Linux system---Ubuntu

Ubuntu Operating SystemI. Linux system compositionThe Linux kernel software program is used to implement core operations such as CPU and memory allocation process scheduling device drivers, which are oriented to hardware-basedThe peripheral program

Setting the database character set under Ubuntu

In the Linux environment, the problem of database garbled, with Ubuntu as an example of the summaryUbuntu Environment sets the character set utf8,windows the default character set is Gbk,ubuntu, which is the default character set of Utf-8, which

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