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Ubuntu 12.04 FTP Server configuration

Installation: sudo apt-get install vsftpd # VSFTP (Very secure FTP) is a very secure and fast-stable FTP server in Unix/linux After installation, you may automatically generate an account "FTP",/home will also add a folder. If you do not generate

Ubuntu build FTP server, can be accessed through the browser, FileZilla upload files and other functions

Setting up an FTP server1: first, Update the software source, to ensure that the source is up-to-date, so that the following online through apt-the get install command installs FTP. 2: use sudo apt-The Get install vsftp command installs the vsftp,

Build an FTP server vsftpd on CentOS 6.3

Build an FTP server vsftpd on CentOS 6.3 Vsftpd is a well-known ftp software on the Linux platform. Vsftpd is short for very secure ftp daemon. 1. Install vsftpdFirst, check whether vsftpd is installed in the system.[Root @ localhost Packages] # rpm-

How to configure an FTP server in Ubuntu

How to configure the FTP server in Ubuntu: the FTP server in Ubuntu is vsftpd. 1. Install vsftpd It is not difficult to install software in Ubuntu. Enter: Sudo apt-Get install vsftpd After installation, an FTP directory is created under/home. At

Go Linux set up FTP on Ubuntu

Linux set up FTP on UbuntuHttp://www.blogjava.net/stonestyle/articles/369104.htmlOperating system: Ubuntu (Gnu/linux)In order to set up an FTP server on the machine, we need to install the FTP server software. The representative FTP Server software

Explanation: Installing and configuring FTP under Ubuntu

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an older and most commonly used standard network protocol for uploading/downloading files across a network between two computers. However, FTP is not secure at first because it transmits data only through user

Install apache2 + PhP5 + mysql5 + pureftp + FTP in Ubuntu

Install apache2 + PhP5 + mysql5 + pureftp + FTP in Ubuntu 1. Install ubuntu7.04 Desktop Ii. Install mysql5 manually in Ubuntu Linux 1. Download the Linux version of MySQL 5.Address:

Ubuntu crontab scheduled backup postgres database and upload FTP server

Recently the company requested to back up the database, so we looked up the comparative information. Don't say much nonsense, into the subject.Objective: To regularly back up the Postgres database under Ubuntu, and to pack and upload to the

Configure the ftp server and the linuxftp server in Linux

Configure the ftp server and the linuxftp server in Linux 1. Run the rpm-qa | grep vsftpd command to check whether the ftp has been installed. If ftp is not installed, run yum-y install vsftpd to install it. (use apt-get install vsftpd in

FTP configuration in Ubuntu

Configuration of FTP service in Ubuntu   If you want to upload and download files through FTP between Windows 7 and Ubuntu on the virtual machine, filezilla is used in windows. This tool must support FTP services. 1. Install vsftpd Sudo apt-Get

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