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Ubuntu official release of Ubuntu Application Design Guide

Ubuntu officially released a Ubuntu application design guide. The official hopes that this resource can solve as many problems as possible for Ubuntu application developers. The Ubuntu Application Design Guide is an online resourc

Ubuntu 14 MySQL Installation Guide and ubuntu14mysql Guide

Ubuntu 14 MySQL Installation Guide and ubuntu14mysql GuideInstall MySQL on ubuntu 14Install MySQLSudo apt-get install mysql-serverThis should be very simple, and I don't think there is much problem with the installation, so I will not talk about it much. Let's talk about the configuration below.Configure MySQLNote: In Ubuntu

Ubuntu tips: Full guide to Ubuntu Software Installation

Ubuntu tips: Full guide to Ubuntu software installation methods classification: Ubuntu tips | ubuntu | installation | SOFTWARE | 2007.06.05 Users who have just started using Ubuntu often have this problem. What should I do if I wa

Ubuntu Desktop Survival Guide (4)-Ubuntu System Backup Recovery and upgrade policy

most common software such as vi, emacs and so on can play with countless operations through changing the configuration file. users need to spend time to change and try these configurations, so that the method of operating these software is best suited to their own habits, to achieve efficient purposes. Therefore, after a period of time, each Linux user will have an exclusive efficient system, and 1000 users will have 1000 exclusive efficient systems, the software and Configuration Methods insta

Ubuntu Desktop Survival Guide (5)-Introduction to commonly used efficiency software for Ubuntu

the extreme, and then ten times more, times to improve the operator's production efficiency. Next, let's talk about the commonly used efficiency software in Ubuntu/Linux. On the internet, Linux users are often learning. After using the software on this platform, they will sigh like this: "Almost every Linux software can be written into a book ". This is basically the best bet that Linux software is powerful to awesome. Therefore, it is impossible to

Ubuntu Desktop Survival Guide (5)-Introduction to commonly used efficiency software for Ubuntu

introduces common software. Considering the role of Linux as a developer system, we will introduce the software required by developers in the next article. Ubuntu Desktop Survival Guide: Linux philosophy (1) (2) Ubuntu Desktop Survival Guide (3) --- build Ubuntu system infr

Ubuntu Learning Note-win7&ubuntu Dual system simple build system Guide

Win7ubuntu Dual System Simple Setup System guideThis article is my old book tossing Ubuntu Some records, mainly to build a enough entertainment (do not play games) focus on practicing their own programming ability content. Simply write about the installation of the system and some of the configuration environment of the simple building. The contents of the system are not explored in depth. Hope can give incense simple to use the classmate reference.Fi

Ubuntu 12.04 guide for installing Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.0

Ubuntu 12.04 guide for installing Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.0 Release date: 17:17:20Ubuntu Tweak is a configuration and adjustment tool specially designed for Ubuntu developed by @ Tula ding. You will get help from this tool, whether you are a novice or veteran. Ubuntu Tweak versio

Win10 + ubuntu dual-system repair ubuntu boot guide, win10ubuntu

Win10 + ubuntu dual-system repair ubuntu boot guide, win10ubuntu Because windows cannot boot linux, and each win10 upgrade or restoration will overwrite the boot guide of linux, resulting in a failure to access linux, so win10 update is disabled all the time. in the past few days, win10 has encountered some minor issue

Ubuntu User Guide-how to switch to the Dropbox or Box cloud service after Ubuntu One is disabled

Canonical decided to shut down the cloud service of Ubuntu One. You may be looking for backup of other servers on your host, even though there are many cloud service providers, however, a small number of major service providers support Linux, including Ubuntu. Dropbox fully supports Ubuntu. It has a client that integrates the

Caffe + Ubuntu 15.04 + CUDA 7.5 Novice Installation Configuration Guide

Caffe + Ubuntu 15.04 + CUDA 7.5 Novice Installation Configuration GuideSpecial:0. Caffe website address: http://caffe.berkeleyvision.org/1. This article is for the author to complete the experiment, but only for the use of academic exchange, the use of this guide any adverse consequences of the user's own responsibility, not related to the author of this article, thank you! In order to ensure timely updates

Ubuntu 5.10 (breezy badger) Guide

Ubuntu 5.10 (breezy badger) Guide Install Attach and detach media devices Create and play an ISO Device Create and check MD5 verification Codes Configure SSH for CUCs and remote desktop for office computers Related Links Install Install Ubuntu Set Home Directory Update and upgrade Ubuntu Install the NVIDIA

Ubuntu 12.04 Configuration Guide (some tips are good)

Ubuntu 12.04 Configuration Guide Http://news.chinaunix.net/opensource/2012/0428/2142003.shtml Another article: Good Ubuntu User Guide http://imcn.me/ubuntuuser I. System Setup toolsMunitysudo apt-get install myunityRelated Articles @ unity setting t

Ubuntu 10.04 installation and Configuration Guide

(From http://hi.baidu.com/gsps/blog/item/4c72aeb74b5ca2f830add19f.html) Ubuntu 10.04 installation and Configuration Guide Author:JandyVersion: 1004.1.0504 --- Directory Min,PreparationI,InstallII,ConfigurationIII,Input MethodIV,FlashV,AppendixVI,Update --- Prepare 1. Download the Ubuntu CD image file:Http://ubuntuabc.com/123? P = 79 2. Verify the MD5 of the

Ubuntu/Windows dual-system repair guide

Ubuntu/Windows dual-system repair guide first note: Install Ubuntu (or Ubuntu series) without fixing the boot if Windows exists. Grub automatically searches for systems that exist in the hard disk. If Windows is installed on the premise that Ubuntu exists, it is not so good

Ubuntu performance Learning Guide

Hack to enhance Ubuntu Performance, such as viewing running processes, defining the source, discovering process startup, adjusting core parameters, and accelerating startup time. 2. Ultimate Ubuntu performance tweaking guide detailed steps to improve your system performance. 3. Improve Ubuntu Performance is an index

Ubuntu STARTUP configuration file grub. cfg (menu. lst) Setting guide-zz

Ubuntu STARTUP configuration file grub. cfg (menu. lst) Setting Guide The first Ubuntu version used by dairy cows is 9.04. At that time, the configuration file is started or menu. LST, changed its name to grub at ubuntu9.10. CFG, UBUNTU 10.04 still uses grub. CFG, but the content of this file is not that large. In

Beginner's Guide: 12 things to be done after ubuntu is installed

Note: This article only provides a new user guide based on your ubuntu user experience. Please skip this article on your own... First of all, congratulations, you have entered the linux camp. you may have no idea about free software, linux, ubuntu, and so on. everything just comes from seeing a friend's cool 3D desktop. Of course, you can care about it later. Not

Quick Setting guide for Ubuntu

Quick Setup Guide this article only applies to systems installed with i386 installation CD, part of the content is not suitable for installation of amd64 and PPC. Because there is no corresponding amd64 and PPC package in the middle subcontracting, the package cannot be found. If you belong to such a system, please consult the forum. After the installation is complete, we will spend 10 minutes setting up the system to make it a more comfortable Chine

Ubuntu STARTUP configuration file grub. cfg (menu. lst) Setting Guide

system partition sequence is based on the partition number, and the partition number can be changed at will, but here is the physical order, you can enter the DF command in the terminal to view the Mount partition information. Here, hd0 refers to the first physical hard disk. The sequence also starts from 0, and the subsequent 5 refers to the first 6th partitions. The sequence also starts from 0. Here, those who do not have the Windows Startup option after installing

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