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Ubuntu_installing apache2 with PhP5 and MySQL support on Ubuntu 12.04 lts (LAMP)

Document directory 1 Preliminary Note 2 installing MySQL 5 3 installing apache2 4 installing PhP5 5 testing PhP5/getting details about your PhP5 Installation 6 getting MySQL support in PhP5 7. phpMyAdmin 9 links Version 1.0:Author: Falko

Install and configure Apache2 + CGI + SSL in Ubuntu

Install and configure Apache2 + CGI + SSL in Ubuntu 1. Install and uninstall apache2 in Ubuntu Apache2 can be directly installed using commands Sudo apt-get install apache2 It is troublesome to uninstall the server. You must uninstall the server.

Install Apache, PHP, and MySQL in Ubuntu

1. sudo apt-Get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 PhP5 php5-gd mysql-server php5-mysql phpMyAdminWhen downloading and automatically installing the configuration, a box will pop up asking you to enter the password !! Remember the password 2.

Ubuntu 12.04 Installation Apache2+php5+mysql

Lamp is the abbreviation for the Linux Web server combo set, which is apache+mysql+php. This tutorial teaches you how to install Apache2 server on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server, including PHP5 (mod_php) +mysql.The relevant IP settings used in this

Ubuntu 14.04 Easy to install php5.5 + apache2 + redis + mysql

I am installing the Vagrant Environment under Windows 10.1, first official website: https://www.vagrantup.com/Download the latest version of the Vagrant, installation, installation of virtual machine virtualbox:https://www.virtualbox.org/; box

Liunx ubuntu Web apache2 + php + MySQL Installation

Ubuntu system under preparation phase update download sourceapt-get updateApache2 Installationsudo apt-get install apache2默认www目录在"var/www"下安装目录/etc/apache2/Launch Apache Service/etc/init.d/apache2 start或sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 startRestart Apache

Ubuntu server apt-Get install apache2 & PhP5 & mysql5

Ubuntu server apt-Get install apache2 & PhP5 & mysql5 Place mysql5 + apache2 + PhP5 + phpMyAdmin in apt-Get mode: Master please take a look at the Ubuntu wiki, (http://wiki.ubuntu.org) above is very specific. However, I did not enjoy it for the

Install apache2 + PhP5 + mysql5 + pureftp + FTP in Ubuntu

Install apache2 + PhP5 + mysql5 + pureftp + FTP in Ubuntu 1. Install ubuntu7.04 Desktop Ii. Install mysql5 manually in Ubuntu Linux 1. Download the Linux version of MySQL 5.Address:

Ubuntu12.04 install Apache2 + PHP5 + MySQL

LAMP is the abbreviation of Linuxweb server combination set, which is ApacheMySQLPHP. This tutorial teaches you how to install the Apache2 server on Ubuntu12.04LTSserver, including PHP5 (mod_php) MySQL. In this tutorial, you must modify the related

Install and configure the PHP environment in Linux (Apache2)

Install and configure the PHP environment in Linux (Apache2) In the Linux environment, configure and install the PHP environment (Apache2) and refer to some other people's configuration methods for online query. The installation steps are as follows:

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