ubuntu low disk space

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"Linux Discovery Tour" Part One lesson four: disk partitioning and completing Ubuntu installation

Content Introduction1. Part IV Lesson Four: disk partitioning and completing Ubuntu installation 2, the first part of lesson five: Unity Desktop, life if only as first sight Disk partitioningLast lesson we formally began to install Ubuntu, but

Run Ubuntu 12.04 with a USB flash drive.

At first, I thought it was a very simple installation process. As in the past, I used unetbootin-windows to write the ISO to the USB flash disk. The result showed that there was no such installation process. If you use ultraliso to write data

Win7, Ubuntu dual system, encounter partition is not available problem, and uninstall Ubuntu after Win7 can not open the machine

Profile:Last night is still intended to physically install Ubuntu, with virtual machine is really some cards, after all, is virtual out, there are so many programs to allow, low efficiency is understandable. After the physical installation, Ubuntu

Ubuntu Boot space is low

When installing Ubuntu, when assigning space to the/boot file directory, it is 100m,/boot can be separated into a separate zone, or not separate, in/(root directory) will automatically create a boot directory for it. By the way, the Linux partition

Count Ubuntu's "Four sins"

Ubuntu is currently the most popular Linux Desktop release. According to Canonical estimates, UbuntuLinux has 12 million users worldwide. Ubuntu is free and can run more than 10 thousand applications. It has an active community where the website

Ubuntu installation software Tips boot space is low

The "Gzip:stdout:No space left on device" issue will appear with the sudo apt-get install Gitlab-ci-multi-runner installation application.Boot files are stored in the system boot files and the kernel of some things, the general space is enough, we

Graphic tutorial on Windows 7 + Ubuntu Dual System Configuration

This article will introduce you to the graphic tutorial on Windows 7 + Ubuntu dual system configuration. I hope this configuration will be useful for your reference. I have never been involved in a verbal war on Windows and Ubuntu. In fact, each

How to install Ubuntu system with USB stick/ubuntu system how to install

Linux has always been a relatively small system, especially at home, users relative to Windows, is less, even give a high-end, complex impression, but these years, the use of Linux more and more people, the basic use of the program ape, And Ubuntu

Differences between CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian

Differences between CentOS, Ubuntu, and DebianArticle 1 Linux has many release versions, which are divided by nature into commercial versions maintained by commercial companies and free release versions maintained by open-source communities. The

Ubuntu 13.10 & Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit installation and configuration of Google Pinyin input method and Adobe Flash Player, mp3 plug-in installation, Chinese GBK encoding, etc. __ encoding

have been playing under the virtual machine Ubuntu, today, the emergence of the hard disk directly installed on the Ubuntu 13.10 version, the installation of a computer disk empty, there is 68G, for the installation of Ubuntu, will download the

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