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Comparative philosophy between Debian and Ubuntu father and child

Comparing Ubuntu with Debian is a matter of course. As we all know, Ubuntu is a branch of Debian. In addition, many development tasks of Ubuntu are completed on Debian. More importantly, we often hear that Linux Beginners should try Ubuntu. When

Tutorial: Ubuntu and windows

The most popular article on this website is undoubtedly "how to install Ubuntu and Windows 8 dual systems through 10 Simple Steps?", For details, see here. The operation instructions help readers install Ubuntu since version 12.04. However, Ubuntu

[Point of View] Why do we need to run Ubuntu?

This is an article in favor of Ubuntu. I am not a desktop system software developer. The only desktop programming knowledge is that I used Qt to write an XMPP client in college. Therefore, I am not familiar with the underlying desktop technology, do

The server operating system should choose CentOS or Debian/ubuntu

First of all, I would like to invite you players, you do not have their own recent new play on what you feel good, and then wantonly recommended what good! Negative points of responsibility good bad! Someone is a server, sometimes choose the wrong

Ubuntu 5.10 (breezy badger) Guide

Ubuntu 5.10 (breezy badger) Guide Install Attach and detach media devices Create and play an ISO Device Create and check MD5 verification Codes Configure SSH for CUCs and remote desktop for office computers Related Links Install Install

CentOS vs. Ubuntu

CentOS vs. Ubuntu The option of Linux seems to be "endless", because everyone can build Linux by modifying an existing version or a new startup version (LFS. We are concerned about the selection of Linux releases, including user interfaces, file

Trial of the last beta version of "dark" Ubuntu before dawn

On April 9, April 21, Canonical recently announced that the official Ubuntu11.04 version will be released on April 10, April 28. The previous release of Ubuntu11.04Beta2 in April 15 became the last Beta version before its official version, and Natty

The ThinkPad X61 experience Ubuntu 8.10 (Installation notes)

After almost 1.5 of the time left in the open world, I returned with the opportunity to release the Ubuntu 8.10, and she felt as I said in the previous diary that, in a year, the Ubuntu release has made great strides in humanized design and user

Should the server operating system choose Debian/ubuntu or CentOS?

Should the server operating system choose Debian/ubuntu or CentOS?In fact, I think most of his statements are not wrong. If you need to install a server, you really prefer RH system.But...Contact QQ 2880990294 Phone 18326835655Fuzhou Boutique

MarkShuttleworth: Ubuntu on the tablet may be much better than Windows 8.

After Ubuntu announced its expansion plan in 2013, it successfully emerged on smartphones and tablets and quickly achieved support. Therefore, ZDnet interviewed the man behind the Ubuntu system-MarkShuttleworth, I want to see what kind of future

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