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Ubuntu tool: vi editor and ubuntuvi Editor

Ubuntu tool: vi editor and ubuntuvi EditorVi IntroductionVi is short for "Visual interface", and its position on Linux is as if the Edit Program is on DOS. It can perform output, delete, search, replace, block operations, and many other text

The editor's God Vi/vim on the--ubuntu of beginners

The editor on Ubuntu has gedit, VI, sublime and so on. Gedit generally in the absence of other editors temporarily used, most of the time, VI and sublime use more, Linux system built-in VI and Sublime, wherein, Sublime is a visual editor can be

Ii. Linux basic commands, VI Editor, Linux software installation, vilinux

Ii. Linux basic commands, VI Editor, Linux software installation, vilinux Basic Linux commands 1. File Operations A) Windows is a multi-root file system with one or more hard disks physically divided into C, D, and E ...... Disk. Each disk is a tree.

Ubuntu Tools: VI Editor

about VIVI is the abbreviation of "Visual interface", its status on Linux as if the edit program on DOS. It can perform many text operations, such as output, delete, find, replace, block operations, and so on, and users can customize them according

Vi editor notes, vi Editor

Vi editor notes, vi Editor Abstract: Vi Installation and Use Vi from cainiao to master 0. vim-Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor It can be divided into VI and VIM. In popular releases, VI = VIM Is a text editor (all text without images, plain

Tips for using the vi text editor and Linux copy and paste

Tips for using the vi text editor and Linux copy and paste To be an efficient DBA, you must be familiar with the vi Editor, especially those preparing for the OCM exam. In addition, in Linux, it is also a skill to stick the selected text with the

Use the Vi/Vim Editor: Basics

Use the Vi/Vim Editor: Basics The VI editor is a command line-based, powerful text editor. It was first developed for Unix systems and subsequently transplanted to many Unix and Linux distributions. On Linux, there is another advanced version of VI

Quick learn Vi Editor

Configuration files and shell script files are both text files, which must be edited using a text editor. In Linux, there are many types of text editors, including the character interface vi and emacs, and the graphic interface gedit under the

Ubuntu Vi/vim Editor must know

Reprint Source: http://blog.csdn.net/xiajun07061225/article/details/7039413First, why should we learn the VIM editor?There are a lot of text editors under the command line interface of Linux. For example, there are Emacs, Pico, Nano, Joe and VIM,

[Turn]linux under the terminal common commands and the VI command to modify the file and save the use method

Let's start by introducing the general role of the various directories under Ubuntu:/This is the root directory, a computer has only one root directory, all the files are started here. For example: When you enter "/home" in the terminal, you are

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