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UC/OS-II kernel Architecture Analysis (3)-uC/OS-II System Core

It is mainly included in the C source file OS _core.c.1. uC/OS-II Task Scheduling (1) uC/OS-II Scheduling Algorithm UC/OS-II uses the priority-based scheduling algorithm, always select the current ready state of the highest priority task scheduling. UC/OS-II is a preemptible, real-time OS that allows new job scheduling

What is the uc Olympic hero card? How can I get the uc Olympic hero card?

What is the uc Olympic hero collection card?1. Let's take a look at the uc Olympic hero card.Each Olympic hero has a relative introduction during the course of collecting cards, increasing the interest. Even though the mini-editor has always been one of these, the last time it went wrong, it was a hero!In this activity, not only do you have the main line and branch line obligations, but you need to coll

UC/OS-II Kernel Architecture parsing (2)---uc/os-ii basic introduction (GO)

1. uc/os-ii File structure2. UC/OS-II ComponentsUc/os-ii can be broadly divided into the core of the system (including task scheduling), task management, time management, multitasking synchronization and communication, memory management, CPU migration and other parts.(1) Core (OSCORE.C): UC/OS-II processing core, including initialization, start-up, interrupt mana

Stm32+ucos-ii+uc/gui Porting (Uc/gui API function learning one)

For some time recently, I wanted to learn to transplant Ucgui. On the network to find a large number of transplant materials and learning tutorials, coupled with their continuous efforts, the successful completion of the transplant. Now will learn the problems encountered and has been recorded, the aspect of their own browsing, but also for beginners to provide a shortcut. Uc/gui Basic functions: display text on the LCD Gui_dispstring ("

A dazzling effect on the UC browser, UC browser Effect

A dazzling effect on the UC browser, UC browser Effect Effect description: This effect will forcibly remove the web site input box and the menu bar at the bottom of the UC browser, so that the web page will occupy the entire mobile phone interface. It looks like an APP. In the lower-right corner of the browser interface, an up sign is displayed to bring up a simp

[Topics] uC/OS-II kernel Architecture Analysis (7)-uC/OS-II Application Development

1. application development steps (1) The total header file containing the uC/OS-II, Des. h; (2) define the task stack size and task stack; (3) assigning task priorities; (4) implement the task function; (5) Call the osinit () function to initialize the data structure of uC/OS-II; (6) create user task, start uC/OS-II;2. Compile task Functions The user's task funct

UC/OS-II kernel Architecture Analysis (4)-uC/OS-II Task Management

1. c executable code structure (1) code segment. Text: The machine command that stores CPU execution. Generally,. text can be shared and read-only. (2) Data Segment. Data:. rodata (constant data),. rwdata (initialized global variables, static variables ). (3) uninitialized data segment. BSS: uninitialized global and static variables. (4) stack. STACK: stores function parameters, local variables, and context During task switching. (5) Heap. Heap: used for dynamic memory allocation.2. Task Structu

Sina UC Tutorial-How to group the Sina UC Friends

Sina UC gradually began to be more and more netizens attention. We are in succession for you to publish the use of Sina UC, teach you to use a good Sina UC. Today learn how to put the Sina UC Friends group. Create a buddy group Right-click in the "My Friends" list, select the Create a new group in the right menu, the

Imitation UC weather drop-down and Wechat drop-down eyes fade in and out-third-party open source -- PullLayout, uc -- pulllayout

Imitation UC weather drop-down and drop-down eye head fade in and out-third-party open source -- PullLayout, uc -- pulllayout Android-PullLayout is a third-party open source project on github, the project home page is: https://github.com/BlueMor/Android-PullLayoutThe original project intended to achieve interaction effects similar to the UC weather drop-down and

UC Browser PC version can not uninstall how to do? UC Browser Uninstall method

1, said the use of Computer Butler, the best computer housekeeper in the country is 360 security guards, we download the latest version of the 360 guards Open and then find software uninstall. As shown in Figure 1 2, if you still found that there are residual files, you can use the 360 security guard Registry Cleaning function, the UC browser to clear the registry. As shown in Figure 2 3, restart the computer completely uninstall the

UC/OS-II Study Notes: in VC ++ 6.0 environment debugging uC/OS-II source code sharing!

//////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// // More original "uC/OS-II Study Notes: Series" Basic and embedded related knowledge details, please visit the cool tiger blog: Http://blog.csdn.net/dcx1205 I believe it will not disappoint you !!//////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////

Mobile UC Browser Skin How to change the UC browser to change the skin tutorial

Make sure that our UC browser is the latest version before you can operate the following, the old version of the browser is not used. 1. Open the UC browser on your phone and click on the bottom Bar "menu" to open it. 2. Then we need to switch to the next page, and we'll slide to the left and switch to the next page 3. Then there will be a "skin management" option on the next page, and we'll

UC/OS-II kernel Architecture Analysis (6)-uC/OS-II Memory Management

1. Basic principles of mempart UC/OS-II divides memory space into multiple memory partitions as needed, each of which consists of memory blocks of the same size. It is mainly included in the C source file OS _mem.c. OS _ext OS _mem osmemtbl [OS _max_mem_part]; OS _ext OS _mem * osmemfreelist; Mempart control block struct: Typedef struct OS _men { Void * osmemaddr ;//First address Void * osmemfreelist ;//Start address of the free space in the Part

Where can I enable uc Browser's speed mode? How to enable quick mode in uc Browser

Step 1: Find the UC browser on your phone, and then click "3". Now, click "gear icon ].Step 2. Then we can open "fast/low-flow" and find "enable fast mode" in it to enter.Okay, so we set it up. The uc Browser quickly enters the fast mode ~

Mobile UC How to see the computer page UC Browser app access to the Computer Web page tutorial

UC Browser App access computer Web tutorials: 1, open the UC Browser app, click on the bottom of the middle button, and then click "Settings"-"More Settings" 2, click "Browse Settings" 3, pull to the bottom click on "Browser indicator" 4, select "Computer Version" 5, then log on to the computer version of the Web site, you can browse the computer version of the Web page, but the scale will not

Mobile UC Browser How to capture the UC browser screenshot tutorial

1, open the cell phone UC browser software, and then click the "icon" to enter after we click on the "screenshot graffiti" open details as shown in the following figure. 2, the operation of the box four points to select a screenshot range, or click to select "Full screen screenshot." Screenshots can be saved and shared in the image editing interface. 3. Click on the button above the editing interface to doodle on the picture. In additi

UC Browser where is the flow query function? Illustration of the accelerated flow-saving method for UC settings

1 in the mobile phone click "UC Browser" opened after the figure we click on the "menu" option to enter. 2 When we click "Tools" in the Open menu, you will see that there is a "Save flow query" and then we click Open. 3 Finally, we find inside the "set up my Accelerated Flow program" Click in, then in the middle of the screen to choose the mode you want to finish. (as shown in the following figure) 4 OK now we just click on "Open speed mode"

Advantages and disadvantages of UC Browser

Reprinted from: http://www.cnblogs.com/rond/archive/2012/10/23/2735171.html As the pioneer and leader in mobile browser in China, UC is worthy of praise. UC browser has always been a navigator for other mobile browsers in China. Many functions, many innovations are proposed by UC. Compared with other mobile browsers, UC

Third-party programs perfectly integrate the UC user center of phpwind8-tutorial + p8

No matter how phpwind goes, we will always support it !!This tutorial analyzes how to integrate the UC user center of phpwind and provides the complete p8uc integrated interface package after the separation from P8. P8uc role:The UC communication principle of P8 is basically the same as that of other programs, mainly to facilitate the integration of user and intra-site synchronization information, such:Sync

UC attack: From tools to the ecosystem

650) This. width = 650; "src =" https://mmbiz.qlogo.cn/mmbiz/ruQiaPclr2R1HjaZFWlI5CwK4jGHD5WyzOKeLdwKLudAqxib4lAgIGhn3f2If96iazMeUxlVIVKSVVBySFA0bcuhQ/0 "alt =" 0 "/> In the past decade or so, most users have full impressions of UC, all of which are stuck in the field of mobile browser. In their subconscious, UC is equivalent to a mobile browser. From this point of view,

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