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Ecm ucf session wait timeout [dfc_acs_log_no_nl] Problem Analysis

Status: When chrome executes the Webtop Upload File function of ECM, The UCF session wait timeout error is returned. However, it works normally in IE. Upload is a customized function. Solution Analysis: 1. suspected to be the cause of Java applet. Because chrome uses different JRE and IE. Chrome cannot find the JRE installed on the system, unless the registry information is modified. Therefore, when you open a page containing an applet using ch

How to use Fabric to automate your tasks and fabric automation tasks

How to use Fabric to automate your tasks and fabric automation tasks First, let's look at an example. We know that under * NIX,unameCommand is to view the release of the system. You can write such a Fabric script: from fabric.api import rundef host_type(): run('uname -s') Save the preceding script as fabfile. py.fabThe command executes the host_type script on mul

Hyperledger Fabric (iii)-Fabric-sdk-java

First, the Fabric SDK The latest official document for Hyperledger fabric (V1.1.0-preview), the description of the Fabric SDK is still poor, just a few simple descriptions, plus two GitHub links: Fabric-sdk-node Fabric-sdk-java In fact, through the Hyperledger project on Gi

Hyperleger Fabric Development (ii)--hyperleger Fabric Primer

Hyperleger Fabric Development (ii)--hyperleger Fabric PrimerThis article uses the Rhel 7.3 Workstation version of the operating system.I. Hyperleger fabric environment Deployment 1, Go language development environment deployment(1) Go language environment installationGo Locale installation package:https://golang.org/dl/https://golang.google.cn/dl/Extract the down

Zhongda fabric Network China's largest fabric Network

Guangzhou zhongda fabric wholesale network, formerly known as zhongda fabric network, is the largest online fabric Wholesale Market in Guangzhou and also the official website of Guangzhou zhongda fabric market, if you have a wholesale purchase of fabric fabrics or wholesale

Two fabric Parallel Methods: fabric parallel

Two fabric Parallel Methods: fabric parallel Fabric is a python class library. The command line tool based on the ssh protocol is used for Application Deployment and system task management. The following describes two ways to run fabric code in parallel: 1: Parameter-P from fabric.api import * host1 = 'root@ip1:22'

State statistics for fabric (or set environment-system and fabric itself)

/output_test.py 'Commands to Run:output_testParallel tasks now using pool size of 2[] Executing task ' output_test '[] Run:/bin/bash-l-C "LAAA"Fatal Error:run () received nonzero return code 127 while executing!Requested:laaaExecuted:/bin/bash-l-C "LAAA"None=========================== Standard Output ===========================/bin/bash:laaa:command not found=======================================================================Aborting.Disconnecting from

Hyperledger Fabric FABRIC-JAVA-SDK test Environment integration

Copyright Notice: Blog Article copyright owners all, without authorization, prohibit reprint, reprint please specify the source installation Environment installation JDK Download URL: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html Download jdk-8u151-macosx-x64.dmg install to PC install maven Download URL: https://maven.apache.org/download.cgi Extract to/users/fujinliang/documents/environment Open terminal , modify. BASHRC VI ~/.BASHRC Add the following code

What does fabric mean by fabric?

What does fabric mean by fabric? Fabric is a powerful batch remote management and deployment tool in Python. It is often used to execute SSH tasks in batches on multiple remote PCs. The common usage methods are summarized as follows: 1. First, write the tasks executed in batches to a fabfile. py file, #-*-Coding: UTF-8-*-from

[Python Fabric] [SSH] Mac OS X 10.9 + vagrant Virtual Environment simple experiment using Python fabric for SSH remote login

; Authorized_keys3. Getting started: Hello, Fabric$ vim fabfile.py #创建文件, named fabfile.py, defines a hello function in the file $ fab hellohelloworld! Done .Fabric website Getting Started Tutorial link: http://docs.fabfile.org/en/1.10/tutorial.html4. Call the fabric's API for remote loginReference: Http://docs.fabfile.org/en/1.8/usage/fab.html#per-task-arguments Http://docs.fabf

Fabric application case and fabric application case

Fabric application case and fabric application case Example 1: file packaging, upload, and validationWe often do some file package distribution work. The implementation step is to compress and package the files first, upload them to the target server in batches, and finally perform Consistency Verification. In this case, put () methods to upload files. By comparing the md5 values of local and remote host fi

Block chain of Hyperledgerd build (ii, download fabric source code and Docker create Fabric network & Create/Join channel (ledger))

The last one said to install the Docker and Docker-compose, now start downloading the source code and joining the channel Download and install the Curl tool 1, create Fabric Engineering and project directory. Mkdir-p workCD work Then, execute the following code: Curl-l https://raw.githubusercontent.com/voodoo12345/polaris/master/fabpre.tar.gz-o fabpre.tar.gz 2>/dev/null; TAR-XVF fabpre.tar.gz After this command is executed, the related components o

Brother Lian Blockchain technical Training Fabric 1.0 Source Code Analysis (1.0.4) fabric Go Code Volume statistics

Brother Lian Blockchain technical training Fabric 1.0 Source Code Analysis (48) Fabric 1.0.4 Go Code volume statistics # Fabric 1.0 Source Code Note Fabric 1.0.4 go Code volume statistics # 1, overview In addition to test, vendor, mocks, example, Protos, go core code file 341, the core line of code 63433 lines. "' Bas

Microsoft Service Fabric for the microservices framework

Software Components for common microservices architectures:Docker (Mature application)Spring Boot% Spring Cloud (technology trends)Service Fabric (behind a rising star is the driver of Microsoft Cloud)The four common microservices architectures are Zeroc Icegrid, Spring Cloud, Message Queuing and Docker Swarm.The actual production is mostly a combination of pattern applications such as best practice Spring Cloud+docker. MicroServices Features-Continu

Super Ledger Hyperledger-fabric local compilation and installation (from blockchain-principle, design and application) __ Blockchain

Super Ledger Hyperledger-fabric local compilation and installation From Yang Paohua and other "blockchain-principles, design and Application" Local compilation installation deployment Super Ledger fabric network. The super ledger fabric is based on the Go language implementation, and local compilation is recommended to configure Golang1.7 or later environments.

Build the Hyperledger Fabric 1.2.0 environment on Ubuntu 18.04

00 Introduction The open source Blockchain distributed ledger--hyperledger Fabric, launched by the Linux Foundation, has ushered in the 1.2.0 version. The project focuses on performance and reliability, as well as cross-industry collaboration to drive blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Hyperledger Fabric can be used for scenarios such as global supply chain management, financial transactions, ass

Introduction to the Python Automation deployment tool Fabric

Introduction to Automation Deployment Tools fabricFabric is an automated deployment tool that helps us reduce repetitive/cumbersome operations on-line, and it is necessary for operations or developers of many small companies that lack a mature operations platform.1. What is fabric?The official fabric documentation is described below:Fabric is a Python (2.5-2.7) library and command-line tool for streamlining

MySQL Fabric Overview

In May, Oracle launched a MySQL Fabric, which has great expectations for all of the parties, and is literally not sure what it is, but there are still traces in the name. Fabric is the meaning of "fabric", which means it is used to "weave" a MySQL database. MySQL fabric is a set of schema management systems for the dat

Python-fabric Introduction

1-fabricFabric is a Python library that provides a rich interface for interfacing with SSH, which can be used to automate and streamline execution of shell commands on local or remote machines.Ideal for remote deployment and system maintenance for applications. Simple to use, just understand basic shell commands. homepage:http://www.fabfile.org/ docs:http://docs.fabfile.org/ github:https://github.com/fabric/

Deploy and Test Fabric 1.0 Beta in Ubuntu

Today Hyperledger Fabric released the 1.0 beta version of the image, according to the name, this should be a basic available version, so I hastened to download the first time, playing with the play. Here are the steps to install and test Fabric 1.0 Beta in Ubuntu:First, Environment preparation 1.1 install VirtualBox and install Ubuntu in it.This step is actually nothing to say, download the latest version o

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