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Project management knowledge system guide-[2] project management framework

essential for the accurate implementation of the project, and communication with the customer will inevitably run through the project. 6. The Project Management Office is also mentioned and emphasized in the Guide. It focuses on the unified planning, priority, priority and implementation of projects and subprojects cl

Project management Prerequisites-the deployment and configuration of a open source version of the Zen Road Project management System

Recently remembered to standardize software development process, so must find a project management artifact. Google, Baidu crazy search a lot of, and finally locked the Zen road. Zen Road is the first domestic excellent open source project management software, open source, on these two words I will decisively, not hesi

Plan your project and show off your project --- the cultivation of Project Management

problem with the Multi-cloud agenda, it can be implemented on schedule through extra efforts.4. The current calendar or function set has a high risk.5. Currently, it is difficult to complete the RAIN project as planned or implement all functions.6. In any case, we cannot fulfill the project schedule or implement the desired function set. 2. Current work shortage1. Lack of milestonesAlthough the

BOS Project 8th Day (Rights Management Add, role Management Add, user Management Add, Shiro permissions framework using Ecache cache)

Save button binding eventFifth step: in The add method is provided in useraction to save the userService Code:Sixth step: Configure Struts.xmlSeventh step: in The getformatbirthday method is available in the User class , and the returned JSON contains formatebrithday FieldEighth Step: Modify the field name in the userlist.jsp page4. Modify The authorization method in the Bosrealm in the A method for querying permissions based on the user ID is provided in Functiondao:5. using ehcache to cach

Application of project log in project management

work in lieu of other members, so a project plan that is not approved by a member is equal to the absence of a project plan.Why do you need a project plan for each project, and to form a normative document? This is because:First, through the development of plans, so that the team members, the

Project Management (eight)-control the scope of the project

objectives can be achieved by different ways of working, that is to say, there are different project scopes for the project outcome characteristics and characteristics. However, in the practice of managing a project, it is common to encounter situations where the project objectives are either confused with the scope o

Development perspective: Project Extension and recruitment with product departments

me more about it. The boss has more experience than you. Sometimes, even if the argument is not changed, you can only change it according to your boss's ideas, in the process of reform, the product manager is also deeply suffering. When it is handed over to the technical staff, the product manager is confused in his own mind, so that it will not be blamed. The boss will not care about your technical architecture issues. A small feature change may bring about the collapse of the entire architect

Work those things (28) project management mode: project type, function type, matrix

save the extension of the project, how many people today are willing to do so. For the personality of 90, 00, will not eat this set. They have their own ideas and requirements.Sometimes, a company's failure is not due to no project to do. But because of too many projects, too many projects at the same time, finally resulting in a lot of

26. ASP. net mvc beginners-background management areas and separation, Js compression, css, jquery extension, mvcjquery

26. ASP. net mvc beginners-background management areas and separation, Js compression, css, jquery extension, mvcjquery This series of directories: ASP. NET MVC4 entry to the master series directory Summary I haven't updated my blog for a while. I have been busy with two things recently: 1. reading books and learning... 2. Preparing for the Annual Meeting Program of the company. Because I haven't practiced

Project management vs product management

If you want to be a poor product manager, you can confuse Product Management And Project Management . Not only are these two terms so close, but these two concepts are also very similar. Product managers should manage projects because they need to ensure that the project is completed. They are all

Strategic Decision management _ Project Management

time to ensure that the project members complete their delivery, commend them, and follow their next delivery. Management recommendations A. Maintain Behavior OrientationB. Judge each task in stagesC. Focus on the decision-making process 6. project completion periodImplicit agreements cannot be taken lightly and require a lot of serious work.

A high-performance configuration management extension in PHP yaconf detailed

Yaconf is a high-performance configuration management extension, and is an extended application under PHP7 released by PHP core developer Bird Xinchen. The main goal is to simplify reading the project configuration file, separating the configuration file from the project code, and enhancing the readability and maintain

Work for those things () Project management model: project-type, rank-based, matrix-type

. Disadvantages: dual management, difficult vertical communication. Finally, let's summarize it. Right: project type> strong matrix> balanced matrix> weak matrix> rank Company resources: Employee> Matrix> Project Rights and company resources are a guarantee for the smooth development of the project. If you do not ha

IT project management-requirement-collection, analysis, and management

requirement status management. The requirement raised by the user is whether it is realized, at this stage, you need to manage and track the status of your needs. Therefore, the entry of Demand Function Points in the demand analysis phase is the focus of demand State management, and the demand state tracking process is exactly the process of tracking the project

"MSP is what" MSP certification for successful project group management

Compared with project management, project group management is to achieve the strategic goals and benefits of the project, and a group of projects in a unified and coordinated management.Project Group ManagementProgram management i

Build a back-end management system for ASP.-easyui defect Repair and extension in mvc4+ef5+easyui+unity2.x

this is the result of your laborFinally, we will accept a larger goal challenge, a rights management system. I think this is the most concern of all, but before that, we will have to add some knowledge. The filter usage that comes with MVC MVC Routing Rotun Concept The authority system is finished, we speak T4 template, export reports and charts, file upload, system settings and so on. Let our system come out and be able to use it a

Yii extension Srbac, user management (user/admin) No access rights

Hello, everyone. I am now using the YII Framework development project to do permission control using the Srbac extension. In the process of building a framework model, I encountered this problem: After using the GII to generate the user Model and user controller and a series of pages, I configured Superuser permissions. The authorized operations include: Userindex,userview,userdelete,userupdate,usercr

Quality Management in project management series (5)

team member. At the same time, pay attention to the unit test investment costs. In many cases, we will not be able to blindly implement the unit test if both self-testing and system testing by developers are not good. Summary The implementation of each project always has the same overall goal: quality, time, and cost. The three are a unity of mutual control and mutual influence. Any change in the target will cause and be restricted by the chang

The importance of project scope management

too much, the scope of the increase will directly lead to the extension of the duration, and in the actual project implementation process, the extension of project duration will directly lead to the increase in project costs.In fact, if the scope of the

Six wrong ideas about IT Project Management

important tasks of a project manager is tracking and controlling the project direction, ensuring the smooth implementation of the project plan, and keeping deviations within the controllable risk scope. However, there are always too many unexpected factors in projects, especially long-cycle projects. People often use night-long dream to describe that risks will

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