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Front-End Developer handbook 2017 front-end developer's manual 2017 (4)

+ Cssnext.12. More HTTP2 and HTTPS.Web Components will continue to lurk, waiting for important traction from developers who may never come.14. Without frameworks, frameworks, factions will develop faster (see svelte).The JavaScript will precipitate down, hopefully, CSS will explode, and everyone will cry until it settles.16. When there is no memory error in the open network, the hatred to the store grows.The redux will continue to be fiercely contested (see MOBX).Yarn will win more users.19. "

Front-end developer manual and developer Manual

Front-end developer manual and developer Manual This is a practice manual that anyone can use to learn from the front-end. It outlines and discusses the practices of the front-

Front-End Developer Handbook

This is a hands-on manual that anyone can use to learn the front end, outlining and discussing the practice of front-end engineering: What to learn and what to do in practice.There are two purposes for writing the handbook: one is to provide professional resources for potential and ongoing

Front-End developer strategies and tools for Cross-platform mobile application development

Happy Friday, come home early, take a shower to care for the cat housework has finished more than nine points of appearance. Login blog backstage, into the editing page, just feel a little relaxed and comfortable. Not bad, in a day can have such a will immersed in this feeling, enough. In a previous article, we discussed the issues that need learning and attention for practitioners of interactive and visual design-related functions, from the traditional web industry to the mobile application do

Front end-chromef12 Google developer Tools detailed network Chapter

appears as shown. Copy request Headers: Copy the HTTP request header to the system Clipboard Copy Response Headers: Copy HTTP response header to system Clipboard Copy Response: Copy HTTP response content to system Clipboard Copy asCurl: Copy the network request as a Curl command character to the system Clipboard (Curl is an open source command-line tool and library for data transfer with URL syntax) Copy all as Har: Copies net

Web front-end developer useful Chrome Plugin Collection

More and more front-end developers like to develop debug code in Chrome, and Chrome has a number of great plugins that can help front-end developers work much more efficiently. In particular, chrome itself can be logged in, after login all your plugins will automatically sync to every login chrome, very convenient AH.P

Be a front-end developer who understands PS

Do the front-end development needs do not need PSRemember before the old club to do a certain system development, was doing interface development, found that the interface also need to add several icons, so the need to feedback to the project manager. After more than 10 minutes, the project manager came to me and told me: the UI designers of the product department (then our UI designers all adjusted to the

Even if I can write Java and SQL, I am also a front-end developer

At the end of the year, the main write Java has been more than half a year. During this half-year period, I learned to use Spring-boot, learned SQL, and learned to use MongoDB. At first glance, the content of my work seems to be mostly "back-end", so can I calculate a half back-end development? I don't think so.Yes, I started working on Java and databases in the

For Web page rendering, that's something that every front-end developer should know.

"Editor's note" In fact, there are many articles about Web page rendering, but the relevant information is more scattered, and the discussion is not very complete. If we want to have a general understanding of this topic, we have to learn a lot of knowledge. As a result, web developer Alexander Skutin decided to write an article. He believes that this article will not only help beginners, but also to those who want to refresh the knowledge structure o

I want to be a great Web front-end Developer

replaced by grunt and yeoman.5, code specification. Jscs and ESLint6. Use Git.7. Generate HTML directly on the server.8. Embrace node. At least know how to initialize a node project if you build an express service ...9. Multi-Read Specification document10. Code Review11. Work with excellent people12, repeat the wheel, avoid take doctrine, prefer to slow some13, write summary, write experience.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A few

When a designer meets a front-end developer

project process, the design team usually needs to first design the mockup or demo (HTML/CSS) interface, and then the developer starts to formally write the code. However, in most cases, developers and designers need to intervene in the early stage of the project to ensure the project progress. The difference is that most developers review and approve the Project Plan (PRD) and prototype review, they are more concerned with technical implementation, a

15 Web designers and front-end developer-Required chrome extensions

-3025-4d19-bcbc-bc3d669b312f.png "class=" img-responsive center-block "style=" Border:0px;vertical-align: Middle;height:auto;margin-right:auto;margin-left:auto; "alt=" 8e288005-3025-4d19-bcbc-bc3d669b312f.png "/>CSS styles to help visualize editing online pagesCorporate Ipsum650) this.width=650; "Src=" http://www.igeekbar.com/igeekbar/networks/uploadimgthumb/ 5eb3e2a7-a8a8-436b-a835-a935124cacb4.png "class=" img-responsive center-block "style=" Border:0px;vertical-align: Middle;height:auto;margi

Use Chrome's F12 developer tools for Web page front-end performance testing

Use Chrome to access the site you're testing, and navigate to the page where you want to test the action or the previous page of the page being tested. Press F12 to bring up developer tools, other features I'm not going to introduce, switch directly to the Performance tab profiles.Click Start, generate profile, and manipulate the interface.Last click Stop, generate report, can be produced to see the specific time consumedUse Chrome's F12

Why do each front-end developer understand the rendering of the page?

+ I Parent element selector: ul > li Wildcard selector: * Pseudo-class and pseudo-elements: a:hover, you should remember that the browser processing selector is right-to-left, which is why the rightmost selector is faster-#id或. class. div * {...}//Bad . List Li {...}//Bad . List-item {...}//Good #list. List-item {...}//Good In your script, try to reduce the DOM's operation as much as possible. Cache everything, including attributes and obj

For Web page rendering, it's something that every front-end developer should know!


Low front-end debugging efficiency? Try these 10 "Chrome developer Tools" Tips

options; Visualize and review CSS styles; Accurately simulate device input, such as touch events, geolocation, and device screen orientation. Another cool feature of device mode is the ability to simulate mobile device sensors, such as touch screens and accelerometers, and even change your geographic location.Implementation: ESC key →emulation→enable Emulation→sensors10,workspace editing Local FilesWorkspace the developer tool into a rea

Web front end performance testing using IE11 's F12 developer tools

Use IE to access the tested site (my Ie11,edge browser is the same), navigate to the page you want to test the action on, or the previous page of the page being tested. Press F12 to bring up developer tools, other features I'm not going to introduce, switch directly to the Performance tab.Follow the prompts by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl+e or by clicking the Start button in the upper left corner for analysis.Then on the page to be tested, here my a

10 Web front-end jquery developer Essential Source Components

jQuery plugin for ultra-smooth CSS3 transitions and transform animations. With this plugin, you can easily achieve many effects such as translate, rotate, scale, and skew. Supported Browsers: IE + +, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, Chrome + +, Opera 11+, and Mobile Safari.Online DemoSOURCE download9.jQuery Flat shadow– Easy to achieve beautiful long shadow effectThe long shadow is actually extending the object's projection, the feeling is one kind of light illumination shadow, usually uses the angle to

Getting started with front-end automation 1-what is front-end automation?

If you are a front-end developer, if you do not know the front-end automation or you do not have the front-end automation, it can only mean that you are in a traditional industry softwa

[Translation] basic requirements of front-end developers and basic requirements of front-end developers

things have changed over the past few years. It may be because you start to take the work of front-end developers seriously, or because browser developers start to make a difference (tend to be consistent? Getting their shit together), or the front-end developer himself-als

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