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Mobile Ui/ux Interactive design case: 50 Exquisite Mobile UI design

Article Description: 50 elegant Mobile UI design with super User experience. In fact, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are just as important as the two sides of a coin. They keep a close relationship between users and their products. The user interface (U

Design Essentials of Ui/ux design for moving end

Do you have an app project in hand? Are there any design plans for the system? Do you design directly, or will you stop to study the real needs of end users? Do you know what the user wants to see when they open the app first? When considering which user experience related technology, their aesthetic characteristics may be quite worthy of our thinking. The design

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principles of user interface design are: placing the interface under the control of the user, reducing the user's memory burden, and keeping the interface consistent. GUI (Graphical User Interface) Graphical User Interface is a part of the UI Usability -- availability Availability (Usability) is an important quality indicator for interacti

Don't miss it! 2016 annual excellent Ui/ux design article

This article has compiled some of the most popular articles of the 2016, such as the theoretical knowledge of ui/ux design, books and tools, how to make better design methods and recommendations, and new design trends.650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M0

UE, UI, UCD, Interaction Design, UED, UX, HCI, Usability,ia_ other integrated

design is an important part of screen products. Interface design is a complex engineering with different disciplines, cognitive psychology, Design science, linguistics and so on play an important role. The three principles of user interface design are: Placing the interface

Domestic and foreign popular UX/UI/PD design community recommended, pure dry Goods

For many people, especially the novice, to grasp the latest design dynamics and development trends, it does not seem to be an easy thing. If you are like me is a design small white, and is worried about the design of the work is in line with customer needs, trouble can not find a design solution, without effective user

UI design Dry: Scene UI Interactive design Five Principles

objectwhen the user performs a certain action, the dynamic effect is a very useful feedback mechanism. Through the appropriate use of the dynamic effect, users can clearly perceive their own operation feedback, let users know what they have done. 4. ReliefEase user perception of application processing speedwhen an application performs a lengthy operation, it can use the action to mitigate the user's perception of time, and even create a fake action effect (in fact, the application does not ha

Focus on product UI design: Mobile Interface design principles and design tools

Article Description: Mobile interface design drip. The design of mobile platforms differs from traditional Web pages in many ways, such as unique interactive experiences, visual effects under different lighting, and limited resources for mobile terminals. These are testing the technology of the developer. By recording the design of mobile interface, t

Website Design Analysis: three major website design principles that the UI should follow

design, but the concept of "average law" should be applied to product design, user experience, and information architecture-almost any other field of design. Let's take a look at the product design and mobile-first design ideas. Starting from the perspective of mobile devic

Website design analysis: UI should follow the three major web site design principles

compose music, and that it was a wonderful effect that people had never seen before. In this process, the solution is to redefine the concept of "blending". By modifying a certain interval, each of the keys deviates slightly from the perfect tone, creating a tuning system that allows people to play the tune music on all the keys. Sacrificing a small amount of individual quality to achieve a more perfect overall effect is called the "average law". This case is not related to the

A detailed explanation of the differences between UI and UX

What is the difference between UI and UX? For small and medium-sized business children's shoes, may feel that these two posts is a post ah, there is no difference ah, they are collectively referred to as design or UI, but they really no difference? If it doesn't make any difference, why do big companies set up

A detailed explanation of the differences between UI and UX

What is the difference between UI and UX? For small and medium-sized business children's shoes, may feel that these two posts is a post ah, there is no difference ah, they are collectively referred to as design or UI, but they really no difference? If it doesn't make any difference, why do big companies set up

Apply to the UI principles of great interaction design to make websites highly interactive

Interactive Design is now a very common problem, but many designers and developers still do not know its specific meaning. Today, we will be different from the past: We will explain in depth the user interface and design principles that enable your website to have good interactivity. First, what is IxD? Interactive Design

9 Basic principles for Easy-to-use user UI interface design

There is no great mystery to design a really great user interface, so keep it simple and easy to use. ' Keep simple and easy to use ' means not to distract the user. A good UI allows users to achieve goals, the corresponding training and maintenance costs will be reduced, while achieving more happy, satisfied and efficient users. When you face a brand new interface des

Good designers must know what good UI design principles are

Tiah, based on the excellent UI design principles summed up by Joshua Porter, has been collated and added to the illustrations for cool friends to understand. Clear interface is the most important Clear interface is the first step in UI design, in order to let us

UI design principles for apps

provide other sensory information outside the visual channel (such as hearing, touch, etc.), to prompt the user. Quickly experience mobile touch response operations, and more.3) Other mobile UI design principlesA) The adaptation of the client UI does not have to be consistent across all platforms, as long as some key elements of the brand can be represented.b) T

UX blacklist! What are the common mobile UX design pitfalls that need to be circumvented?

Our phones are filled with all kinds of apps. The purpose of installing these applications is to make our lives more convenient. But when these applications fail to meet the needs of the user, the user naturally leaves and seeks a better solution. A successful application contains many elements, and the user experience design plays a decisive role. In the brutal competition, the user experience is often the core of determining success or failure. Face

What skills does a good ui/ux designer need?

deliverables.3. Continuous learning and ProgressIn the ever-changing design field, only continuous learning can "absorb" the latest technology of "nutrients", and continue to grow to maintain the competitiveness of self and industry. Here are some of the sites and blogs that are worth looking at, so let's continue to learn and grow with awareness: creativeblog– the latest UX

Introduction difference of Ux&ui

In the world of web design, there is always a variety of professional nouns such as UX and UI. But what exactly do they mean?In the process of delivering an extraordinary website experience to end users, the UX (user Experience) Design and

Ux/ui your product with viral propagation power

production of such products as "viral aggressive" and "infectious" was commissioned to market research institutions and advertisers. They analyze the target audience, analyze the market, and formulate strategies based on the users who are willing to share products directly or indirectly, and finally determine the real existence of the market. And there is a well-known law in the rule of improving the power of product propagation: The best ads are based on personal word of mouth. Strategy and ma

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