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Computer Vision resources organized by uiuc Jia-bin Huang (3 )........... Continuous update

From: http://www.bfcat.com /? Page_id = 268 this page will be updated occasionally, with as many computer vision databases and program resources as possible. Since the program summarized by uiuc Jia-bin Huang has been very comprehensive, I will not post it unless it is particularly recommended. Latest Update: 2013.03.26 Temple UniversitySome data and programs summarized by Haibin Ling Database Saliency D

Computer science and technology learning experience

for undergraduates to accept it. You may wish to wait for yourself to mature.Read more. As discussed above, students in the Computer Science Department are studying advanced mathematics: even more, they must know why. You learnedThe purpose should be: To apply abstract theories to practice, not only to grasp the problem-solving methods, but also to grasp the problem-solving methods.Thinking, learning theo

Talking about the views of trained and non-trained in the view of computer science

Talking about the views of trained and non-trained in the view of computer scienceIn today's computer industry engaged in computer software, hardware and other design and development work of the people actually have a considerable part of the university when the major is not computer

[Switch] computer science is not programming

can step by step to see if you belong to one or more of them: Think That computer technology is equal to programming technology: some people have this impulse in their subconscious even if they do not have this idea. It is strange to me that many students in the Information School also think like this. I think that computer majors are programming majors, and they do not care about programming or irrelevant

One-year study of Computer Science: (04/1-04/12)

to do FLASH stuff before I understood AS2) April December:Finally, I started my long journey to C ++. Although the lecturer compared me (he actually said that the BASIC language was invented by Bill Gates ?!! Fainting ~~~), I have long been unable to care so much. I want to learn C ++. I want to learn C ++ too much. C ++ is like a tree with countless beautiful fruits, every time you pick a fruit, you will be stabbed by thorns to the skin. However, when the fruit is delicious and put into your m

Years of Experience in Computer Science

In the twinkling of an eye, I have been studying computer science for almost six years. The New Year's senior students are about to leave the school. In less than half a month, we will become the oldest group of students in the lab, but what does this mean. To put it bluntly, I learned it by myself, from C language to C ++, Java, C #, HTML to CSS, JS, ASP to ASP. NET. , JSP. PHP, I have been sending

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