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[JavaScript] Objective-C parameter list syntax Conversion Tool. Can be converted to UML or C ++ syntax for drawing UML

Author: zyl910I. background Currently, many commonly used UML tools do not support objective-C, which is inconvenient to draw UML. You must manually convert the objective-C syntax parameter list to the UML or C ++ syntax. It is laborious and error-prone.So I want to write a tool that automatically converts the paramete

UML Modeling Online UML modeling tool ProcessOn use

Summary :-- recommended reasons : Recently from the Windows operating system to the MAC, is looking at design patterns and refactoring, can not find good UML tools, so on the internet to find an online use of the UML tools, used to find it well, recommend to everyone;-- tool address :;I.

HTML5 Canvas Online Brush Drawing Tool (III)

(); Buildlinestyle (); Buildcolor (); Buildnewfunction (); Buildsavefunction (); Buildopenfunction (); Toolbar.installevents ();}1. Create a drawing command button line, rectangle, circle, etc. buildcommandbutton establish a line, rectangle, Circle button Object Timagebutton,timagebutton Detailed introduction You can view the previous chapter HTML5 canvas Online Brush

HTML5 canvas online paint drawing tool (1), html5canvas

HTML5 canvas online paint drawing tool (1), html5canvas HTML5 canvas online paint drawing tool (I) function Introduction This is the first program I wrote with Javascript. It took a lot of detours in the writing process. So I wa

HTML5 Canvas Online Brush Drawing tool (i) function introduction

HTML5 Canvas Online Brush Drawing tool (i) function introductionThis is the first program that I wrote with JavaScript, in the process of writing a lot of detours, so after writing to share out, give me the same as beginners as a reference for learning, while writing this program I also encountered some problems, here I will also put forward to you to discuss, le

HTML5 Canvas Online Brush Drawing tool (i)

HTML5 Canvas Online Brush Drawing tool (i) function introductionThis is the first program that I wrote with JavaScript, in the process of writing a lot of detours, so after writing to share out, give me the same as beginners as a reference for learning, while writing this program I also encountered some problems, here I will also put forward to you to discuss, So

A preliminary comparison of several tools for drawing UML diagrams

you did not find the perfect tool to draw UML diagram, eventually chose the latest version of the Diav0.96.1. Although the drawings appear rough point, but some of the basic UML graphics have, and focus on a panel, not like Visio divided into several areas, find a graphic and everywhere. In the generation of class diagram and so on when the point-open properties

Full Analysis of UML-type drawing

Http:// The UML class drawing method is the basis for learning design patterns. Through UML class diagrams, you can better communicate with everyone and easily express your own design ideas. It is like Mandarin, is a standard language. This section introduces the UML class

Drawing UML Use case diagrams with Visio

the participant, it can be considered a generalization relationship. The generalization relation is the inheritance relation between the general class and the special class. Cars and ships, for example, have a generalized relationship with transportation. They belong to the same means of transport, with their own characteristics.Use cases and use cases: there are generally generalizations, inclusions (uses), and extensions.Use case generalization: a use case can be specifically enumerated as on

"Graphical Java multithreaded design mode" What software does UML use for drawing?

Eclipse Plugin amaterasuml (: Unzip and put it under the Plugins folderInstall the GEF prior to installing AMATERASUML (Eclipse Online installation, reference: still does not appear amaterasumlThe workaround is: (Ref.: Open the command line to the current Ecli

20170908 working days--UML Drawing Class diagram, HTTP protocol, volley source day

After a bit of searching, Android Studio can automatically help us to generate UML class diagram, simply fantastic Http:// (Win), the specific approach to the blog address. The test is not based on the Java file automatically generated, but need to write their own dot syntax related code, such as, then give up1.UML Plotting class diagramUse the

DIA: Using Diagram Designer Rapid drawing flowchart, UML and other graphics __uml_ Requirements _ design _ mode

Currently the more popular UML modeling tools include Visio, Rational Rose, PowerDesigner, EA, and so on, basically enterprise-class software, powerful, I have only used Visio, so do not add to their characteristics or similarities and differences. For more formal scenarios, such as graphics as part of a project document, the software listed above is recommended. When we encounter more complex code logic or business logic at work, it is easier to unde

An attempt to draw UML online with ProcessOn

Address is a graphic tool and social network for vertical disciplines, founded in June 2011 and launched in 2012. ProcessOn connects global experts, consultants, BPM vendors, IT solutions vendors, and a wide range of enterprise users, providing free, cloud-based process grooming, authoring collaboration tools, collaborative design with colleagues and customers, creating and editing files in real time, and enables ti

The UML class diagram of Java tool

relationship that is represented in UML with a solid line with arrows pointing to the contained class. In the you may find that there are 1 online. 1, this is a description of the inclusion relationship. There are several types of UML classes.1..1 表示另一个类的一个对象只与该类的一个对象有关系0..* 表示另一个类的一个对象与该类的零个或多个对象有关系1..* 表示另一个类的一个对象与该类的一个或多个对象有关系0..1 表示另一个类的一个对象没有或只与该类的一个对象有关系*

How can I open a CAD drawing with an online view? And measure the drawing distance?

How can I quickly open the drawing and locate the CAD online? Now many friends know how to use the CAD view software to open the CAD drawings and measure the drawing distance, but some friends do not want to download and install the CAD view software on the computer desktop. Then you can view the image online. How can

Found a good open-source UML Tool

On, I accidentally saw a link to an open-source UML tool named staruml. On the homepage of the official website, we will introduce the following:Staruml-the Open Source UML/MDA PlatformStaruml is an open source project to develop fast, flexible, extensible, featureful, and freely-available UML/MDA platfor

ProcessOn-Online Drawing

650) this.width=650; "src=" "border=" 0 " Class= "Shadow" alt= "ProcessOn-(online Drawing)" style= "border:0px;vertical-align:middle;margin-bottom:0px;"/>Plugin Introduction:In the work often use the drawing tool, said the

A good free UML tool: Jude community

Reprinted please indicate the source and the author contact: Contact information: Yu Tao See a good free UML tool, Jude community (free UML modeling tool), Java and UML developers' environment.Http://

Online drawing tools high imitation rose easy to draw work flow __ Project Management

Online Drawing Tools Http:// Accidentally found online drawing, image processing tools, some very good, some very interesting, on the record down. Basically are flex do, do not need to download, can directly open the Web page to use. Slowly found more and more, the

Online whiteboard, multi-person online collaboration tool based on

Starter: personal blog, update error correction replyis the tail of this blog post yesterday, the use of library practice, the finished address here.The code has been uploaded to GitHub, the portal. You can open two browsers to see the effect.The practical significance is that two people online communication when said do not understand, then there is a whiteboard is good, both can write and draw on the above, help communication.Move the Gi

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