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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design have suddenly emerged, software Enterprises are transitioning from process-oriented to object-oriented. On the other hand, rose embodies the advanced design ideas of Unified Software Modeling (UML), and can express various design ideas in a concise and effective manner through a uni

Outline of Enterprise Internal training course for UML Software Modeling Technology

Recently, Sunny gave a two-day internal training on UML software modeling technology to a large Chinese enterprise over the weekend. The following is the outline of this internal training course: Outline of the UML Software Modeling

Understanding of UML modeling and graphic organization in software development (I)

Since UML (Unified Modeling Language) is often used in development, especially in the OOAD stage of software development, it is particularly important to understand and use UML. Before starting with UML, let's review the main features of OOAD and OOP. OOAD: The process of a

Understanding of UML modeling and graphic organization in software development (2)

that the implementation class points to the interface, the arrow is a triangle, and the line is a dotted line. 3. Link: A) one-way Association: As far as chasing mm is concerned, many people seldom find her, but she is not uncommon. B) two-way Association: for husband and wife, a man can only have one wife, while a woman can only have one husband. C) Self-Association: Typically, in the menu, the sub-menu and the parent menu encapsulate the same data, but the menu class must have its own refe

UML and Software Modeling

UML is generally used in case-driven, architecture-centric, iterative, and incremental development. UML uses the following five views to describe the architecture of the software system: User Model View-use case diagram to describe system functions from the outside Structure Model View-class charts and object graphs, describing classes, objects, relationsh

A simple introduction to UML modeling Learning 1:UML Unified Modeling Language

what is UML? Unified Modeling Language (UML, also known as the Unified Modeling Language or standard modeling language) is an international object management organization OMGand visual modeling language standards. can be used to

A brief introduction to UML modeling Learning 1:UML Unified Modeling Language

what is UML? Unified Modeling Language (UML, also known as the Unified Modeling Language or standard modeling language) is an international object management organization OMGVisual Modeling Language standards, can be used to descr

UML Modeling Online UML modeling tool ProcessOn use

) Class diagram relationship settingsDependency Settings :-- set the class connection :--click the arrow to enter the arrow edit mode : After entering the arrow edit mode, there will be a red shadow;-- Set the connection type :-- Set the starting point :-- Set the end point :(2) Dependency settingsSet Dependency : Class A relies on Class B, that is, Class A uses class B;-- Set the curve style :-- Set the end point :-- Final effect :(3) Generalization relationship settingPan-China relationship :

UML series (v) Why is the importance of modeling using UML modeling?

structured, emphasizing the organization of the system. It can also be behavioral, emphasizing the dynamic aspect of the system.Why modeling? One basic reason is:Modeling aims to better understand the system being developed.Through modeling, we need to achieve four goals:(1) The model helps to visualize the system based on the actual situation or the style required.(2) The model can regulate the structure

Introduction to the Unified Modeling Language UML

Unified Modeling Language Composition of UML Directory I. Overview Ii. emergence of standard modeling language UML Iii. Content of the standard modeling language UML Iv. Main featu

UML Basic Architecture Modeling-general class modeling technology (III)

these things from the UML's defined building blocks, create a new building block by using stereotypes to specify these new semantics and to give a distinctive visual cue. If you want to distinguish these things from the build modules defined in UML, you can create a new build module by using the model, it is used to describe these new semantics and provide a unique visualized mark. 3. If the thing you are modeli

Standard Modeling Language (UML)

1. emergence of standard modeling language UML The accepted object-oriented modeling language appeared in the middle of 1970s. From 1989 to 1994, the number has increased from 10 to more than 50. Among the many modeling languages, language creators strive to promote their own products and improve them in practice. How

Unified Modeling Language (UML) Overview

, Rational Software, Ti, and Unisys. This mechanism has played an important role in promoting the definition and release of UML 1.0 (January 1997) and UML 1.1 (November 17, 1997.UML is a well-defined, easy-to-Express, powerful, and universally applicable modeling language. I

UML Modeling Learning 4:uml basic building block diagram

component marker and the component. In the component diagram, the structurePiece is a single component of the software, it can be a file, product, executable file and script, etc.such as (from the network): (10) Deployment diagram (Deployment Diagram, also known as implementation diagram or configuration diagram) The deployment diagram defines the physical architecture of hardware and software in the syste

[UML] how to use UML for modeling to develop WEB websites using PHP? (PHPUML)-php Tutorial

commonly used. I have only used it for other languages. UML modeling is not only for "later" communication and understanding. Instead, developers can fully grasp the needs in all processes of software development, allow the design of software structures and behaviors, and reasonably establish the relationship between

UML Modeling Learning 2:UML basic building blocks

a thing in the UML Some of the basic graphic symbols that make up the model diagram, which represent some basic object-oriented concepts.There are four kinds of things in UML structural things (structural things), behavioral things (behavioral things), group things (grouping things),Annotational Things (note things). Two four types of things in UML (things) (1)

The beginning of UML arrangement of unified Modeling Language

and application communities, and more than 700 companies have expressed support for UML as a modeling language. By the end of 1996, UML had steadily accounted for 85% of the object-oriented technology market, becoming the de facto industry standard for visual modeling languages. November 17, 1997, OMG adopted UML1.1 a

Three UML modeling tools Visio, Rational Rose, powerdesign

UML Modeling Tools Comparison of Visio, Rational Rose, powerdesignThe most widely used by two of various 1. Rational Rose, it's IBM's. Microsoft Office visio®2003 3.Enterprise Architect for 2.Microsoft. There are other tools such as PowerDesigner, etc.1.Rational Rose is a UML-based modeling tool. In the field of object

Details about the diagram of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) Version 2.0

role names and multi-value descriptions of known classes. In the example in figure 7, OverdrawnAccountsReport knows the BankAccount class, And the BankAccount class assumes the "overdrawnAccounts" role. However, unlike the Standard Association, The BankAccount class does not know that it is associated with OverdrawnAccountsReport. 2 Software Package Inevitably, if you are modeling a large system or a large

UML Modeling QuickStart 03 basic Structure Modeling CLASS

responsibilities so that each abstraction is reasonably present. D, consider the ways in which these classes work together and redistribute their responsibilities accordingly, so that no class in the collaboration has too much or too much responsibility. 3.3, modeling non-software things3.4, Modeling simple typesTo model a simple type, do the following:A,

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