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1 city form lab The city morphology laboratory is located in Singapore. It is jointly established by the University of Science and Technology and Design of Singapore and the Institute of Architecture and planning of the Massachusetts Institute of

TCP's handling of sack and the processing details of the chaotic sequence

Not easy Ah, the weather is very hot, finally to the weekend but nowhere to go, last night on the special application to the wife for a short weekend time to summarize the recent work, it is not easy, if the application is not approved, I have to

Favorites ~

After reading the post of the landlord, I couldn't help but feel the spirit of it. I realized that one of the seven meridians and eight pulses was smooth, and I also made a six-Coincidence half. Since ancient times, the hero came out as a teenager

Entrar en su zapatilla de deporte en este lugar

Mientras que yo apareciósu campo usando nuestro Nike Glide wildhorse Sólo dos ($) Zapatillas de Deporte, mi esposo y Yo terminósiendo complacido por simplemente sus apariciones. Soy un nuevo lechón perteneciente a las zapatillas de deporte que

AntiVir is doing well! (Version 2nd)

EndurerOriginal 2006-02-16 th2Version rising 18.14.10report bind_8376.exe:Trojan. DL. Agent. ery 1Version I helped a friend get a computer last night, installed AntiVir and scanned 24 infected files (including files in the System Recovery folder

[09-19] double-click *. EXE to generate *~. EXE (version 2nd)

EndurerOriginal 2Version 2006-09-131Version A netizen's computer experienced a strange phenomenon. Double-click *. EXE to generate *~. Exe. if you double-click a.exe, A ~ is generated ~. EXE. Four files are concurrently added: setup.exe and setup ~.

[Posting] What's the "scroll lock" key on my computer?

Do you know what the scroll Lock key is for on the keyboard? Most people may not know the key, but I'm afraid it only serves to light up a lamp on the keyboard. However, since the original dos, it is estimated that this key is used for Rolling

Mu. Bread mccaona

When I first went to the Mu store, I ordered their Japanese-style sandwiches. Their stores are not as famous as 85 °C, and they are not as popular as new breadcrumes. Their bread is not that delicious, but if you eat bread and think about beautiful

Interesting CSS Pixel art

Original address: https://css-tricks.com/fun-times-css-pixel-art/#article-header-id-4Friendship tip: Because of the domestic network, Codepen may not open or very slow, please wait patiently, a lot of understanding!Pixel art, as a lost art form, is

Let's talk about "Open Source killing commercial development tools"

Today, solidot saw an interesting short article titled "Open Source killing commercial development tools", which is as follows:Una, derived from the Latin adjective "together", is a collaborative real-time source code development environment that

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