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(original + ext.) Install understand under Ubuntu and add shortcuts to the launcher

Reference URL:Http://www.xuebuyuan.com/1353431.htmlHttp://www.2cto.com/os/201309/242543.htmlhttp://my.oschina.net/Obahua/blog/1106121. Installing understand(1) First download Linux version from official website http://www.scitools.com/download/index.php(2) Unzip to the installation directory:32-bit: GZIP-CD understand-3.1.677-linux-32bit.tgz | Tar xvf-64-bit: GZIP-CD un

Scientific Toolworks understand for Linux

Scientific Toolworks understand for Linux This software I have been looking for a long time, has not found a suitable can be installed. Now this version, which can run smoothly on Linux, is shared with the required TX.Personally, this software is very useful under Linux.Version: Understand-3.0.629 32-bitSystem: LINUXDownload path:part1:http://download.csdn.net/detail/look85/4575712part2:http://download.csd

Scientific Toolworks Understand

://www.scitools.com/Reference Link: http://www.0daydown.com/08/36994.htmlVersion: Understand-3.0.629 32-bitSystem: LINUXDownload path:part1:http://download.csdn.net/detail/look85/4575712part2:http://download.csdn.net/detail/look85/4575721part3:http://download.csdn.net/detail/look85/4575731Version: Understand-3.1.670 64- bitSystem: LINUXDownload path:part1:http://download.csdn.net/detail/look85/5604217part2

Feeling, understand the market than understand the product is important, understand the product is more important than know the technology

A start-up company, the best three should have, but should be the CEO is to understand the market, the manager understands the product, the programmer better understand the technology is a bit ~ This is not counted, sales must be a bit, can't wait ~Art-rich best to invite a art, at least also to ask people design changes ~Finance-Don't go wrong, get a loophole, or lose your moneyAdministration--------------

Teaching machines to understand us let the machine understand our belief in three natural language learning and deep learning

slipped on their skates to the weekly beer party. Almost half of the main AI researchers at the LeCun team work here, leaving the rest of the office in the California campus of Facebook or in Paris. Many of them are trying to make neural networks better able to understand natural language. "I've hired everyone who has a job in the field," LeCun said. ”A Neural network can "learn" words by spooling through text and calculating what each word it encoun

An article to understand the basic principles of computer operation (C language must understand before)

The main object of this article is CPU and memory. Why learn C language before must understand, because C language is very close to the underlying principle of the language, understand the principle of CPU and memory, to learn C language has a great help.In fact, I am a personal advocate of computer science should first learn the principles of computer composition and then learn C language, but it seems not

JavaScript: Say read understand the closure, read, or do not understand ...

JavaScript: Say read understand the closure, read, or do not understand ...

Ad safe5.0.630.9901 Understand your version of the patch _ Super Compact/Understand your version/best use/Modified version/Super Crystal version

Original author: Dream Software Paradise Ad safe5.0.630.9901 Understand your version of the patch package Original address: Http://dl.ad-safe.com/adsafe_v4/download/adsafe.v5.0.630.9901.exe Advertising filters have artifacts, A video advertisement sweeps the light. Understand your version of the 1-byte patch, Start directly on the drag tray. Download Address: http://www.ctfile.com/info/IQX211805

From programmer to Project Manager (5): Programmer's gas station--understand the computer more to understand the human brain

before the boss, Mercedes-Benz BMW is interesting, bus self-programmer.Others laugh at me crazy, I laugh at my life too cheap, no street beautiful sister, which belongs to the programmer.The author of this poem does not know name, but to be sure, he is a programmer, because only the programmer can so vividly write the ups and downs of the programmer. From the poem to see the programmer in the eyes of their own image: dedication, hard, the time spent every day to write programs and the Internet;

You understand? You don't understand --> my learning environment

When I lose my memory, I miss it and regret it. I don't have to worry about it. How can I cherish everything around me now!Mr. Mi You know: Our data center is suspended. You know: We can have a holiday. Free. You know: the data center has been suspended for more than one day, and you have learned a lot less. You know: the data center has been suspended for more than one day. Yo

Python hard to understand? Once you buy a watermelon, you'll understand! __python

Source: Code Bay What is code? Code is a language, a language that computers can read. The computer is a fool, and he cannot understand anything that is ambiguous by default. For example, you let your husband to buy a watermelon, your old guild decided where to buy, buy a few, find a discount to do activities to buy, in short, you give him money, he will buy you back to let you eat cool watermelon. But you want the computer to buy a watermelon. You

PHP notes -- java programmers understand PHP programs, and PHP java programmers understand _ PHP tutorials

PHP notes-java programmers can understand PHP programs and PHP java programmers can understand them. PHP notes-java programmers understand PHP programs, php java programmers understand 1. PHP is a server-side scripting language with loose types. 2 .? Php? Xml style scriptlanguagephpsc PHP notes -- java programmers

Front-end: Try to understand the CSS box model from a new perspective (1) and understand css in Depth

Front-end: Try to understand the CSS box model from a new perspective (1) and understand css in Depth CSS style rules are tedious and boring to learn, because they do not have basic concepts, basic principles, or rules like physics, mathematics, or other programming languages, all other performances are logical games with concepts under these kilometers or rules. CSS has some basic concepts, however, it doe

I understand my regret, and I understand my life.

life. Life without regret is incomplete. Regret is a kind of touching beauty, a broken beauty. With it, all the truth, goodness, and beauty in the world will be even more commendable; because of it, life is more worth remembering; because of it, there is a long way to go. Life is just one of the treasure of the sea, but it carries too many emotions, so it's time to get together, not reconciled, or unwilling. Life has always been a mystery of imagination, because I do not know the final answer,

JavaScript closures are hard to understand. Anyway, I understand _ javascript skills-js tutorial

If you cannot explain it clearly to a six-year-old, you do not understand it yourself. Well, I tried to tell a 27-Year-Old friend that the Javascript closure (JavaScriptclosure) has completely failed. I feel that there is no teaching and educating people in China. In order to understand the closure of JS, I tried to search google for the closure explanation. When I saw this answer on stackoverflow, I came u

JavaScript should understand the closure first, and understand the lexical scope.

To understand this, we can actually compare the scope of variables in the traditional object-oriented (such as JAVA, C, The reason why it is called lexical scopes is that this concept is quite basic and extremely important in js. Many mistakes or strange problems are related to this. Therefore, this article mainly describes the concept of this term and discusses the issues related to variables, functions, and closures.Starting with variables Habitual

Balanced binary tree, B-tree, + + tree, b* Tree understand one of them, and you'll understand.

difficulty generally using an algorithm mechanism to achieve the balance of node data structure, such as AVL, Treap, red and black trees, the use of balanced binary tree can ensure that the data of the left and right sides of the node level difference will not be greater than 1., by this way to avoid the tree structure as a result of the deletion of the linear linked list effect query efficiency, to ensure the data balance in the case of finding data near the binary search;Summarize balanced bi

Regular Expressions (easy to understand) and regular expressions are easy to understand

Regular Expressions (easy to understand) and regular expressions are easy to understand What is a regular expression: In short, regular expressions are a powerful tool for pattern matching and replacement. Trace Regular Expressions in almost all UNIX/LINUX-based software tools, such as Perl or PHP scripting languages. In addition, the script language of the JavaScript client also provides support for regula

JavaScript closures do not understand. I understand JavaScript closures.

More and more people feel that there is no teaching and educating atmosphere in China. In order to understand the closure of JS, I tried to search for the closure explanation on google, when I saw this answer in stackoverflow, I came up with a sentence in my mind: This product is not running!I can't see the translation.Peter Mortensen asked:As Albert said, "If you cannot explain it clearly to a six-year-old, you don't

Deeply Understand python's summary of json operations, and deeply understand pythonjson

Deeply Understand python's summary of json operations, and deeply understand pythonjson Json Description: Json, full name JavaScript Object Notation, is a lightweight data exchange format. Json is the most widely used data format for communication between web servers and clients in AJAX. Now it is also commonly used in http requests, so it is natural to learn about json. Python official site: https://docs.p

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