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"Learning Notes" in-depth understanding of the third edition of the Linux kernel-Chapter III process

library to allocate resources. There are two ways of terminating a thread group (do_group_exit) and terminating a thread (do_exit).Delete process: The parent process needs to know the result of the child Process Execution (dead); If the parent process dies first, the orphan process becomes a child of the INIT process, and the processing is removed by the init process wait ().Kernel threadsThread 0:linux Th

QT Development--"Beginning Linux Programming" 4th Edition

When you recently studied the Beginning Linux programming 4th edition, type the following example code #include According to $g + +-o Qwindow Qwindow.cpp-i$qtdir/include-l$qtdir/lib-lqui, the following error occurred: /USR/BIN/LD:/tmp/ccizdzj7.o:undefined reference to symbol ' _zn7qwidget14setfocuspolicyens_11focuspolicye '/usr/bin/ Ld:note: ' _zn7qwidget14setfo

"Linux kernel Design and implementation" Chapter 4th reading notes: Process scheduling

interrupt handler.4.6.2 kernel preemptionAs long as the lock is not held, the kernel can take a preemption.Occurs in:The interrupt handler is executing and before the kernel space is returned.The kernel code once again has the time to be preemptive.If the task in kernel spa

Brother Bird's Linux Private cuisine 4th Edition-Self-study notes

Tags: round http pre style hard disk technical chip ACK Self-study noteIntel Chip architecturePS: Upgrade the computer also have to see if the motherboard is suitable for CPU, motherboard suitable for the type of CPU is limitedPS: Now there is no North Bridge, has been integrated into the internal CPU.MemoryHard diskPS: HDD 1. Minimum unit is sector2. Concentric circles of sectors form a track3. A concentric circle to form a magnetic column--------------------------------------------------------

The 4th week of Linux kernel analysis

of breakingThe API is simply a function definition, whereas a system call is a soft interrupt to the kernel.The system call corresponds to the encapsulation routine, which invokes the API functions in the LIBC library.The return value of the encapsulation process depends on the system call. -1 indicates that the request cannot be fulfilled.Three-layer call relationship:System call , (API) xyz ()->int0x80 (EAX pass-through parameter-system call number)---------into the

"Linux kernel Design and implementation" Chapter 4th book Finishing

queue, and then call Schedule () to select and execute a different process.The process of waking up is just the opposite of the process being set to executable state, and then moving from the wait queue to the executable red-black tree.4.6 Preemption and Context switching4.6.1 User preemptionArises in the following cases:When the user space is returned from the system, when the user space is returned from the interrupt handler;4.6.2 kernel preemption

4th Day--linux Kernel learning-morning

: = drivers/sound/firmware/532 Net-y: = net/533 Libs-y: = lib/534 Core-y: = usr/Head-y = HEAD.O (arch/arm/kernel/head. S-generated files) first file launchedKbuild_lds: = arch/$ (srcarch)/kernel/vmlinux.lds Arch/arm/kernel/vmlinux.ldsTo generate the uimage we need.Vmlinux.lds. LDS Link script tool to generate Vmlinux filesVmlinux the Real

"Linux kernel Design and implementation" Chapter 4th reading notes

Fourth Chapter process schedulingThe scheduler is responsible for deciding which program to run, when to run, and how long it will run. The process scheduler can be seen as a kernel subsystem that allocates a limited amount of processor time resources between the running state processes. The scheduler is the basis for multitasking operating systems like Linux.One, multi-tasking1. Multi-tasking operating system:An operating system that can simultaneous

Linux kernel module programming and Kernel module license-pre-read "Specific explanation (3rd edition)"

infringement)".The second approach is to write a wrapper kernel module (this module follows the GPL). The EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL () exported symbol is encapsulated once again in the form of Export_symbol (), while the other modules do not call the kernel directly but call the wrapper function. 4.1 of what you see. Such a practice is also controversial.Figure 4.1 EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL again with Export_symbol export

Linux user and kernel state and process context, interrupt context kernel space User space understanding

table data structure pointing to the user space and kernel space, so that the user state and the kernel state access to memory space is different. NBSP;2, user state and kernel kernel stacks: Each process in Linux has two stacks, respectively, for the process execution of

Understanding of linux User Mode and kernel mode switching, linux User Mode Kernel

Understanding of linux User Mode and kernel mode switching, linux User Mode Kernel 1. Differences between the concepts of user State and kernel state What is the user State and kernel s

Linux Kernel Learning Summary: Linux system understanding and learning Linux kernel experience

://www.cnblogs.com/zhengwei0712/p/5352551.html"In-depth understanding of computer Systems" chapter seventh linksjob eight process scheduling timing and process switching http://www.cnblogs.com/zhengwei0712/p/5384101.html 用户态堆栈和内核态堆栈 进程上下文的保存和恢复 进程切换的关键代码switch_to分析                                                                      第四章 进程调度 SummarizeSentiment: Mid-term sentiment, the focus of these weeks is the process of sw

Understanding of Linux System in Linux OS Analysis and learning from Linux kernel

After this period of time to learn, I also have a certain understanding of Linux, today this blog on the previous knowledge of a summary it.The previous Linux learning blog, from the top down is learning in-depth process, my blog link is as follows:First: Analysis of the Linux operating system how the computer starts a

What do you think about the third edition of Linux kernel?

What do you think about the third edition of Linux kernel? -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. {: 2_94:} I recently studied the Linux

Deep understanding of Linux kernel-kernel synchronization

milliseconds of time, they do not waste much time.Sequential Lock: The Read and write of a spin lock has the same priority. In sequential locks, the write is given a higher priority. Even when reading the right time, it is also allowed to write, the advantage is that the writer does not have to wait for the reader, shortcomings when the reader repeatedly read multiple data, the same, to confirm the effective.Semaphore: 1, kernel signal, used by

Linux Kernel Development Report 25 Anniversary Edition

The Linux Foundation released the 2016 Linux kernel Development Report, which coincided with the 25 anniversary of the Linux kernel (Tengyun technology ty300.com), so it is worth reading more than previous years for more retrospective content.Linux

Linux kernel lts Long-term support edition life cycle

Longterm release Kernels Version Maintainer released Projected EOL 4.9 Greg Kroah-hartman 2016-12-11 Jan, 2019 4.4 Greg Kroah-hartman 2016-01-10 Feb, 2018 4.1 Sasha Levin 2015-06-21 SEP, 2017 3.18 Sasha Levin 2014-12-07 Jan, 2017 3.16 Ben Hutchings 2014-08-03 APR, 2020 3.12

Understanding of Linux system and learning from Linux kernel

Job ListLinux kernel Analytics Job: Analyze the assembly code to understand how a computer works with a simple C program: How the Linux kernel analyzes the job, how the operating system works: Complete a simple time slice rotation multi-channel program kernel codeLinux kernel

Linux kernel space-Understanding high-end memory

, and the starting address of the directory in the kernel space is a virtual address, but CR3 need is a physical address, this time to use __PA () for address translation. In Mm_context.h, there is this line of statements:ASM volatile ("Movl%0,%%CR3":: "R" (__pa (NEXT-GT;PGD));This is a line of embedded assembly code, which means that the next Process page directory start address NEXT_PGD, through __PA () to the physical address, stored in a register,

Deep understanding of the Linux kernel day01--memory addressing

must be refreshed relative to the Expired page table, which is done automatically when the kernel writes the address of the new page Global directory to the CR3 controller.However, the kernel avoids flushing the TLB in the following situations:1. When two processes switch between different processes that use the same page table set2. When a process switch is performed between a normal process and a

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