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A deep understanding of the principles of Vue one-way data streams and a deep understanding of vue data streams

A deep understanding of the principles of Vue one-way data streams and a deep understanding of vue data streams What is one-way data stream? One-way data streams can only modify the status in one direction. It is a simple example of unidirectional data streams: Simple diagr

JavaScript things-the easy way to get lost

the div d element, is not the equivalent of Odiv.onclick (), according to the first theory, the call statement before a bit ("." ), a little ("." Then this is just a little (".") The front of the thing, it is also odiv. Careful you are not also found it!SummarizeThis post is ready to write a few more pits, but considering the knowledge of the back pit is relatively strong, of course, for the great God please disregard, such as function in call and apply, JavaScript data type comparison between

Xcode7 easy way to use plugins && and how to download to earlier versions of Xcode

installation path, continue to open in the Info.plist to remove the same UUID as the command side, usually in the first line or the last line, the line you added to delete the save after you restart Xcode, add the previous xcodeuuid. Restart on the plugin prompt again, select the "Load bundle", OK;(b) How to download to an earlier version of Xcode:  Download the new version of Xcode people directly in the App store to download the installation can, sometimes you may use the old version of Xcode

Orm is not easy to use, maybe because you are using it in the wrong way

complain about is that loading with excessive latency and loading with select n + 1, these features cause the ORM to delay loading all the data in a complex model, rather than reading data on demand. The problem is that it may lead to many database calls, for example, when one attribute is read at a time or a loop is performed on the set. On the contrary, Jimmy prefers to use "eager fetch" as much as possible to read all the required data in a request. Jimmy believes that the repository mode is

Easy way to learn the Linux kernel source code

Easy way to learn Linux OS kernel source codeFor a lot of Linux enthusiasts are interested in the kernel is not easy to swallow, the purpose of this article is to introduce a way to interpret the Linux kernel source code, rather than explain the Linux complex kernel mechanism;A The file organization of the core source

Understanding of Java Thread Synchronization (very easy to understand)

tells us why we want the thread to sync, so let's see how we can synchronize threads. Thread synchronization of the basic implementation of the idea is relatively easy to understand. We can add a lock to the shared resource, and this lock has only one key. Which thread acquires the key, has the right to access the shared resource. Life, we may also encounter such an example. Some of the supermarket's outside provide some automatic storage boxes. Eac

Individual understanding of SVM---easy to understand

original data space, but instead go to the new space to separate it linearly? First, nonlinear separation is much more complex than linear separation. Linear separation as long as a straight line or a plane, and so on, can be said to be the simplest form of expression in the curve. and the non-linear separation of the situation is more. In the case of two-dimensional space only, there are too many curves, polylines, hyperbolic, conic, wavy lines, and irregular curve, and there is no

Easy understanding of the concept and operation method of IP subnet division

Easy understanding of the concept and operation method of IP subnet division , Subnet For all IP addressesFangFor beginners, IP subnet division is a key skill and must be mastered, a true understanding of the concept of IP subnet division is also a phaseWhen it is difficult. Over the years, I have seen that the improper teaching mode has made it impossible for be

The understanding and use of COM objects in easy language

can be related to the interface of the component communication! )What is an interfaceThe interface is the only way for COM to communicate with the outside world, and his definition is the core of the COM specification. An interface is a set of logically related functions that can be thought of as a pointer to a reorganization function!The following in easy language use WinHTTP this COM to access the Web pa

Network Programming (1) -- easy understanding of network resource positioning and Network Programming Network Resources

Network Programming (1) -- easy understanding of network resource positioning and Network Programming Network Resources It sounds very difficult to learn network programming at the beginning. At that time, if you followed the correct method and understood more, it would be easy to learn network programming. In this process, we need to keep providing examples and

javascript-Closure of the understanding (easy to understand)

.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------let's look at one more exampleJS Codefunction Outerfun (){var a =0;alert (a);}var a=4;Outerfun ();alert (a);The result is 0,4. Because the var keyword is used inside a function to maintain the scope of a within outfun ().then look at the following code:JS Codefunction Outerfun (){//No vara =0;alert (a);}var a=4;Outerfun ();alert (a);The result is 0, 0 is really strange, why?A scope chain is a

Learn the way to translate: Understanding JSP Mode 2 Architecture--MVC design Pattern Adventure

js| Architecture | Design Understanding JSP Mode 2 Architecture MVC Design Pattern Adventure Summary: By developing a familiar web-based shopping store, you'll learn how to tool MVC design patterns and really separate content and performance when using JSP. Govind Seshadri will show you how easy it is (2000 words (original number)). Author: Govind Seshadri Despite the relatively recent introduction,

2-14 MySQL preliminary understanding, and CentOS6.8 environment, source way to install MySQL

local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock ' (2)You need to start the service Enter current password to root (enter for none): #直接回车即可OK, successfully used password, moving on ... Set root Password? [y/n] Y # set Root password# Enter Password two times... success!Remove anonymous users? [y/n] Y # Remove anonymous users... success!Disallow Root login remotely? [y/n] Y #禁止root远程登录... success!Remove test database and access to it? [y/n] Y #删除测试数据库-Dropping test database ...... success!-Rem

javascript--understanding closures in a simple way

button, but we always get 7. In fact, with our previous talk of the closure will let the value of the variable has been stored in memory of the principle of thinking, you should understand. When we loop the button's Click event, it refers to the I variable in the for loop. When all the buttons are tied to the Click event, the value of I also becomes 7, of course all the buttons output is 7! How to solve this problem is also very good to do, but I hope to stay for everyone to think. Here's a gen

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