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python2.7 Run appears Warning:UnicodeWarning:Unicode equal comparison failed to convert both arguments to unicode-interpreting them as being unequal

The following error occurred while runningUncode encoding Warning: In the Unicode equivalence comparison, the conversion of two parameters to Unicode encoding fails. Interrupted and thought they were not equal.strings under Windows str default

About the appearance of "Unicodewarning:unicode equal comparison failed to convert both arguments to unicode-interpreting them as Bei in 2.7" Ng Unequal "

Add u in front of the Chinese string.Make sure your code was in UTF-8 (not Latin-1) and/or use a coding line as so:#!/usr/bin/python#-*-coding:utf-8-*-A = {"a": U"??"}b="??"assertb = = a['a']assertB.decode ('Utf-8') = = a['a'].decode ('Utf-8')If you

Equality and unequal operation in JS

If one of the operands is of type Boolean, first convert it to a number type, false to 0, and true to 1.If the type of one of the operands is a string and the other is a numeric type, then the string is converted to a number for comparison.If the

Integer type values are equal or unequal for analysis, and integer values are not equal

Integer type values are equal or unequal for analysis, and integer values are not equal I saw an interview question written by a blogger in the blog. One of the questions is Integer a = 1; Integer B = 1; (a = B )? True: false; at the time, I saw

JavaScript comparison operators, strictly compare = = =

There are two ways to compare JavaScript: the strict comparison operator and the conversion type comparison operator. For strict comparison operators (three =), the case for Ture is that only two operands have the same type, and for the widely used

Comparison of equality and unequal attributes in Javascript

In javascript, you can use = to compare whether the two data types are equal. If the two data types are different, the data will be compared after conversion. The conversion rules are as follows: L if the type of one of the operands is Boolean,

Comparison of pointers and comparison of pointers

Comparison of pointers and comparison of pointersI. Preface Some people say that pointers are the soul of the C language, and some people say that if you don't learn pointers well, it will not be the C language. In modern C ++, we recommend that you

PHP comparison operators and symbols for logical operations

An operator is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform a particular arithmetic or logical operation, and usually forms an expression along with the operand, which we often see as participating in mathematical operations or logical operations.

Character comparison of Oracle Stored Procedure

Method 1 Today, I want to compare two characters in the stored procedure, but I found that the expected results were not obtained. The main problem is that the comparison of any value and null results are null, I found two methods on the Internet

JavaScript relational (comparison) operators

Operators used for comparison are called as relational operators: less Than (), less than or equal (=), equal (= =), unequal (! =), congruent (identity) (= = =), not congruent (not identical) (!==)As with other operators, you should follow the rules

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