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How to completely uninstall PostgreSQL under Mac

Tags: style color using OS file ar line sizeThis is for version 9.3. As in other editions, the following is for reference only. 1, if it is the form of Postgresql.app, this simple, as with other apps, delete the app. 2, if it is installed using the Installer graphical interface method. You need to open the terminal command line. 3. Implementation Open/Library/PostgreSQL/9.2 / Uninstall-

Mac command line terminal How to uninstall software Mac command line terminal uninstall Software tutorial

How does the MAC command line terminal uninstall software? Mac OS system uninstall software way there are a variety of, uninstall tools, program icons dragged to the trash can, but what to do with stubborn residue of software? below to share

Mac installs PostgreSQL by default, so that PostgreSQL can be accessed remotely

Mac installs PostgreSQL by default, so that PostgreSQL can be accessed remotelyMac default PostgreSQL directory storage path is /usr/local/var/postgres/ in this directory, modify two files, one is postgresql.conf, one is pg_ Hba.conf, and finally a reboot.Modify Postresql.conflisten_addresses = ' * ' # Modify the confi

Install and uninstall Ubuntu-PostgreSQL

Installation:Sudo apt-Get install PostgreSQL set the password Sudo-u Postgres Psql Postgres = # alter User Login s with password 'login s '; postgres = # \ qsudo passwd-D unzip ssudo-u Postgres passwd change configuration file sudo Vim/etc/PostgreSQL/8.4/main/PostgreSQL. conflisten_addresses = '*' password_encryption = onsudo Vim/etc/

Mac software How to install and uninstall a tutorial on loading and unloading Mac software

How does Mac software install and uninstall? Mac software and Windows system EXE file is not the same, so can not share the use of the next small series will be detailed introduction to the Mac software installation and uninstall tutorials, I hope to help.   Install with So

Mac software How to install and uninstall a tutorial on loading and unloading Mac software

Install with Software installation package 1. Download the version for Mac. After downloading the software to the Mac, double-click to run, and you will see a new hard disk icon on the desktop. (EXE under Windows is not available on Mac) 2. At the same time will pop up a new installation window, if the window does not appear, we will go to double-click the ha

How Mac Uninstall software mac how to remove software

First contact with Mac Apple Computer users may not know how to uninstall the installed application software, before PC6 Small series has to introduce how Mac installation software, today to teach you how to uninstall software, in fact, very simple, let me see: 1. First we open the Finder, which is the first button on

Tutorial on installing PostgreSQL on Mac OS, ospostgresql

Tutorial on installing PostgreSQL on Mac OS, ospostgresql Let me start with it. For a long time, I have been cooperating with MySQL, a long-tested old friend. However, after learning a little about PostgreSQL, I have been fascinated by its rich features. For example, the field type supports json, xml, and array native. Compared with MySQL,

How Mac removes Mysql,mac under MySQL Uninstall method

After the installation of MySQL in the Mac, there is a problem that can not start, the multi-turn attempt still does not solve the problem, finally can only delete it.How to delete MySQL under the Mac, just need to execute the following command at the terminal to completely remove the MySQL under the Mac clean.If you open the terminal:Terminal, utilities, finder-

How to uninstall Safari from Mac

Does uninstalling an application on a Mac just move it to the trash? That's a big mistake. An application is more than just an application icon, and there are a lot of related files in the Mac, and if you uninstall it all the time, there will be more and more garbage in your Mac. So, for uninstalling the Safari browser

Installation and use of PostgreSQL under Mac

Label:Under Mac, you can use homebrew to install PostgreSQL directly: Brew Install Postgresql-v For a moment, PostgreSQL will be installed. Next is the initial database, execute the command at the terminal, and initially configure PostgreSQL: initdb/usr/local/var/postgres-e

A few simple steps to teach you to install and uninstall Mac software

, click on the side of the triangle, so that the hard drive popped up. Eject the hard drive So how do you uninstall Mac software? Also open the Finder, click on the "app" on the left, and drag the software directly into the trash, which is uninstalled. Uninstall software In fact, use the habit will feel very convenient,

Mac uninstall software cleanmymac best choice

When a program has a problem or is not needed, we will uninstall it from the Mac. So how do you uninstall these apps? Is it simply to move them to the trash, thinking that it's uninstalled cleanly. In fact, in order to completely uninstall clean, usually need professional mac

Start postgresql on mac

Start postgresql on mac and use brew to install postgresql. 1brewinstallpostgresql then creates a working directory and grants permissions accordingly. 1mkdir-pusrlocalvarpostgres initializes the database file. 1initdbusrlocalvarpostgresdata: Create a log directory. 1mkdir-pusrlocalvar Start postgresql on

Compile and install PostgreSQL in Mac OSX

Compile and install PostgreSQL in Mac OSX Originally, the official installation package was used. However, the installation package will create postgre, which is a bit uncomfortable on the login interface. After searching for a long time, I did not find a tutorial on how to compile and install it under osx, in addition, compiling and installation methods based on official documents will surely cause you to

Start/stop PostgreSQL on Mac

Tags: PostgreSQLStart PostgreSQL: sudo-u postgres/library/postgresql/9.6/bin/pg_ctl-d/library/postgresql/9.6/data start Stop PostgreSQL: sudo-u postgres/library/postgresql/9.6/bin/pg_ctl-d/library/postgresql/9

"Go" How to uninstall Java on Mac

How do I uninstall Java on my Mac? This article applies to: Platform: Macintosh OS X Java Version: 7.0, 8.0 Uninstalling Oracle Java using a terminalNote : To uninstall Java, you must have administrator privileges, and you must perform the delete command as root or using the sudo tool. Delete a directory and a file (symbolic link) as shown below

How to uninstall/delete Parallels desktop virtual machines by Mac

After some Mac users have installed a virtual machine on their computer, they want to uninstall it, but don't know what to do. Today's small series for everyone to bring the solution to this problem.Solution (remove/Uninstall virtual machines (VMS):1. Start parallels Desktop, but do not start the virtual machine;2. Right-click the application icon in the dock to

Python Django environment setup tutorial (MAC + pycharm + Django ++ postgreSQL), djangopycharm

Python Django environment setup tutorial (MAC + pycharm + Django ++ postgreSQL), djangopycharm Setting up the Django environment seems to be a very simple task. In fact, it is not the case that I have struggled for more than half a day, so I would like to summarize the entire setup process here, at the same time, we also hope that our new entry peers will face fewer detours ~ Now, the required tools are as

How to uninstall application software on Apple Mac

How do I uninstall software from the Mac system? Cleanmymac Many users have known it, we often use it to clean their own computers, in addition to cleaning up it is also a Mac uninstall software, in the uninstall Apple Computer application is very handy Figure 1:cleanmym

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