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[Ubuntu] How can I uninstall VMWare Player 3 and VMWare worksistion 7?

How can I uninstall VMware Server and VMWare worksistion !! Don't laugh at me I don't know how to uninstall them now. I want to unload and reload them. How can I unload them? I use the default method when installing them. There are many places with things !! I can't delete it manually! A: I found a lot about thi

Uninstall VMware Tools, reinstall VMware Tools, Ubuntu cannot share folders

First uninstall VMware Tools Remove content related to VMware tools under/usr/lib Install the Ubuntu Tools error solution, make a patch, first need to have installed VMware Tools, reference links http://m.blog.csdn.net/article/details?id=45666241 Ubuntu cannot share files during the installation of sudo apt-get insta

The "The MSI failed" solution is prompted when you uninstall VMware.

When The "The MSI failed" solution prompts when you uninstall VMware to install The lite version VM and then install another version of The VM, or if you want to upgrade and install a higher version, unable to uninstall normally (if The MSI failed prompt is displayed), you can solve The problem by referring to The following methods. (The registry value, file, and

Win7 virtual machine VMware How to completely uninstall clean

first, how to completely uninstall virtual machine VMware Clean, how to completely uninstall VMware virtual machines-Disable VM virtual machine service. 1, first, the need to stop the virtual machine VMware related services. Press the shortcut key win+r, open the Windows R

Install and uninstall VMware in CentOS 7

Install and uninstall VMware in CentOS 7 Notes for installing and uninstalling VMware in CentOS 7. 1. Install the bundle file of VMware Find the vmware bundle file under the terminal of the year Method 1: (recommended) VMware-Work

Vmware-workstation Install/uninstall (Linux version)

the installation, then all the way next, this process requires the input serial number Uninstall steps:1. First look at the name and version number of the installed virtual machine "vmware-installer-l (-L,--list-products List installed products)"#vmware-installer-lProduct Name (products) Product version (Product edition)==================== ===================

VMware Uninstall installation issues. error1316.

account.I have a meal Baidu search toss to toss to spend my week's free time. I'm going to break down soon. I don't want to re-install the system.Later downloaded the computer steward to uninstall, and search, found the Windows Cleanup Tool, I think why not search the VMware Uninstall tool?Results.Yes, I executed the two procedures, in the blink of an hour, I st

VMware Uninstall Issues

1. VMware version issue: http://www.wuji8.com/meta/15866846.html2. VMware Uninstall Issue: http://www.veryhuo.com/a/view/71664.html3. Could not open key:unknown\components\xxxxxx ... Error Resolution Method:Command prompt:Secedit/configure/cfg%windir%\inf\defltbase.inf/db Defltbase.sdb/verbose4. Not really, reset the registry This option permissions, let the user

Violence Clear PDF Protection password & Uninstall clean vmware

Uninstall clean vmware:Use software such as the VMware Uninstall cleanup program to clean up residual information in the registryHttp://www.crsky.com/soft/31558.htmlViolence Erase PDF Protection password:For example, "PDF Password Remover tool", click on "Open PDF file" to select files,Then click on the "Convert" button, after the hack is finished, a copy will be

How to uninstall VMware Workstation 7

When the Virtual Machine VMware Workstation 7.1.2 was installed today, it may be because the network connection settings were modified midway through, resulting in no response from the installation process. Instead, the process could not be ended and the machine had to be restarted. After the installation, install the VM again, and prompt that the VM has been installed. Uninstall the control panel and try a

VMware Workstation Uninstall Cleanup Batch Command

echo offClsecho "Flag" >>%windir%\system32\test.logIf not exist%windir%\system32\test.log (Clsecho Please right-click to run with Administrator!!!PauseExit)ClsEcho. Confirm the cleanup?Pausereg delete "Hkey_local_machine\software\vmware, Inc."/F >nul 2>nulreg delete "Hkey_current_user\software\vmware, Inc."/F >nul 2>nulreg delete "Hkcr\installer\products\7a26f0ea2a1af704f9c48439b99ddad8"/F >nul 2>nulreg del

Uninstall VMware Workstation

The MSI 'C: Using e ~ 1admini ~ 1locals ~ 1tempvmware_1259042193vmare workstation. MSI 'failed. 1. Use the Windows optimization assistant or cCleaner to clear temporary files and registry invalid files on your computer. 2. Use vmware_install_cleaner.exe to clean up. It seems that this software has no effect on Vmware workstation6 or above, but youstar is still running.3. Search for the "Documents and Settings" folder on the system disk and delete the

Fully uninstall mysql (stop the service, uninstall related programs, delete the registry, and uninstall mysql)

Fully uninstall mysql (stop the service, uninstall related programs, delete the registry, and uninstall mysql) 1. Stop MySQL Service 2. uninstall mysql-related programs 3. Delete the Registry (run-> regedit), machine-> system-> controlset001/controlset002/currentcontrolset-> services-> eventlog-> applications-> MySQL-R

OfficeScan uninstall, uninstall password. Force uninstall

For enterprises and school users, to facilitate management, many of them are installed with trend offline scan anti-virus software. However, the biggest headache for network administrators is that the OfficeScan version is different.I can't remember the password, but it is very difficult to uninstall it. There is only one idea-reinstall the system!Force uninstall OfficeScan.First, you must have the administ

VMware Virtualization Solutions Configure and deploy VMware ESXi5.5

Uninstall the USB flash drive.Umount/usbdisk10 Uninstall the installer ISO image.Umount/esxi_cdromNow, the USB flash drive can boot the ESXi installer. If an error such as Menu.c32:not a com32r image is present at boot, you need to copy a new MENU.C32 file to the USB flash drive, overwriting the original filecp/usr/lib/syslinux/menu.c32/mnt/usb/ESXi settingsThe console of

Ubuntu-get uninstall software cannot uninstall clean solution (ubuntu uninstall apach

After sudoapt-getinstallxxxx is installed, the software cannot be uninstalled. Here we provide a method to solve this problem. for details, refer to Ubuntu. After installing the software through sudo apt-get install xxxx, you cannot uninstall the software. here, we use Apache as an example to provide the following methods:FirstCopy codeThe code is as follows:Sudo apt-get remove apache2AgainCopy codeThe code is as follows:Sudo apt-get autoremove I rece

Full Uninstall Oracle|oracle Uninstall | completely uninstall Oracle

Because of the installation of Oracle 10G when there was a problem, and then asked roommates to send a copy of the Oralce 10g client installation package came up. It was possible to use Pl/sql, and then, in the case of a job need, to import an Oracle database backup from a colleague at a time, making IMP statement to import a 6550 error, the internet to check the reason is because the server and the client use version mismatch. So The last decision to reload Oracle, found that uninstalling th

VMware Linux using Virtual optical drive installation VMware Tools detailed __linux

? [/usr/share/doc/vmware-tools] the path/US r/share/doc/vmware-Tools "does not exist currently. This program was going to create it, including needed parent directories. Is this what you want? [yes] the installation of VMware Tools 8.4.4 build-301548 for Linux completed successfully. Can decide to remove this software from your system at any time by invoking the

How to install VMware tools__linux in VMware Ubuntu Linux virtual machines

-distrib$ sudo./vmware-install.pl [sudo] password for lion:the installer has detected Existing installation of Open-vm-tools packages on this system and would not attempt to remove and replace these User-spac E applications. It is recommended to with the Open-vm-tools packages provided by the operating system. If you don't want to use the existing installation of Open-vm-tools packages with VMware tools, yo

Vmware workstation12 encountered A problem when installing VMware tools: A previous installation of VMware Tools has been detected solution, detected

Vmware workstation12 encountered A problem when installing VMware tools: A previous installation of VMware Tools has been detected solution, detected Vmware workstation12 installed in win10 has the following problems when installing VMware tools: Root @ lc:/root/

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