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"Lan Unity Development Fundamentals Three" lesson 5 unity Component Development

"Lan Unity Development Fundamentals Three" lesson 5 unity Component DevelopmentRecommended Video Lecturer Blog: http://11165165.blog.51cto.com/Unity Component DevelopmentLet's learn this lesson. Unity , you first need to look at Unity

[Unity-6] Sometimes GameObject cannot be rendered, unity-6gameobject

[Unity-6] Sometimes GameObject cannot be rendered, unity-6gameobject Problem description:A monster encountered such a problem during the game. It would be okay if he was shown in the center of the screen, but let him appear at the edge of the screen to find that he did not appear. Cause:After checking, I found that I added an Animator control to this GameObje

Unity 5 Combat uses C # and unity to develop multi-platform gaming PDFs

Understanding 3D Coordinate space 212.2 starting project: Placing objects in a scene 222.2.1 the second step: the floor, the outer wall and the inner wall 222.2.2 the lights and the camera 252.2.3 the player's collider and viewport 262.3 let things move: The script that applies the transformation 272.3.1 the diagram How to implement the rotation 272.3.2 programming to write code implementation of the motion shown in the diagram 272.3.3 local and global coordinate space 292.4 is used to observe

Indie games are getting easier: Unity releases its newest game engine, Unity 5, and still has a free version

It's becoming easier for independent developers to develop games, because many of the thankless work in game design can be solved directly using game engines like Epic games or Unity Technologies. These days, the game engine has announced that its products will be cheaper or even free of charge to the game developers, the threshold for the development of the game is further reduced.First Epic Games announced its Unreal Engine 4 (Unreal Engine 4) from

IPhone 6 and previous models, the unity part camera cannot render the problem

change the color space to gamma, but this will cause some new rendering methods can not be used, so to communicate with the technical art, some calculations need their own in the shader.Specific settings file, Build Settings, Player Settings->other Settings, select Auto graphics API, Graphics APIs only Opengle S3 (IPhone 5 should choose 2, it does not seem to support 3), Color space* Select gammaLeave the rest to technical artThis problem foreigners

Unity (6): Use Case III: for dependency injection (I)

nulllogger class involved in this article Code For details, see unity (3): Quick Start and Unity (5): Use Case II: Prepare code in singleton mode. Iorderwithlogging interface: Unity supports three types of dependency injection: constructor injection, set-value injection, and method call injection. Constru

Unity 5 Engine Announcement: Provides full functionality and does not receive a split

" Dog planing Learning net Zhuangao, reproduced please specify the source"Dog Planing Learning Network report/unity today launched the Unity 5 engine release plan and announced that it will adjust the engine's business model. Like previous products, Unity 5 also offers a per

Unity 5 uses the Roslyn compiler to support C # 7

The Unity 2017 option uses the new mono compiler, which supports. NET 4.6 and C # 6, while solving bugs while optimizing code. Unity 5 can use the Community Open source scenario: Https://bitbucket.org/alexzzzz/unity-c-5.0-and-6.0-integration/overview Tri

A Preliminary Study on the Global Illumination GI of Unity 5 and the new baking system, unitygi

A Preliminary Study on the Global Illumination GI of Unity 5 and the new baking system, unitygiWhat is GI? Realtime GI, real-time global lighting, sounds like a very tall word, but the higher the size, the more awesome it is, because there is no free lunch in the world, the better the effect, it means more consumption. For mobile platforms, this consumption is not affected? First of all, let's say what GI i

The difference between the Unity 5 engine Premium Edition and the free version

The latest Unity 5 professional Edition (Premium edition) has new and powerful features, in addition to global dynamic lighting or the latest physics-based shaders, but also the original separately sold team license, and contains 12 months of unity Cloud Build and Unity Analytics are licensed for a $1500 set or $75 a m

Unity 5: Lighting system

Original linkUnity is becoming more and more popular among some of the best game developers. This should be attributed to Unity's direct support for multiple platforms, such as mobile phones, desktops, and host environments. In addition, it is free to use for low-income developers and studios.Unity supports a variety of technologies and components, some of which are lighting and lighting technologies. In unity, you can illuminate a scene by simulating

Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook (3-6) Create anisotropic high light type (Anisotropic) to simulate brushed metal effects

for vertex shaders.vertex:128 instruction limit. fragment:96 instruction Limit (texture + arithmetic), temporary registers and 4 texture indirections.3.0Compiles the shader under Shader Model 3. Model 3 is more powerful and flexible than 2 but is less compatible.Vertex:no instruction limit.fragment:1024 instruction Limit (texture + arithmetic), temporary registers and 4 texture indirections.It is the possible to override these limits using #pragma profileoption directive.For example, #pragma pr

Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook (6-3) modifying render queue Queues to modify render order

= tex2d (_maintex, In.uv_maintex); O. Albedo = C.rgb;o. Alpha = C.A;} ENDCG} FallBack "Diffuse"}Select the new Shader in the Material, and then drag the material to a point near the Sphere body, you will find the original near a point of the Sphere is a little farther Sphere covered!Unity provides a number of default render queues.Background: Background, first rendered, used for sky boxes, etc. Render Queue Value =1000Geometry: Geometry, default rend

Unity API Parsing (6)--matrix4x4 class

= matrix4x4.perspective (65.0f, 1.5f, 0.1f, 500.0f); t = 10.0f; b =-T; To prevent the view from morphing you need to multiply Camera.main.aspect by L = b * Camera.main.aspect; r = T * Camera.main.aspect; Set the orthogonal projection matrix ortho = Matrix4x4.ortho (L, R, B, T, 0.1f, 100.0f); } void Ongui () {//using the default orthographic projection if (GUI. button (new Rect (10.0f, 8.0f, 150.0f, 20.0f), "Reset Ortho")) {Camera.main.orthographic = tru

Interpretation of the shader Series 6 Written by CG in unity -- diffuse reflection

incident vector of each vertex. 2. the color of the light source is provided by the uniform parameter _ lightcolor0 3. the normal semantics in the input parameters of the vertex coloring machine is used to obtain the color of the incident vector, normal vector, and light source, we can calculate the amount of reflection at each vertex position in the vertex coloring tool, and multiply it with the color of the light source and the color of the material to obtain the actual color of the final sur

6 perverted C-language Hello World Programs-better understanding of C (4, 5, 6)

all finished. At one glance it does not seem to make sense, and in the case I do not specify, do you eng what the program is going to output? I think it's a little difficult. Of course, we do not advocate the C language confusion code, write some people can not touch the mind courtesy of the code, but through the analysis of these chaotic code, understand the reason, through analysis, layer to solve the confusion code after the mysterious veil, I think this should also be a learning C language

Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook (4-6) Stunning real-time reflection dynamic cubic chart System

points in a room are collected, and then several cubemap are generated.Then judge the position of the object, close to the acquisition point when the selection of the current collection point of the cubemap.I drew a picture.1, 2, 3, 4 is the acquisition point, in these 4 points were created Cubemap1, CUBEMAP2, CUBEMAP3, CUBEMAP4.The middle is a man.When the person walks to the location near the acquisition point 3, the CUBEMAP3 is used.Transfer from Http://blog.csdn.net/huutu http://www.thisisg

Decoding unity in CG writing shader series 6?? Diffuse reflection

I draw is not very good, I need to explain the incident light and the plane angle is the angle of incidence, reflected light and the plane angle is the reflection angle, the angle of incidence is always equal to the reflection angle, the picture is not painted well. Similarly to the uneven surface of the media, we can be infinitely subdivided into countless plane of law, for each surface of the reflection of the point, we can do a tangent along the current point and the surface of the object ta

How to IPHONE4/4S/5/5S/5/6 sliding answering and hearing failure solution for iphone sliding answering

What to do if the IPHONE4/4S/5/5S/5/6 slide answering fails First, we need to know why our iphone will fail. The reason is actually very simple. The root cause of this problem is the mobile phone pocket, and the trouser pocket generated static electricity, and capacitive screen has a feature is too much surface electrostatic is prone to not

Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook (6-2) Transparent clipping shader

:_cutoff is specified in the #pragma statement#pragma surface surf Lambert alphatest:_cutoffWhen Alphatest:_cutoff is specified, our shader becomes a transparent clipping shader. When the Alpha value of the fragment 2. Assign the channel value to O.alphaO.alpha = C.R;According to the above, I thought the workflow was like this.Float _cutoff=0.5o. Alpha = texture. Rif (O.alpha But looking at unity-generated shader code discovery is using the Clip () fu

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