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Daydream team expanded: Google announced that Huawei Mate 9 supports Daydream

At CES 2017, Google announced that after Pixel and Moto Z, the mobile virtual reality platform Daydream supported models were added. Huawei mate 9 Porsche, mate 9 Pro, ZTE Axon 7 and ASUS Zenfone AR all support the Daydream platform. But Huawei's flagship handset will not support tango, and Google says it is working to make the AR platform compatible with future Huawei devices.??“ We found that the developm

Learn Google Daydream VR development, Quick Start Development Basic Tutorial one: Android Development environment Configuration One

The original text because of involved in the wall information, was forcibly deleted, this article for replacement!preparatory workgo to Google Daydream Developer website, open the preparation work, official website address: https://vr.google.com/daydream/developers/----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------Google

What has Google daydream Labs done with ARCore?

ARCore has brought augmented reality to millions of Android phones, and many developers have started experimenting with their software tools development kits (SDK) and Unity, Unreal, and more. At present, Google Daydream Labs has conducted a number of related experiments to study the unique ways in which people explore the world, different forms of navigation, and new ways for people to socialize and entert

The most straightforward introduction to Daydream VR

Virtual reality (virtual Reality), or fictitious technology, also known as virtual environment, is the use of computer simulation to generate a three-degree space virtual world, providing users with visual and other sensory simulation, so that users like immersive general, the computer can be immediately complex operation, The accurate three-dimensional world video is transmitted back to create a sense of telepresence.This year has undoubtedly been VR take-off year, but the Android phone side of

Ask yourself to answer the VR daydream

network, not because of VR. However, this is a natural development process. Initially, human beings were merely contented with food and clothing, then enjoying simple entertainment, bored and began to pursue new things. In the age of explosion, the immunity of human nerves to new things is increasing, and the freshness of one thing is shortened constantly, which causes the aching need of modern people in the spiritual world. When people are no longer satisfied with the plane of experience, the

Daydream (320 k)

Thanks to Taizhou music, today I finally found my favorite daydream album, which is still 320k. This is a very lyrical piano music. It is also a very touching music. It is very warm, and people feel the warmth of the piano. It is very suitable for playing as background music...A casual note may touch your mind. This may be the charm of this album ......(We recommend that you use high-fidelity audios when listening to music !!!) At midnight, I heard th

4.2 daydream

Daydream implementation Daydream is implemented through the Android. Service. Dreams. dreamservice subclass. The following are some key methods: Onattachedtowindow (): initial settings Ondreamingstarted (): Start animation and Timer Ondreamingstopped (): stops an animation. Ondetachedfromwindow (): Clears Everything you build in onattachedtowindow (). Some important methods that may be called:

Daydream keyboard is coming

Daydream keyboard is coming VR has become a hot topic in the consumer industry, while the input experience of VR is different. On the physical layer, each manufacturer provides a different handle design, but if you want to solve the input, it is clear that the handle will be limited. In this case, a virtual keyboard is needed. Google took the lead in launching the Daydream keyboard application because of u

Framework API for daydream and VIVE platforms

Daydream's --Framework API design and SDK--High Longoza Hall offers 10 MP4 video lessons, welcome to the next icon, to hear ... , N Bsp , NB Sp , NB Sp explain: In the development of the r material and app relationship . Whether it's on the HTC Vive or Google Daydream platform, these domain-focused r materials have to be updated to make it a material (ie, artificial footage)

HDU 2668 Daydream (longest non-repeating subsequence)

array once each time we scan the longest sequence, just to see if the duplicate character is on the right side of the current tail pointer (the left side is not the same as the current scan).Code:#include "Cstdio"#include "CString"int POS[ Max];intMain () {intn,i,l,r,ltmp,cnt,cnttmp; Char ch; while(SCANF ("%d", n)!=eof) {GetChar (); Ch=getchar (); cnt=ltmp=0; cnttmp=1; MemsetPOS,-1, sizeof (POS));POS[ch]=0; for(i=1; i//Duplicate appearsif(POS[ch]>=0POS[ch]>=ltmp) {if(cnttmp>cnt)

[Unity skills] Optimization Technology in Unity and unity skills Optimization Technology

[Unity skills] Optimization Technology in Unity and unity skills Optimization Technology Preface This article is based on a series of tutorials by Digital Tutors and summarizes the extended content ~ Digital Tutors is a great tutorial website. It contains many materials in the multimedia field and is very cool! In addition, we also refer to a tutorial in

[Unity] Chapter 1 Unity Script Development basics, Chapter 2 unity Script Development

[Unity] Chapter 1 Unity Script Development basics, Chapter 2 unity Script Development Classification: Unity, C #, VS2015 Date created: 1. Introduction The attraction of a game lies in its interactivity. If the game has no interaction, the scenario will be more beautiful and exquisite, and it is difficult to call it a g

[Unity] Chapter 2.0 Unity editor and basic operations, Chapter 2nd unity

[Unity] Chapter 2.0 Unity editor and basic operations, Chapter 2nd unity Classification: Unity, C #, VS2015 Created on: Key points of this chapter: 1. Master the Unity 5.3.4 editor view and menu items and their meanings. This is the most basic part of getting started a

Unity Shader Getting Started Essentials learning notes-3rd Unity Shader Foundation

SOURCE Candycat http://blog.csdn.net/candycat1992/article/OverviewIn general, we need to work with the materials and unity shader in unity to achieve the desired results. One of the most common processes is.1) Create a material2) Create a Unity Shader and assign it to the material created in the previous step3) Assign the material to the object to be rendered4) A

[Entlib] how to learn from Microsoft enterprise database 5.0-Step 10: Use unity to decouple your system-Part1-why should we use unity?

Today, we will continue to learn about Microsoft enterprise database 5.0. Today we will introduce the important module of Microsoft enterprise database-Unity. This articleArticleWe will mainly introduce: 1. Basic knowledge about the unity module. 2. Why should we use unity? 3. Under what circumstances should u

(serial) Learn unity--while drinking coffee Chapter One Unity overview

As the first sentence of this book, in this eye-catching position again, I want to tell you that my idea is that you read this book as a deliberate come, but also want to inspire readers, so the directory structure only preserves chapters, no further subdivision. Important concepts are presented in a special way.This chapter should be boring, and readers who know something about unity can skip it by themselves. Given the completeness of this book has

Unity Shader Getting Started Essentials learning notes-17th Unity's surface Shader quest

From Fengle, "Unity Shader Essentials of Getting Started"In Unity 3 in 2010, Surface Shader appeared.An example of a surface shader.Let's do the following preparatory work first.1) Create a new scene to remove the Sky box2) Create a new material, create a new shader, and assign it to the material.3) Create a capsule body in the scene and assign it to the upper step materialThen we modify the shader code:

"Lan Unity Development Fundamentals Three" lesson 5 unity Component Development

"Lan Unity Development Fundamentals Three" lesson 5 unity Component DevelopmentRecommended Video Lecturer Blog: http://11165165.blog.51cto.com/Unity Component DevelopmentLet's learn this lesson. Unity , you first need to look at Unity 's Engineering and application relations

"Unity tips" in Unity's optimization technology

Write in frontThis article is based on Digital tutors a series of tutorials to summarize the expansion of the ~digital tutors is a very good tutorial site, contains a wide range of multimedia information, very cool! In addition, a tutorial in unity cookies is also referenced. There are many other references in the links below.This article is intended to briefly describe the various optimization strategies that are common. However, each foundation has

[Entlib] Microsoft enterprise database 5.0 learning path-Step 10: Use unity to decouple your system-Part2-learn how to use Unity (1)

In the previous article, I briefly introduced some background knowledge about unity, why should we use unity, and what are the advantages of using unity. We will continue to learn about unity today, mainly to understand some common usage methods of unity. This articleArtic

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