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Unity uses rider as the IDE's experience

(); } } The most obvious advantage of rider is that it is a lot better to use fluency and to feel more than vs. A lot of operations are done using a background thread, even the entire solution reload. Smart features are consistent with ReSharper plug-ins and even shared configurations. SVN integration is good and does not affect IDE performance like the VS plugin. The Integrated diff tool is handy for using the editor's synt

Unity Mono IDE Setting

Mac:Modify shortcut keysDelete a whole line command+dFormat Document shift+command+fFind control+h in FilesQuick Fix command+1Import Symbol alt+/Navigate back command+[Navigate Forward command+]Find Reference Shift+command+gGo to Declaration F3Renaming Shift+f6Set the usage element highlighting in this classPreferences > Text Editor > Markers and Rulers > Highlight Identifier ReferenceChange the color of a highlightSyntax highlighting > Edit > Usages marker (Low version mono for bracket marker)

[Unity skills] Optimization Technology in Unity and unity skills Optimization Technology

[Unity skills] Optimization Technology in Unity and unity skills Optimization Technology Preface This article is based on a series of tutorials by Digital Tutors and summarizes the extended content ~ Digital Tutors is a great tutorial website. It contains many materials in the multimedia field and is very cool! In addition, we also refer to a tutorial in

Laraval IDE Auto complement Assistant: Laravel IDE Helper Generator

1. Introduction The expansion pack can generate a file that the IDE can understand to provide accurate auto-completion functionality. This generated file is based on the files that exist in the project, so it is always real-time. Of course, if you don't want to generate this file manually, you can also use the pre-generated files and put them in the project root directory (these files are less real-time): Larval 5:https://gist.github.com/barry

Convert IDE hard drive to SCSI hard disk in ESXi, increase IDE hard disk size

There is a P2V over the Windows Server R2 virtual machine, because the original disk is the IDE, the virtual machine is also the IDE, the need to increase the hard disk, but when modifying the hard disk, even in the state of the shutdown is grayed out.After several setbacks, find the following KB, the steps to resolve are as follows:(1) Open ESXi host SSH login; Select Host->configuration-"Security profile-

Introduce a niche IDE and an IDE

Introduce a niche IDE and an IDE What IDE do you usually use as a front-end engineer? atom, webstorm, sublime, or vscode? Today, we will introduce a niche IDE, Adobe's open-source project Brackets, and provide support for Windows and OS X platforms. Brackets features simplicity and quickness, and does not have many vie

WxWidgets (2): An easy-to-use C + + PHP open ide--codelite IDE

This text connection: http://blog.csdn.net/freewebsys/article/details/45921839 reprint Please specify the source!1, about CodeLiteThe CodeLite IDE is a powerful open source, cross-platform, integrated development environment for C/s + +. Support includes running under Windows, Linux, and MAC systems.Highlight:1. The Code autocomplete function is very powerful2. Imitation vs, easy to get started3. More user-friendly interface4. Integration with Subvers

[Unity] Chapter 1 Unity Script Development basics, Chapter 2 unity Script Development

[Unity] Chapter 1 Unity Script Development basics, Chapter 2 unity Script Development Classification: Unity, C #, VS2015 Date created: 1. Introduction The attraction of a game lies in its interactivity. If the game has no interaction, the scenario will be more beautiful and exquisite, and it is difficult to call it a g

When the computer is turned on, the display of IDE channel 0 master: none; ide channel 0 slave: none or something

There are two kinds of faults: 1. The self-check result is as follows: ide channel 0 master: None ide channel 0 slave: Philips pcdv5016p. p1.3 ide Channel 1 master: None ide Channel 1 slave: None ide Channel 2 master: st1_0811as 3.aae id

[Pic32--ide] Debugging with Mplab IDE

Problem descriptionAfter installing the Mplab IDE, you can use it to debug your own PIC32 board for application development.Development BoardHandy is Microchip's PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit II's small board, which integrates the PIC32 debugger, so as long as the USB cable connected to the board can be debug:Connect the PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit II to your notebook with the USB mini interface, and you'll see the new device in Device Manager, and hid-co

Notes for using IDE To write C language programs, ide to write C Language Programs

Notes for using IDE To write C language programs, ide to write C Language Programs   I am a cainiao who likes programming. During the course of self-study, I have some questions and confusions. Although I have some experience, I will forget it for a long time, it is not conducive to the accumulation of knowledge. Therefore, I want to record my learning experience through the blog Park platform. I also want

C language development tool (compiler | IDE) Recommendation, development tool ide

C language development tool (compiler | IDE) Recommendation, development tool ideThere are many common C language development tools. Each development tool supports different library functions and standard implementations. However, for beginners, you can ignore these details and select a widely used and easy-to-use development tool.Visual C ++ 6.0 Visual C ++ 6.0 (VC or VC6.0) is recommended for Windows. It is a C/C ++ compiler launched by Microsoft in

The legendary best Python ide-wing ide cracking and Chinese display method

Wing ide cracking: The latest wing ide pro V4 registration machine has not been found, but found the brute force cracking method to crack. This method address is: http://download.csdn.net/detail/jhwhu/3610082 Chinese garbled solutions: Find the installation directory and open "pango" in "wing ide 3.2 \ bin \ GTK-bin \ etc \ pango. aliases ", modify the text

Eclipse installs color themes, personalize your IDE, and refresh your IDE

We all know that eclipse's default color theme is a white background, but what if you want to change the background color of the code editing area?Today to introduce a very good eclipse, you can easily according to their own needs to choose the color of the theme, the other said, direct, this is my personal preferred a topic, long time work on the eyes also have a certain protection effect,Do you want to be eager to customize your eclipse, then let me tell you how to install the Eclipse Color th

[Unity] Chapter 2.0 Unity editor and basic operations, Chapter 2nd unity

[Unity] Chapter 2.0 Unity editor and basic operations, Chapter 2nd unity Classification: Unity, C #, VS2015 Created on: Key points of this chapter: 1. Master the Unity 5.3.4 editor view and menu items and their meanings. This is the most basic part of getting started a

Unity Shader Getting Started Essentials learning notes-3rd Unity Shader Foundation

SOURCE Candycat http://blog.csdn.net/candycat1992/article/OverviewIn general, we need to work with the materials and unity shader in unity to achieve the desired results. One of the most common processes is.1) Create a material2) Create a Unity Shader and assign it to the material created in the previous step3) Assign the material to the object to be rendered4) A

Unity 5 Combat uses C # and unity to develop multi-platform gaming PDFs

: Cheng Tong Network diskAbout the authorEditJoseph Hocking is a software engineer for interactive media development. He worked at Synapse Games and taught game development courses at Columbia College in Chicago.[1] "src="/cutesoft_client/cuteeditor/images/anchor.gif "> Catalog Edit" src= "/cutesoft_client/cuteeditor/images/ Anchor.gif "> section Ⅰ Start" src= "/cutesoft_client/cuteeditor/images/anchor.gif" > 1th Chapter Unity 31.1 Why

[Entlib] how to learn from Microsoft enterprise database 5.0-Step 10: Use unity to decouple your system-Part1-why should we use unity?

Today, we will continue to learn about Microsoft enterprise database 5.0. Today we will introduce the important module of Microsoft enterprise database-Unity. This articleArticleWe will mainly introduce: 1. Basic knowledge about the unity module. 2. Why should we use unity? 3. Under what circumstances should u

Unity Shader Getting Started Essentials learning notes-17th Unity's surface Shader quest

From Fengle, "Unity Shader Essentials of Getting Started"In Unity 3 in 2010, Surface Shader appeared.An example of a surface shader.Let's do the following preparatory work first.1) Create a new scene to remove the Sky box2) Create a new material, create a new shader, and assign it to the material.3) Create a capsule body in the scene and assign it to the upper step materialThen we modify the shader code:

"Unity tips" in Unity's optimization technology

Write in frontThis article is based on Digital tutors a series of tutorials to summarize the expansion of the ~digital tutors is a very good tutorial site, contains a wide range of multimedia information, very cool! In addition, a tutorial in unity cookies is also referenced. There are many other references in the links below.This article is intended to briefly describe the various optimization strategies that are common. However, each foundation has

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