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Unity3D: In the project window, press alt to display the file suffix. In the unity3d window

Unity3D: In the project window, press alt to display the file suffix. In the unity3d window When the unity layout is 2By3 or other la s, it is not convenient to view the file suffix and press alt to import the following script to the project. Using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor; using System. IO; using System. reflec

WinForm Show Unity3d file (supports dynamic file path change)

WinForm Show Unity3d file can support the Unity3d implementation of the module packaging, as well as in other projects need to show the Unity3d interface, just to fit to open the display, here I show how to use WinForm to open the Unity3d file.First, download and install uni

Murong Small Bastard Unity3d mobile platform Dynamic read External file full resolution

C # Language SpecificationRead Catalogue Objective: If I want to read the file dynamically in the editor Resource path problems for mobile platforms How to read external files on a mobile platform Add: Back to catalogue preface:Always have an idea, is to work in the pit through their own deep digging, summed up into a set of solutions for the same problem for colleagues to shoot brick discussion. Eye Gaze 2015 The first b

Unity3d Mobile Platform Dynamic Read External file full parsing

between PC and mobile, then the next problem is naturally the mobile side of the resource path (to discuss resources, Streamingassets, Assetbundle, Persistentdatapath), the final step is to find the resources how to read (here will be specific to the corresponding situation, namely, resources, Streamingassets, Assetbundle), The main idea is this. Yes, the preface is still to wish you crossing a new year of physical health, promotion of pay.If I want to read the

Detail Unity3d (i)--mobile platform dynamic read External file full parsing

this. Yes, the preface is still to wish you crossing a new year of physical health, promotion of pay.If I want to read the file dynamically in the editorActual game development, in fact, a considerable part of the static data can be placed on the client, it is bound to generate the need to dynamically read these files, such as CSV (in fact, text files), XML and so on. I believe that we do not use win or Mac to do

Unity3d File Based assetbundles on the iPhone

Unity3d File Based assetbundles on the iPhone Let me start off by saying that unity3d is a really great game engine. let me also say that I wish the documentation was as great as the engine is. sadly, it's difficult to figure out some of the more powerful features of unity3d without significant trial and error. Please

Unity3d Automatic file Update system

Unity3d Automatic file Update systemtime 2014-08-27 17:47:10 csdn Blog original http://blog.csdn.net/x_studying/article/details/38873727 After the game content changes, generally do not want to let the player download the entire game pack reinstall, because this will drain a large number of players. All game updates are required. The updated content includes data, resources, and code.Basic principle:1. Pac

How to Use unity3d to publish an Android apk file is absolutely fine. unity3dapk

How to Use unity3d to publish an Android apk file is absolutely fine. unity3dapk 1. First of all. Is necessary software tools. Needless to say, unity3d is necessary (think it's not nonsense ). Then. We have some running environments. Java (jdk). Android simulator (sdk) [Of course you have a real machine]. You can download these files from the Internet.He

Unity3d file Read

Resources: Appears as a unity3d folder, that is, if you create a new folder named Resources, the contents of the package will be unconditionally hit in the release package. The characteristics of this simple summary is: Read-only, which cannot be modified dynamically. So the resources you want to dynamically update are not put here. Packages the resources within the folder into the . Asset file

"Unity3d plugin" reads and writes file data in Unity: Litjson Quick Tutorial

     Welcome to Unity Learning,Unity training ,UnityEnterprise TrainingEducation Area, there are manyu3d Resources,u3d Training Video,u3d Tutorials,U3d Frequently Asked questions,u3d Project Source code, the "Dog Planing Learning Network" Unity's Ultimate Academy, dedicated to building the industry unity3d Training , learning the first brand. IntroducedJSON is a simple, but powerful, serialized data format. It defines simple types, such as Boolean, nu

Unity3d C # Socket download file (synchronous to)

Unity3d C # HttpWebRequest Asynchronous download file, because it is still invalid to compile the project into Il2cpp, prompting HttpWebRequest is not supported in the current version, so seek other ways.Just the branch of the colleague also encountered the download file bug, but they are only able to download part, at least better than my situation, so borrowed

iOS compiling Unity3d file error Permission denied

Recently trying to use the Unity3d, after all, unity can be very good to compile iOS code, only with our normal packaging is good.Here's a question to share.At the end of the archive, three errors were reported, similar to/users/sciyonsoft/library/developer/xcode/deriveddata/unity-iphone-ghjhxtadvpljitbubdnbjvnxumck/build/ Intermediates/unity-iphone.build/release-iphoneos/unity-iphone.build/script-033966f41b18b03000ecd701.sh:line 2: /****

Unity3d returns all file names under the specified Assets folder path, unity3dassets

Unity3d returns all file names under the specified Assets folder path, unity3dassets using UnityEngine;using System.Collections;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.IO; /// Void Start () {// TextAsset [] texts = LoadAsset How can I obtain the path of the assets folder ?? InputStream inStream = context. getAssets (). open ("path under assets (excluding assets)/

Unity3d moving mm failed to find resource File{mmiap.xml} solution

Welcome to Unity Learning, unity training, Unity Enterprise training and education zone, there are many u3d resources, u3d training videos, u3d tutorials, U3d Frequently asked questions, U3d Project source code, we are committed to creating the industry Unity3d training, learning the first brand.A bug:failed to find resource file (Mmiap.xml} is always encountered when moving mm integrationThe reason: when i

Unity3d operation procedure for publishing an apk file and running it in an Android Virtual Machine

The general process is divided into the following six steps: 1. Install java_jdk 2. Configure java environment variables 3. Update the android sdk 4. Release the apk file from Unity3d 5. Create and run the android Virtual Machine 6. Install the apk file on the android virtual machine. (For the convenience of beginners, I will give you a detailed description of t

Unity3d Tutorial Game contains all the file import resources

an audio file, you can pick its end pattern and push it into a stereo channel or mono. To visit the import Settings, select the audio clip in the project view, and then look in the viewer (Inspector) for the audio importer. Here, you can tighten the clip to the Ogg Vorbis pattern and push it into mono or stereo playback, then fine-tune other options, such as the decompress on load setting for very important loading.Please visit the audio clip Compone

Unity3d Chinese garbled Solution method--cs code file format Batch Conversion UTF8

In Unity3d often encounter the problem of Chinese garbled, such as the Code of [Addcomponentmenu ("gamedef/ai/fighter AI"), comments, Chinese text and so on The reason is that unity itself is regardless of the region, so the default is all Unicode encoding, resulting in Chinese garbled There are many solutions, for example, A file is converted to UTF8 format using a text tool Modify the

Unity3d using XML for simple configuration file changes

)) {XmlDocument xmldoc = new XmlDocument ();Xmldoc.load (M_sxmlpath);XmlNode Colornode = Xmldoc.selectsinglenode ("Data/color");UINT color = Convert.touint32 (Colornode.innertext);Debug.Log ("Read color:" + color);Gameobject cube = gameobject.find ("cube");if (color = = 0xff0000) {Cube.renderer.material.color = color.red;}else if (color = = 0x00ff00) {Cube.renderer.material.color = Color.green;}}}We want to implement the Click button in the box will change the corresponding block, we need to cre

Unity3d returns all file names under this path according to the directory path under the specified assets

Using unityengine;using system.collections;using system.collections.generic;using System.IO;Else{getobjectnametoarrayvoid Start () {//textasset[] texts = loadasset Unity3d returns all file names under this path according to the directory path under the specified assets

Unity3d to the Linux server SCP file using C # via WINSCP command line

Encountering a requirement is to upload the generated assetbundle package to the resource server and Linux for the resource server when Unity3d does the editor tool.The implementation is divided into three parts: 1,c# Upload Tool class; 2,WINSCP script; 3, the upload function is used for the parameter invocation.1,c# Upload Tool classusingunityengine;usingsystem.collections;usingsystem.io;usingsystem;using System.diagnostics;publicclassuploadhelper{pu

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