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Linux Unicorn Server Configuration

What is Unicorn?1. HTTP server designed for Rack applications2. developed based on advanced Unix features3. Customer Service with low latency and high bandwidth connections Features:1. Designed for Rack, Unix, and fast clients and ease of debugging.2. fully compatible with Ruby 1.8 and 1.9.3. Process Management: Unicorn acquires and restarts tasks that are killed due to application errors. You do not need t

Deploying a rails project using nginx + unicorn

Nginx + unicorn to deploy the rails project. As the name suggests, nginx and unicorn must be installed first. 1. Installation Install nginx: sudo apt-Get install nginx Install Unicorn: Gem install unicorn Ii. Configuration 1. Add a unicorn. RB file under the config folder of

Unicorn + nginx + centos deployment and server configuration

To deploy the dashboard on the server, we also need a server to run the ruby program. unicorn is used here. The world of Unicorn configuration is reminiscent of gunicorn used to deploy python. The following are from the Internet. Unicorn is the Rack application. to deploy the dashboard to the server, we also need a server to run the ruby program. here we use

Use the unicorn tool to verify and build standard web pages

The smart identification and Error Correction capabilities of browsers have resulted in a large number of nonstandard Web pages flooding into various websites. This kind of browser-loving fault tolerance method has also spoiled a large number of Web designers. However, with the upgrade of the browser version and the popularity of multiple browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, a large number of nonstandard Web pages developed based on old browsers (especially IE6) cannot be correctly displayed, th

Ubuntu is challenged with a tip! Unicorn from Utopia

MarkShuttleworth, founder of Canonical, has been named for the next Ubuntu version (14.10). The new version will be named the Utopia unicorn. Ubuntu developers do not often pause between two development cycles for too long. That is to say, Ubuntu14.10 may start on a recent day and six months later, A new version was released in March. Of course, she won't be an LTS version, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, has been named for the next Ubuntu v

Rails+unicorn+nginx configuration, Shell startup scripts

1. Nginx configuration file1.1, the project directory is placed in the system/var/www/Upstream App {# Path to Unicorn SOCK file, as defined Previouslyserver unix:/var/www/app/shared/sockets/unicorn.sock Fail_ timeout=0; #server fail_timeout=0;} server {Listen 80;server_name app.example.cn;access_log/var/log/nginx/app_access.log;error_log/var/log/nginx/app_ Error.log;proxy_redirect off;root/var/www/app/public;location/{try_files $uri/ind

Rails + unicorn Configuration

1. Basic Configuration When unicorn is configured, there are two cases: preload_app truepreload_app false If preload_app is false, the unicorn master does not pre-load the entire rails app environment, and every worker executes the entire rails app. When preload_app is true, the master of Unicorn loads the rails app environment in advance. In the case of copy_on_

General steps to replace unicorn in old projects

The general steps for the old project to replace Unicorn:(1) Modify config/Application.rbDelete# assign log4r ' s logger as rails ' logger.Log4r_config= Yaml.load_file (File.join (File.dirname (__file__), "Log4r.yml"))Yamlconfigurator.decode_yaml (log4r_config[' log4r_config ')Config.logger = log4r::logger[rails.env]New configuration for memcachedConfig.cache_store =:d Alli_store, *settings.memcached.servers,{: namespace = Settings.memcached.namespace

Onenet Unicorn Seat application development nine: Communicate with SD card and save data

Because of the large amount of data that needs to be recorded, and sometimes the user is inconvenient to upload data in real time, it is required to use SD card to store data and then manually collect uploads. For this we have chosen a Universal SD card reader and writer.1 , Card reader IntroductionThe card reader integrates the SD card specification and the FAT file format specification, which can be stored in the file on the SD card as long as the c

Ubuntu14.10 (codenamed "Unicorn") is based on the Linux kernel version 3.15RC5

The development of Ubuntu14.10 (codenamed ldquo; UNICORN rdquo;) started a few weeks ago. Now developers have made the first major change to use the new Linux kernel version. Generally, the development of the next version of Ubuntu is based on the previous version, such as Ubuntu14.04LTS. The development team began to add new software packages to the Linux kernel, usually those that were not available in the previous version. One of the most importa

How to Make an origami Ubuntu unicorn?

Articles from foreign omgw.ut websites, Ubuntu unicorn origami. If you are interested, try it! Download instructions for free at http://linux.linuxidc.com/the user name and password are all downloaded from www.linuxidc.com/ idc. /14/14/// 14tutu/ tututututu? Download Method see http://www.linuxidc.com/Linu Articles from foreign omgw.ut websites, Ubuntu unicorn origami. If you are interested, try it! Dow

A vision of the cloud, why become a unicorn?

Internet portalAs a new unicorn company, what is the vision of the cloud? Wuyazho said "let any individual and team can be new media, so that the quality of content can be like commodities in the free flow around the world." ”How do you understand this sentence? This has to be said from video traffic. As we all know, The Lego cloud is a video cloud service that started, and also choose to focus on this market. So how big is this market? Third-party d

It took only four years to become a 1.1 billion-dollar unicorn Kingsoft in the cloud computing world.

Core tip: a few days ago, Jinshan Software ceo Kingsoft CEO Hongjiang received the interview of China IDC Circle reporters, detailed explanation of the financing after the kingsoft of the specific strategic planning.China's IDC Circle May 10 reported that, although the capital of the winter period, but the slightest stop investors on cloud computing enthusiasm. recently, Kingsoft completed nearly $50 million c+ round financing, with the C-round financing of $60 million total amount of more than

Two unicorn Fitbit and GoPro data big PK in wearable devices field

Editor's note: This article from Tomasz Tunguz, the Chinese version by Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder compiled. If you are concerned about these days of overseas industry news, you should be not unfamiliar with the news that Fitbit is listed on the Nasdaq and become another "unicorn"-level start-up company. We have previously written about how the GoPro's income growth rate is unbelievable. And now it seems that Fitbit is growing faster than GoPro!F

Nginx+unicorn Deploying a ruby Web Environment

, you may need to performBundle Install--deployment--without Development testWhen this is deployed, the associated dependency gems is installed under Projecta/vendor/bundle. This is especially useful when different projects rely on different versions of the same gem.C. Database-related migrations because this project is based on Padrino, you need to perform:Padrino Rake--environment=production db:migrateIt is important to note that it is possible to use bundles to execute the command, depending

Bootstrap-based Web site templates unicorn-admin template latest error-free version download

Unicorn-admin TemplateUnicorn-admin template is an administrative template that supports retina screens, fully responsive layouts, and can be used with any application. The panel adapts to any width of the device. The perfect fit for smartphones, tablets, or desktop browsers. The latest version builds on Bootstrap 3.Compiling with less Responsive design with support for any PC or Mac system, smartphones and tablets. Responsive Design, support

The key to the Ubuntu unicorn Event: collusion between officials and businessmen

and China's standard organization announce the Ubuntu cooperation agreement. The main points are as follows: I. CSIP defines a new reference architecture for standard operating systems in China Ii. CSIP, Canonical and NUDT from the CCN Open Source Innovation Joint Lab to further that standard Iii. CCN Joint Lab will produce Ubuntu Kylin, with first release expected in conjunction with Ubuntu 13.04 in each l 2013. The first indicates that CSIP is the maker of the new benchmark platform for Stand

Onenet Unicorn Seat Application development: Serial port reading PM25 sensor data

;Hal_gpio_init (Gpioa, gpio_initstruct);Gpio_initstruct.pin = gpio_pin_10;Gpio_initstruct.mode = Gpio_mode_input;Gpio_initstruct.pull = Gpio_nopull;Hal_gpio_init (Gpioa, gpio_initstruct);Hal_nvic_setpriority (usart1_irqn, 0, 0);HAL_NVIC_ENABLEIRQ (USART1_IRQN);}}After the configuration is completed, we also need to follow the protocol to parse the data, the resolution is completely to translate the protocol into a programming language, very simple, not to mention here. Finally, one more. The res

Onenet Unicorn Seat Application Development Seven: Control the sampling motor

program to adjust the duty ratio. The specific implementation code is as follows://Configuring the TIM1 for PWM outputvoidPwm_configuration (void){ //Calculate the frequency and duty ratio of the initializationTimerperiod = Pwmtimeperiod;//calculates the value that is used to set the ARR register to generate a signal at a frequency of 17.57 KhzPwm1pulse = (uint16_t) ((uint32_t)5* (Timerperiod-1)) /Ten);//calculates the value of the CCR1 register to generate 50% duty-TIM1 on channels 1 and 1NPw

Ubuntu14.10 (utopia unicorn)'s daily build image is downloadable

Canonical has just released the first daily image of Ubuntu14.10 (utopia unicorn), and development has started. Ubuntu developers have started to develop the next version, and the first development version of the image has been completed. Do not have too many expectations for the new Ubuntu build, at least for now. Two months later, we can see significant changes. If you start this version now, it will still be displayed as Ubuntu14.04. It can be seen

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