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Larry pages University of Michigan speech

Speech at the graduation ceremony of the University of Michigan by Google founder Larry pages/Larry Page English Moderate Time of Beijing of dispatch of sina science and technology on May 5 message, according to foreign media coverage, author of cereal song combination pulls Lipeiji (Larry Page) was in a few days ago Mixiegen made a presentation on

University: 0 basic self-study programming, choose Java,python or PHP?

. It can be said that the language of the program has all the concepts of a variety of data structure algorithms, design patterns are mostly explained by Java, so it can be more smoothly and systematically learn computer science. Java allows you to develop a good coding habits, lay a sound system of language Foundation, and then want to learn what language is fast. Java application Market is very extensive, large-scale website backstage, Android application (APK), various enterprise software and

A university, drop out of self-learning Python self-employed?

A university, the national 50 or so, mathematics major (deployment), has dropped a level, professional content is not interested in keeping up. Have the foundation of art design, programming foundation, Music Foundation. Can drop out of school, self-study Python self-employed. Reply content:As a book, drop out, self-study python, entrepreneurship has experienced

Guangdong Ocean University Electronic 1151-hole Yanfei Python language programming eighth week

行遍历:1) recursion[Python] View plain copyView code slices to my Code slice#!/usr/bin/python #coding:utf8 import os def dirList(path): fileList = os.listdir(path) allFile = [] for fileName in fileList: # allFile.append(dirPath + ‘/‘ + fileName) # the same as below filePath = os.path.join(path, fileName) if os.path.isdir(filePath): dirList(filePath)

[Python] web crawler (10): The whole process of the birth of a crawler (taking the performance point operation of Shandong University as an example)

To query the score, you need to log on and then display the score of each discipline, but only the score is displayed without the score, that is, the weighted average score. Let's talk about our school website: Http:// 7777/zhxt_bks/zhxt_bks.html To query the score, you need to log on and then display the score of each discipline, but only the score is displayed without the score, that is, the weighted average score. We first prepare a POST data, then prepare a cookie for recei

Guangdong Ocean University Electronic 1151-hole Yanfei Python language programming third week

')] test = ["Hello1", "Hello2", "Hello3"] Zip (name, age, Tel, test) # return [(' Me ', ' + ', ' 123 ', ' Hello1 '), (' You ', 26, ' 234 ', ' Hello2 ')] Map (None, name, age, Tel, test) # return [(' Me ', ' + ', ' 123 ', ' Hello1 '), (' You ', ' + ', ' 234 ', ' Hello2 '), (No NE, none, none, ' Hello3 ')] a = [1, 3, 5] b = [2, 4, 6] def mul (x, y): Return x*y map (Mul, A, b) # return [2, 12, # Reduce () reduce (Lambda x, Y:x+y, [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]) # Return ((((1+2) +3) +4) +5) Guangdong Ocean

Written by Tsinghua University Press Python

, database programming, network programming, Web programming, even scientific computing has good application prospects. More importantly, the open-source community provides a large number of libraries to help python complete various applications to meet different work requirements. as one of the most popular programming communities in China , A large number of elites are gathered. Tsinghua Univers

A university, drop out of school, learn python, and start your own business?

A university with about 50 students in China, a major in Mathematics (allocation), has been downgraded to a level, and the professional content cannot keep up. It has the basis of art design, programming, and music. Can I drop out of school and learn how to start my own python business. A university with about 50 students in China, a major in Mathematics (allocat

Guangdong Ocean University Electronic 1151-hole Yanfei Python language programming 12th week

[:, Alpha_k] + svm.b) Error_k = Output_k-float (Svm.train_y[alpha_k]) return Error_k # Update The error cache for Alpha K after optimize Alpha K def updateerror (SVM, alpha_k): Error = Calcerror (SVM, Alpha_k) Svm.errorcache[alpha_k] = [1, ERROR] # Select Alpha J which has the biggest step def selectalpha_j (SVM, alpha_i, err Or_i): svm.errorcache[alpha_i] = [1, Error_i] # mark as valid (has been optimized) Candidatealphalist = nonzero (s Vm.errorcache[:, 0]. A) [0] # mat. A return Array ma

python-Best University Rankings

#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-"""Created on Mon APR 3 09:37:52 2017@author: zuihaodaxuepaiming"""Import BS4Import requestsFrom BS4 import BeautifulSoupdef gethtmltext (URL):Tryr = requests.get (URL, timeout = 30)R.raise_for_status ()r.encoding = r.apparent_encodingReturn R.textExceptReturn 'def fillunivtext (Html,uinfo):Soup = BeautifulSoup (html, "Html.parser")for TR in Soup.find (' tbody '). Children:If Isinstance (tr, bs4.element.Tag):TDS = TR (' TD ')Uinfo.append ([Tds[0].string, Tds[1].string, tds[3].

"Python crawler" crawls Chinese university rankings from HTML

From BS4 import BeautifulSoupImport requestsImport BS4 #bs4. Element.tag#获取网页页面HTMLdef gethtmltext (URL):Tryr = requests.request ("Get", url,timeout=30)R.raise_for_status () #如不是200报错r.encoding = r.apparent_encoding #猜测编码然后赋予给解码 encoding modeDemo = R.textSoup = BeautifulSoup (demo, "Html.parser") #做汤Return soupExceptReturn ""#分析并返回列表def fillunivlist (ulist,html):Soup = htmlfor TR in Soup.find ("Tbody"). Children: #从汤里找tbody标签的儿子遍历If Isinstance (tr,bs4.element.tag): #如果标签是标签名字TDS = TR ("TD") #寻找t

[Python] web crawler (10): the whole process of the birth of a crawler (taking the performance point operation of Shandong University as an example)

source code to know where the post data is actually sent: Well, this is the address for submitting post data. In the address bar, the complete address should be as follows: Http:// 7777/pls/wwwbks/bks_login2.login (The access method is simple. You can click the link in Firefox to view the link address) 5. Test the knife The next task is to use python to simulate sending a post data and obtain the returned cookie value. For more in

Python crawler Learning (ii): Targeted Crawler example--using BeautifulSoup crawl "soft science China Best University Rankings-Source quality ranking 2018", and write the results in TXT file

to write to the file"" Defines writing data to the file function "" " forIinchrange (num): U=Ulist[i] with open ('D:/test.txt','a') as data:Print(U, file=data)if __name__=='__main__': List= [] # I previously put list=[] in the for loop of the Get_data () function, resulting in each loop emptying the list before appending the data, and finally traversing the last set of data ...URL=''HTML=get_html (URL)Get_data (HTML, list)Write_data (

SDUT-ACM OJ of Shandong University of Technology: Python Code and analysis

: WWW.RUNOOB.COMwww.runoob.comWww.runoob.comWww.Runoob.Com1249. Capitalize the initial lettertitle: html code: NUM=(int) (input ()) forIinchRange (0,num): s= input (). Split (" ") #a space split is a string converted into a list.List =[] list.append ((int) (s[0])) list.append ((int) (s[1])) list.append ((int) (s[2]) Ave= (List[0]+list[1]+list[2])/3#Calculate AverageIsLarge = 0#the number of 3 numbers greater than t

Use Python to hack a 211 University BBS forum user password

This article is just extrapolate, using Python to demonstrate a way of thinking that applies to different websites or forums. Do not use illegal acts.The following code is pro-test effective, cracked some users weak password. Of course, the success rate of the crack is related to your dictionary, the more complex the dictionary, the higher the success rate, but the longer it takes.#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-__author__ =' Rocky '# Crack 211 The user password o

Hebei University python elective course 00 times homework

Learn what Python thinks is a fun thing to do. See a lot of things about python on the Internet, see this lesson, think is just elective, others can also choose, they want to not be others fall, others will, I will not be.And think that Python is a very powerful tool, since there is such a powerful tool, will have a certain help in the future life, they will lear

Python crawler-Get University Rankings

2017-07-29 23:20:24Main technical route: requests+bs4+ formatted outputImportRequests fromBs4ImportBeautifulsoupurl=''defgethtml (URL):#Open Web page is risky, need to use TRY-EXCEPT statement for risk controlKV = {'user-agent':'mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64; rv:54.0) gecko/20100101 firefox/54.0'} Try: R= Requests.get (url,headers=kv) r.raise_for_status ()#If Open fails, a Httperror exception is thrown #encoding is a codin

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