unix get ip address of host

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Java Get native MAC address/IP address/host name __java

Because of the previous mention of the "qa-qd-61-151" host name problem, so the Java to get the host name of things to learn, and in the way of the Java get MAC address/IP address and so on methods. According to the two articles in resources, the

The 11th chapter of UNIX Network Programming learning notes, name and address translation

One, domain Name System (DNS) 1. Brief introductionDNS is primarily used for mapping between host names and IP addresses.The host name can be a simple name LJM, or it can be a fully qualified domain name ljm.localdomainbaidu.com and so on.2.

Linux Network Programming--unix local socket __arduino

Overview Today we explain a content in network programming--unix local socket.Found that a lot of people do not know or do not understand the concept of Unix local sockets, it is no wonder that the socket API is originally for the network

Understandable TCP/IP

TCP/IP is a shorthand for the "transmission Control protocol/internet Protocol", the Chinese translation is the Transmission Protocol/Internet Protocol. TCP/IP is not a protocol, but a generic term for a protocol cluster. It is the foundation of

Introduction to three common IP packet sending tools

Antpower All Rights Reserved 2003 Technical Articles Http://www.antpower.org 1st pages 14 pages Antpower-Technical article Introduction to three common IP packet sending tools Lang Guojun, an ambitious member of

"UNIX Network Programming" reading notes

UDP and TCPUDP (User Datagram Protocol, Subscriber Datagram Protocol) is a no-connection protocol that does not guarantee that the UDP datagram will reach its final destination, does not guarantee that the order of the datagrams remains unchanged

UNIX system common management commands _unix Linux

I. INTRODUCTION Unix system, as a powerful multi-user time-sharing operating system, has been applied in more and more occasions, and the requirements of UNIX system management are more and more, but the current Books on UNIX system management

Establishment of Domain Name System on UNIX System

UNIX is a very popular network operating system. Using the Domain Name Service function provided by UNIX, it establishes a Domain Name System for the Enterprise Intranet, which can effectively manage the network, it is convenient for users to

I. MySQL database usage in Unix/Linux C

I. MySQL database usage in Unix/Linux C Linux MySQL database development Joint development of MySQL and C Development Library Installation MySQL C API Programming example1. Software Package requirements 1) MySQL Server Mysql-server-3.23.54a-11 Mysql-

Understanding docker across multiple host container networks

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Before Docker 1.9 was born, there were roughly three container communication scenarios across multiple hosts, such as: 1. Port mapping The port P of host A is mapped

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