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about installing the "Advanced Programming for UNIX environment" source code under Unix/linux

Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment (third edition) is a well-known programming book for Unix systems.However, the code example in the book, in order to correctly compile the run, you need to prepare the work:1. Download the source codePortal: http://apuebook.com/code3e.html2. Extracting

UNIX environment advanced programming UNIX Network Programming 12 which of the three books should I read first? Network Programming and web programming, pythontornado source code learning

2. Read the socket chapter of the linux/unix System Programming Manual, and call it a good book that surpasses apue. These chapters cover socket, select, poll, and epoll. Understanding the principles of select and poll, the advantages of epoll for high concurrency, the horizontal triggering and edge triggering of epoll Difference, how to solve the problem of edge triggering starvation and so on. 3. Check tornado

Linux Kernel entry-how to obtain the Linux kernel source code and generate the configuration Kernel

How to obtain the Linux kernel source codeHow to obtain the Linux kernel source code To download the Linux kernel, you must go to the official website. The website provides two types of file downloads: one is the complete Linux

Linux kernel source code compilation and Linux kernel source code compilation

Linux kernel source code compilation and Linux kernel source code compilation Ubuntu14.04 system compilation 3.16.1 Kernel My system is completely new (just installed and updated 201409

UNIX NetWork Programming (UNIX Environment Programming)-Environment building (solving unp.h and other source code compilation problems)

This configuration instance pro-test success, mutual encouragement, there are questions to everyone message.Environment: VMware + unbuntu 14.04For UNIX network programming, programming the first UNIX program encountered problems, can not contain unp.h file, this feeling and apue.h almost, but here need to compile source code

Linux kernel source code learning: Zombie processes, Linux kernel source code botnets

Linux kernel source code learning: Zombie processes, Linux kernel source code botnets Orphan and botnets After a normal sub-process fork parent process, the two establish a parent-child relationship. When the child process ends,

Ubuntu command to install the kernel source code and upgrade the kernel source code

Ubuntu command to install the kernel source code and upgrade the kernel source code sudo apt-get install linux-source will automatically install the

Macro kernel and micro kernel, Linux kernel and UNIX Kernel

variants: · Linux supports dynamic loading of kernel modules. Although the Linux kernel is also a single kernel, some kernel code can be dynamically detached and loaded as needed. · Linux supports the Symmetric Multi-processing (SMP) mechanism. Although many

"Linux kernel design and implementation" and "Linux kernel source code scenario Analysis" Reading notes __linux

the kernel space is returned, and when the kernel code is once again preempted; if the task in the kernel displays a call schedule () If the task in the kernel is blocked (this also calls schedule ()); Fifth Chapter: System call 1, in Linux, system calls are the only means

"Go" Compile the Android system source code and kernel source code

Original URL: http://blog.csdn.net/jiangwei0910410003/article/details/37988637For a long time did not write blog, the reason is not written, mainly work on the matter, found that the recent brain is not enough to write something today? I have compiled the Android system source code and the kernel source of the process

Slackware official kernel source code to build your own Kernel

Abstract: Use the kernel source code and scripts officially provided by Slackware to create a kernel suitable for your own machine, learn to compile the kernel and improve our learning and work efficiency; Preface: The current machine configuration is getting higher and

Download, compile, and install the latest Android kernel source code (Linux Kernel

As mentioned in the previous article, the latest Android source code downloaded from the source code tree does not contain kernel code, that is, the android source

Linux/unix method of assigning process ID and source code implementation

;= 0; i--) { nr = Alloc_pidmap ( TMP); if (NR Note that in the Linux kernel, the process PID implementation is not just an int identifier (which, of course, returns to the application, but the PID is a numeric value of type int). The structure of the related implementation can be found in the/include/linux/pid.h. In addition to the ID. It also contains the task list associated with this ID, a reference counter, and a hashed list that can be easi

Get Android source code with the official Linux kernel source code

, for example: Full_x86-eng for computers running on X86 architecture)# MAKE-J4 (4 threads compiled)The resulting file includes the image file under: ~/source/out/target/product/generic (ramdisk.img, system.img, userdata.img)Google official source code compilation details can be learned in https://source.android.com/source

Compiling Emulat Android AVD kernel source code (Linux Kernel) on Ubuntu

Because I do not have a real machine environment, so I need to simulate in the simulator, so I want to download the source code version of the support simulator, and the goldfish version is specifically provided for the simulator environment. The Goldfish project contains the kernel sources for the emulated platforms. One, first, to git clone https://android.g

Linux Kernel complete comments and Linux kernel source code scenario analysis (previous and next)

《LinuxFull kernel AnnotationAnd 《LinuxKernel source code Scenario Analysis"(Previous and next)Simple Analysis and ComparisonAuthor: Zhao Yu Based on the general situation of the two books, the book "Situational Analysis" is written by Mao decao and others from Zhejiang University. It is entirely written by some computer professionals, therefore, the author has a

Solution to errors such as apue. h cannot be found in source code compilation of advanced programming in UNIX environment

source code is in appendix B. Therefore, one method is /Root/apue.2e/include/apue. h directly copy to/usr/include. The err_sys function is also in appendix B. The same method is to create a new one in/usr/include.My_err.h file, put Figure B .3. error functions that output to StandardThe error content is copied in. In this way, you only need to add: # include"My_err.h .. Location: http://www.linuxdiyf.com/b

Installing kernel source code in RedHat or centos, kernel headers install

Install kernel source code: Installing kernel source code in RedHat or centos, kernel headers install Both centos and rhel5 between des following packages:

Linus discussion on the relationship between kernel header files and kernel source code

Linus discusses the relationship between kernel header files and kernel source code-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. CODE: From: Linus Torva

Linux/unix method of assigning process ID and source code implementation

In the Linux/unix system, each process has a unique process ID represented by a nonnegative integer. Although it is unique, the ID of the process can be reused. When a process terminates, its process ID can be used again. Most Linux/unix systems use deferred reuse algorithms that give the new process ID a different ID than the one that was recently terminated, primarily to prevent the new process from being

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