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10 useful "Interview Questions and Answers" for Linux Shell scripts"

Linux is vast, so that people can always submit different content each time. Our "The-Tecmint-Team" job is to provide some unique content for our readers, which is not only useful for their career, but also increases their knowledge. Here, we will try to do this. As for how much success we can achieve, we will judge it by our readers and friends. We have provided many tutorials on Shell scripting language

5 Practical shell script face questions and answers _linux shell

Here are 5 interview questions to continue the previous questions and answers about Linux interviews. If you are a tecmint reader, I am very grateful for your support. 1. Write a shell script to get the current date, time, username and current working directory. Answer: The output username, current date and time, and

Unix Shell Scripting Programming Knowledge point

Scripting programming languages and compiled languages: Scripting programming Language: (Bash) The scripting language is usually interpreted (interpreted), which is read into the program code primarily by the interpreter (interpreter) and is translated into an internal form for execution. Advantages: can easily handle objects such as files and directories. D

Enterprise Shell face questions and answers

-u$user-p$passwd$i >/backup/db/"$time"/"$i"_"$time". SQL DoneEcho-E ['Date+"%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s"'] Endexit0View Code7, Interview questions: Please use a script to implement the MySQL database sub-Library sub-table backup#!/bin/Bashpath="/application/mysql/bin: $PATH"DBPATH=/server/Backupmyuser=Rootmypass=123456SOCKET=/data/3306/Mysql.sockmycmd="mysql-u$myuser-p$mypass-s $SOCKET"Mydump="mysqldump-u$myuser-p$mypass-s $SOCKET"[ ! -D"$DBPATH"] mkdir$DBPATH f

Several shell face questions and answers

normalRequirements: Shell array method Implementation, detection strategy as far as possible to simulate user access ideasHttp://www.baidu.comHttp://www.taobao.comHttp://www.51liuzw.comhttp://!/bin/bash#author:liuwei#site:www.51liuzw.comarray= (HTTP// www.baidu.comhttp://www.taobao.comhttp://www.51liuzw.comhttp:// fornin${array[ *]};d ourl= ' curl-i-m2 $n 2> /dev/null|egrep "200|302" |wc-l ' if[ "$URL" -eq1];then echo "

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