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Unix Q &

One:Answers to the following questions in this article: 1.1) who will help you make this faq?1.2) when someone mentions 'rn (1) 'or 'ctime (3)', what does the number in the ARC mean?1.3) Why are some strange unix command names?1.4) How does the

Unix wonderful quiz _unix Linux

One: This article answers to the following questions: 1.1 Who will help you to make this FAQ? 1.2 When someone mentions ' RN (1) ' or ' CTime (3) ', what does the number in the scraping mean? 1.3 What is the origin of some strange unix instruction

UNIX awk User Manual (version 2)

UNIX awk User Manual (version 2) Chi zhonglong Author's words: The UNIX awk User Manual was my work a few months ago. Looking back, this article is really rough, because I was too busy writing and uploading this work, without a good check on the

UNIX Emergency Response Security Strategy

Remember: the operations on the affected system may change the existing evidence or lead to the loss of sensitive information! {Initial response }} Objective: To obtain the loss-prone data in the system before judicial authentication and replication,

Excellent Unix administrators should have 9 qualities

How does an excellent UNIX System Administrator work? Paul Venezia from InfoWorld tries to summarize nine features of excellent UNIX system administrators. Paul is a senior editor and consultant who focuses on Perl, PHP, SQL, FreeBSD, Linux and

UNIX & Linux Convert strings to command execution

This article applies to the following topics: Unix & Linux Convert string to command UNIX & Linux Convert strings to command execution How to convert a string into a command in a Linux sh script Answer:Use the eval command in a shell

Two security questions about UNIX Networks

Two security questions about UNIX Networks In recent years, many articles have successively introduced a so-called Secure UNIX shutdown user. The main idea is to add the/etc/shutdown command or the/etc/haltsys command at the end of the/etc/passwd

Unix shell Learning Series-Tools

This is the first phase of the shell Learning Series and will be constantly updated... Specific Learning books: Unix shell programming (Third edition) This section describes some tools that are frequently used in shell programming.   1. Shell tool --


RevRev fileFor each line that is read in, the result is output in reversePastepaste [options] files takes each file in a row and joins them together with the tab (default) to compose a new line.The-D list does not use the default tab, but instead

Sed single-line Script Quick Reference Chinese version (Unix stream editor) _linux Shell

English title: Useful one-line SCRIPTS for SED (Unix stream editor)Original title: HANDY one-liners for SED (Unix stream editor) Finishing: Eric pement-e-mail: pemente[at]northpark[dot]edu version 5.5Translator: Joe-e-mail: hq00e[at]126[dot]com The

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