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Cause of z_buf_error in zlib's uncompress Function

Function prototype: Int uncompress (bytef * DEST, ulogfn * destlen, const bytef * Source, ulong sourcelen ); Function Description: uncompress Function will Source Extract the buffer content Dest Buffer zone. Sourcelen Yes Source The buffer size (in bytes ). Note that the second parameter of the Function Destlen Is an address transfer call. When calling a function, destlen Indicates Dest Buffer

Compress uncompress Function

enough, z_buf_error is returned. Int uncompress (bytef * DEST, ulogfn * destlen, const bytef * Source, ulong sourcelen ); The uncompress function extracts the content of the source buffer to the Dest buffer. Sourcelen is the size of the source buffer (in bytes ). Note that the second parameter destlen of the function is the address transfer call. When a function is called, destlen indicates the size of th

How to Use the zlib library compress and uncompress Functions

Zlib (http://zlib.net/) provides a simple and efficient in-memory data compression and decompression series of API functions, many applications will use this library, among them, compress and uncompress functions are the most basic and commonly used. However, although compress and uncompress functions are already very simple, they are still difficult to use. In fact, the final result is that some things are

Uncompress the about: blank in the IE Address Bar

Uncompress the about: blank in the IE Address Bar [Abstract] When you open a new ie window, the URL of IE is always about: blank. We know that the left side of ':' (colon) in the URL is the protocol, such as ftp: or http :. About is also a protocol. So what's the purpose? Don't underestimate it. About: blank indicates an empty window on the right. If it is other content, it indicates the webpage content. For example: The content of the new webpage is

Unix Timestamp (Unix timestamp) conversion tool

Http://tool.chinaz.com/Tools/unixtime.aspx now the Unix timestamp (Unix timestamp) is1440732364Unix Timestamp (Unix timestamp) → Beijing Time →unix timestamp (Unix timestamp) How do I get the current UNIX timestamp (

Convert UNIX timestamps in different programming languages (Unix timestamp)

Recently used Unix time to convert applications in MySQL and. Net. Keep this information in your blog.How to get the present in different programming languages Unix time Stamp (Unix timestamp) ? Java Time Javascript Math.Round (New Date (). GetTime ()/1000)GetTime () The unit of return value is milliseconds Mic

JS Gets the Unix timestamp (Unix timestamp) __js

JS gets the Unix time stamp The Unix timestamp (Unix timestamp), or Unix time (Unix times), POSIX time (POSIX times), is a time representation, defined as the total number of seconds from GMT January 01, 1970 00:00 00 seconds to the present.

Unix linux BSD-Unix MACOs

UNIX, Linux, BSD-Unix, and MACOs are all computer operating systems. The earliest Unix was developed in 1973 by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Laboratory of att, which was all written in C language.After the successful development of the original UNIX, people thought it was very useful. As a result, two major branches e

Linux small Knowledge translation-"unix" and "Unix-compatible os"

Often people ask what is the difference between "linux and UNIX? ","linux is UNIX? 」。The answer is generally "linux is a Unix-like development of Os","linux and Unix similar but not a os".There are some stories about "linux and unix".First, "

Apue unix environment programming, unix environment programming

Apue unix environment programming, unix environment programming Today, we have finally finished reading all the first 17 chapters of APUE. Basically, the main knowledge is in these chapters. After reading the "unix/linux Programming Practice tutorial", I felt very open and relaxed. At the code level, I learned many linux system mechanisms and never understood pro

Ten habits of UNIX experts-overcome bad UNIX usage patterns

Level: Intermediate By Michael Stutz From: IBM developerworks China Link: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/aix/library/au-badunixhabits.html When you often use a system, it is often in a fixed usage mode. Sometimes, you do not get into the habit of doing things in the best way possible. Sometimes, your bad habits may even lead to confusion. One of the best ways to correct such defects is to consciously adopt the good habits of resisting these bad habits. This article presents 10

UNIX environment advanced programming UNIX Network Programming 12 which of the three books should I read first? Network Programming and web programming, pythontornado source code learning

I have been engaged in pythonWeb development for a year. Now I am confused. I mainly work on curd, that is, how to obtain data, and then present it to the front-end page. The framework uses django, optimization means adding memecache. Pay attention to this when querying the database. Currently, there are a lot of tangled issues: 1: the programming of process threads, how to use it in practice 2: network programming problems, the design and implementation of high-performance servers, I can't unde

Unix tips: Become a better blogger with Unix

Introduction: Do you know that blogging works in conjunction with UNIX (R)? UNIX's built-in Web and text processing tools enable you to create blogs quickly and easily. Explore some handy tips for improving the creative skills of UNIX blogs. UNIX® has a lot in common with web blogs or blogs. In addition to being the native environment for most Web servers and th

A simple UNIX-Linux CFS annotation, unix-linuxcfs

A simple UNIX-Linux CFS annotation, unix-linuxcfsThis series is named simple UNIX, but it also includes the details of various UNIX-like systems. This series of articles are based on my study notes over the past few years, focusing on the analysis of various UNIX,

Linux ubuntu12.04 decompress the Chinese zip file, uncompress it, and fix it with garbled characters

Linux ubuntu12.04 decompress the Chinese zip file, decompress it, and garbled code to solve my computer environment: linux ubuntu12.04 has tried many methods, but the following one is OK on my computer. 1.zip file unzipping file name garbled: first

Build an advanced programming and learning environment in UNIX --- apue. h, unix --- apue. h

Build an advanced programming and learning environment in UNIX --- apue. h, unix --- apue. h This course has just learned advanced programming in UNIX, but has encountered many problems when setting up the programming environment of this book. Fortunately, there are various solutions on the Internet that allow me to finally solve the problem. I would like to than

unix/Unix-like system FTP server PROFTPD installation Configuration Guide

PROFTPD is a UNIX platform or Unix-like platform (such as Linux, FreeBSD, etc.) FTP server program, it is under the Free Software Foundation's copyright notice (GPL) under the development, release of free software, that is, anyone to comply with the GPL copyright notice, Can modify the source start code at will. The PROFTPD design goal is to implement a secure and easily configured FTP Server. At present

about installing the "Advanced Programming for UNIX environment" source code under Unix/linux

Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment (third edition) is a well-known programming book for Unix systems.However, the code example in the book, in order to correctly compile the run, you need to prepare the work:1. Download the source codePortal: http://apuebook.com/code3e.html2. Extracting source codeTar XF src.3e.tar.gz3. Install Libbsd-devel, otherwise compile the wrong returnYum Install Libbsd-de

UNIX advanced environment programming (14) file IO, unix programming 14io

UNIX advanced environment programming (14) file IO, unix programming 14io Spring is coming. In addition to work and study, everyone must exercise and exercise more. Haidao, which was shot in haidao Huaxi, yuandu ruins park last weekend. Go to the topic. O_DIRECT and O_SYNC are flags that the system calls open. Open a file with a specific file descriptor by specifying the flag parameter.These two flags hav

UNIX and UNIX-like system security check notes

Article Title: UNIX and UNIX-like system security check notes. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Here are some personal experience notes. I believe it is useful for UNIX or U

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