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In Windows 7, an error occurs in the android simulator. emulator: Error: Unknown Virtual Device name is the correct solution.

After the system is reinstalled for a long time, the android SDK that was previously installed cannot start the simulator. The following solutions are available for searching on the network: Http://www.cnblogs.com/hlt1988321/archive/2010/10/17/1853736.html Android simulator error, emulator: Error: Unknown Virtual De

After Windows 7 and Ubuntu are installed, the Ubuntu boot file is accidentally deleted and an error occurs: Unknown filesystem; grub rescue>.

, which is too slow. Therefore, I have merged drive F and drive E. I want to reinstall Windows 7, so I formatted the Ubuntu Installation File. However, when you reinstall Windows 7, the following information is displayed: Error: unknow filesystemGrub rescue>How can I solve t

Code 80072f76 unknown error in Windows Update

After the computer reinstalls the system (for normal Windows 7 users), the flagship version of Windows 7 is upgraded. no security software was installed on the computer, and Windows Update was also disabled. update a program and check for updates

43, Windows 7 installation of Oracle 11g related problem resolution

. In fact, I think in the mistakes learned far more than usual learning, encountered errors can be their own to try to solve, this is a learning ability, very can prove a person's ability to learn and troubleshooting, but also hope to learn in the future on the road to independent thinking, solve problems. Let's share with you some of the problems and solutions you encounter in the installation of Oracle 11g.First on your own Windows

Solution: Windows Live Writer installation failure in Windows 7. Error Code 0x80190194

Solution:1. Search for Windows Live Writer from the official Microsoft website. The default version is English. You need to change it to simplified Chinese. Then click Download to Download it;2. In the file storage settings that appear, click Download. The download will soon be completed. Open the installation file and find that it is only a web online installation guide program;3. After wlsetup-web is enabled, the

Emulator: Error: Unknown Virtual Device Name: 'My _ avd' Solution

current user. android/AVD folder, and create the corresponding AVD folder (my_avd.avd) and configuration file (my_avd.ini ). When you start AVD through eclipse or android SDK and AVD manager, Android SDK and AVD Manager Go to the default "My Documents" Path in Windows (C: \ Documents and Settings \ User \ MyTo find the AVD file. Very strange. I don't know what to ask ...... Therefore, if the android_sdk_home variable is not set, if you have not modif

Error code: 0x800704cf cannot access the network location (Windows 7 cannot connect to SMB)

SMB has been used well. One day after it was added, it was prompted on win7 that the error code: 0x800704cf could not access the network location, which is mostly due to the following reasons.If your Windows 7 server suddenly displays this situation one day: Your Windows

Error code 651 is displayed when Windows 7 broadband connection is solved

1, now home generally do not need to dial, buy a wireless router in the wireless router dial-up, the computer as long as wireless access to the Internet, and more convenient. Even if you connect to your computer via a LAN port, you do not need to dial the Internet. Users who need to dial are generally either desktops or not willing to buy a wireless router, and testing requires a laptop dial. 2, error code

On the blue screen of XP boot, there is a solution that prompts "0xC0000218 unknown hard error" (with Windows PE

In the blue screen of XP boot, I found a solution with the prompt "0xC0000218 unknown hard error" (using a CD with Windows PE). I also met this for the first time. My classmates called me and said that the blue screen was started on the computer, I didn't think much at the time, so I called him F8 -- the last time I correctly configured it, I told him that I coul

How to solve the c0000225 error when Windows 7 or Windows 7 Native Boot VHD is started

Reason Analysis: The 0xc0000225 error indicates that Windows 7 was unable to access the system files necessary for startup during startup. There are many possible causes for this failure, such as Windows system files being corrupted by malicious programs, failure to write new system files when

Windows Phone 7 development on the 31st day-4th: Device direction

By Jeff Blankenburg This article is"Discussion on Windows Phone 7 development on the 31st day"4th day of the series. Yesterday we discussed a dedicated hardware button for Windows Phone -- The Return key. Today we focus on another hardware feature: Device direction. Vertical and horizontal The difference betw

Windows 7 blue screen code Daquan & amp; blue screen full strategy

Windows 7, Vista, and other systems have been discussed in many articles before, but they are all common screening issues. Today, this article is a book. I hope you will not have a headache,Add the article to favorites for future query.. I. Blue Screen meaning 1. fault check information * ** STOP 0x0000001E (0xC0000005, 0xFDE38AF9, 0x0000001, 0x7E8B0EB4) KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED *** The above line explai

Windows 7 EXE/desktop icon file Opening Method Association error, icon display all error, opening method associated with non-system default opening method repair solution

Windows 7 EXE/desktop icon file Opening Method Association error, icon display all error, opening method associated with non-system default opening method repair solution 1. Fix the registry and restore the default open mode of the program file. Create a text file on the desktop, copy the following

(Keyboard) Code 19: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the Registry) is incomplete or damaged. Solution

I deleted VMware directly without uninstalling it. After removing some residual services from VMware and restarting the system, the keyboard cannot be used. After you press the keyboard, the mouse does not move, causing the system to be suspended. If you do not move the keyboard, you can still use the mouse, turn off the system, re-plug in the keyboard, the boot failure is still, hot swapping does not help, the system is starting until the system enters the system, there is no hardware

How to Fix ' Failed to play Test tone ' error on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Turn from:https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-failed-to-play-test-tone-error-on-windows-7-8-and-10/https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/solved-failed-to-play-test-tone/I just restart the Windows Audit service.Recommended:click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system perfor

Workaround for a device driver (Code 39) that fails to load this hardware in a Windows system

Recently somehow, the CD-ROM drive and the virtual optical drive letter are missing, see the system found hardware front there is a yellow exclamation point, can not be used, search on the internet, found that a lot of people appear the same problem, just solve the wrong way, looking for two days, finally found a solution: Fixed "optical drive icon missing" record The computer did not use a few days, suddenly found that the CD-ROM icon is missing, the system prompts:

Solution to NSIs error in Windows 7 installation program

I just launched an x200 product yesterday. After the backup, I couldn't wait to change the portal and install the Windows 7 build 7000 test version. Today, I want to install Kaspersky on it, but there was a problem during the installation. The pop-up box "NSIs error" was displayed, and Google immediately found the result, which was a little scary, therefore, anal

When IIS is installed in Windows 7, the following error occurs: not all functions have been changed successfully"

This article comes from: http://www.biye5u.com/article/netsite/Others/2011/4833.html Last Saturday, I bought a new Dell laptop with a Windows 7 Home Basic system. I tried to install IIS in the system. The first time I was prompted that the installation was successful, but I could not find the console. I searched the internet for a long time, I didn't find a solution. Later I thought

SysFader: iexplore.exe application error solution on Windows 7 webpage

SysFader: iexplore.exe application error solution on Windows 7 webpageIf you are using Windows 7, the system prompts the SysFader: iexplore.exe application error Prompt window when you open the browser to browse the Web page. The

Solution to Adobe Flash cs5 installation error (exit code: 7 error: Unable to get root from inchildpath)

It may be because the green Chinese cracked version of Flash cs5 has been installed. Although it is uninstalled, other information may remain in the registry. As a result, the English version of Adobe Flash cs5 is always displayed "InstallProgramIt is detected that the computer may be restarted due to suspension .... And so on, After clicking ignore, the system prompts you to install Adobe Flash cs5 in the C: \ Program Files \ Adobe directory when selecting the installation directory, in additi

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