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Tools for editing PDF files under Linux (PDF Editor under Linux) (reproduced)

Transferred from: http://www.gtwang.org/2011/05/linux-pdf.htmlPDF file is a cross-platform file format, but adobe only provides free Adobe Reader to see PDF files without problems, but often we need to do some simple editing of PDF files, just rely on Adobe Reader does not have the process, such as the removal of the PDF

PDF editing Tools Foxit PDF Editor 1.5 Build 2911 Download _ Common Tools

PDF Editing Tool Foxit PDF Editor 1.5 build 2911 Foxit PDF Editor is a PDF editing tool that allows you to edit and modify the content of the page in a PDF document. Unlike other so-ca

PDF editing tool Foxit PDF editor 1.5 build 2911 download

PDF editing tool Foxit PDF editor 1.5 build 2911 Foxit PDF editor is a PDF editing tool that allows you to edit and modify the page content of a PDF document. Unlike other so-called

PDF editing tool-PDF desktop converter 4 Professional

A tool used to manage and operate PDF files. PDF desktop converter 4 Professional can generate, convert, extract, combine, split and merge PDF. The new OCR function can convert scanned files into PDF files that can be searched and edited. All of the above functions can be implemented with only one software. Software f

Fedora (Linux Platform) Open source PDF file Editing Tool--pdf MoD

Fedora ( Linux platform) Open-source PDF file editing Tools-- PDF MoD650) this.width=650; " src="Http://timg01.bdimg.com/timg?pacompressimgtype =1sec=1439619614autorotate=1di=6aa2aa331c4b725018bb05f8a572affbquality=90size=b870_ 10000src=http%3a%2f%2fbos.nj.bpc.baidu.com%2fv1%2fmediaspot%2f9ab2f0cbb0df302473d3c93f89cfb8aa.jpeg " alt=" timg?pacompressimgtype=1sec=1

Foxit PDF editor 1.4.1325 (the first real PDF file editing software)

:Http://www.crsky.com/soft/4489.htmlHttp://www.hanzify.org/index.php? Go = show: List id = 10035Foxit PDF editor is the first real PDF file editing software. Many peopleYou want to find an editor for editing other types of documents. In factBefore Foxit PDF editor appeared,

can PDF files be modified? PDF editing Tutorial

Agile PDF Editor of the editing function is very much, here only to show you a few features, if you have this demand, you can download the software to edit. As long as everyone has the Agile PDF Editor, how to open the PDF file later and how to edit the PDF file is no longer

Overview of online pdf reading and editing websites

provides a separate URL address and a piece of HTML code for embedding an external webpage to your uploaded PDF e-book, allowing you to easily share files with others. 3. Use the conversion function provided by the search engine. For example, Baidu, Google, and other search engines can be used to search for PDF files, which can be converted to HTML-format webpages for online reading. Online

editing software in PDF format

PDF is now one of the most popular text formats, and we can already find it everywhere. For many of us, there is a need to edit PDFs. Because of the nature of the PDF document, we cannot edit it directly, so we would like to edit the PDF or other methods. Now there are a lot of pdf

How to convert PDF to Word document editing

Based on the various features of the PDF file, many resources are now shared on the Web platform in PDF or publish, but the user's different needs make it feel bad for such a file. PDF files provide high-quality reading for users who simply download the file, and the security of the PDF file is not comparable to the Of

How to resolve the conversion and editing of PDF files

Most of my friends know that Word files can be made into PDFs, but the subsequent changes to the PDF do not work, although there are some ways to modify the PDF file, but the operation still feel some trouble. Some workers may also need to convert PDF files into editable files, such as word, TXT, and so on, many times the manual copy of the contents of the

Some simple editing methods for PDF documents

In addition to Word, the most commonly used Office documents now use PDF documents, and we can see the PDF document from each platform. But people who have contacted PDFs know that PDF documents cannot be edited directly. We need dedicated PDF editing software to do this, an

What's the use of PDF editing software?

PDF editing software allows you to add text, delete content, add a picture, or make other edits anywhere in a PDF file, as if using an artboard. If you have a PDF document that needs to be modified, signed, or tagged, the PDF editor is your best choice. Add text-anyw

Xournal, PDF annotation editing software in Linux

Xournal, PDF annotation editing software in Linux Once a PDF file is generated, it is more difficult to edit it. However, some software has implemented this function to some extent. The most common modification to PDF love papers is to add comments to them. In Linux, Xournal and Okular can both implement this function

Editing and modifying the contents of a PDF document

Speaking of PDF documents, we all know that this kind of document is very special and can't use the content directly. Therefore, many people also feel that it is impossible to edit a PDF document. In fact, according to the current level of technological development, we have broken the technical barriers. With just one software, you can handle it. That's the speed of the

How to convert PDF to Word document editing

Many Office documents are edited in Word, and now many occasions need to use the PDF file, so when sending the file will be sent in PDF format, if you receive this format file needs to edit the contents of the document or need to apply to some of the content information, Direct editing is still a bit cumbersome, but it's much easier to convert a

Experience with Word and PDF for copy-book editing

sizes for PDF printerThe size of the general small book is the paper size in the Word document is32 open (13x18.4 cm) Width 13 cm, height 18.4 cmThen, when you edit the Word document, set the paper size to 32 in the page setup.The corresponding margins should be adjusted well, and the original paper books, such asUpper: 1.5 cm, bottom 1.5 cmLeft: 1.3 cm, right 1.3 cmBinding line: 0 cmPDF Printer Properties There is no 32 open paper type, to add the s

Word 2013 native support PDF document editing

Although Microsoft has a lot of criticism about PDFs and even considers it a document's tomb, office 2013 has not given up on the compatibility of PDF documents, even stronger than its previous version. Office 2010 can save a document as a PDF, but it's a one-way operation and you can't open a PDF document directly in office, but you can do it in office 2013! In

PDF Editing: adobedomainbatxiprov11.0.3 Chinese cracked Version Download

Adobe Acrobat is a PDF editing and viewing Software owned by Adobe and the most powerful software in this field. Adobedomainbatxiprov11.0.3 is the latest version of the software. This version fixes some security issues and bugs, improves the overall stability, and makes some functional enhancements. Ainsoft customer provides adobedomainbatxiprov11.0.3 Adobe Acrobat is a

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