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How to Untar a TAR file using Apache Commons


Automating the deployment of LNMP scripts

Reproduced original address: http://manual.blog.51cto.com/3300438/1722282Recently took time to write a copy of the LNMP deployment script, the use of the source code to install the required software, the source software package is easy to access the

Example of how to implement tar file compression and decompression in python,

Example of how to implement tar file compression and decompression in python, Examples of downloading and downloading tar files using python Compressed file: Import tarfile import OS def tar (fname): t = tarfile. open (fname + ".tar.gz", "w: gz")

Java about the processing of compressed packets, I posted here three-format (Zip,rar,tar) decompression method (currently only used to extract, so compression too much research).

1, first of all, we first say why there are three formats:(1) RAR format: RAR format is the first compression method, it is mainly used for the compression of some files of commercial organizations, it can be based on the requirements of different

How do I get thrift0.9.2 to compile on MacOS?

For the future of cross-language communication pre-research, chose the thrift to try. Results in the Mac OS installed on the difficulties encountered, do not know whether I choose a method error or what, anyway, it is finally compiled.First, we

Usage of GCC gdb

usage of gcc gdb Introduces the basic usage of GCC and GDBObjective Linux distributions contain a lot of software development tools. Many of them are used in C and C + + application development. This article describes the tools that can be used

PHP Learning Toolkit-Chapter III

Php Chu Getting Started This chapter highlights Decide whether to outsource or build your own Find the right ISP Avoid common host traps Install PHP Choose PHP Development Tools   In this chapter, we will discuss the pros and cons of

Python tar.gz format compression, decompression

CompressionCodeImportTarfileImportOSdeftar (fname): t= Tarfile.open (fname +". tar.gz","W:gz") forRoot, dir, filesinchOs.walk (fname):Printroot, dir, files forFileinchFiles:fullpath=os.path.join (root, file) T.add (FullPath) t.close ()if __name__

Linux compression (decompression) command details

  Note: This article is based on the Internet, but has been modified by the author.1. tar command Tar can create files and directories. Using tar, you can create a file (backup file) for a specific file, change the file in the file, or add a new

Setting up Nutch 2.1 with MySQL to handle UTF-8

Original address: http://nlp.solutions.asia/?p=180These instructions assume Ubuntu 12.04 and Java 6 or 7 installed and java_home configured.Install MySQL Server and MySQL Client using the Ubuntu Software Center or at the sudo apt-get install

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