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Java generates zip compressed files, unzip files

"); //get a ZipFile instanceZipFile ZipFile =Newzipfile (file); //Create a Zipinputstream instanceZipinputstream ZiS =NewZipinputstream (Newfileinputstream (file)); //Create a ZipEntry instance, lay the every file from//Decompress file temporarilyZipEntry entry =NULL; //a circle to get every file while((Entry = Zis.getnextentry ())! =NULL) {System.out.println ("Decompress file:" +entry.getname ()); //define the path to set the fileFile OutFile =NewFile ("c:\\zip\\" +entry.getname ()); //

Java compressed files and unzip files

Compressed Stream class:Gzipoutputstream and Zipoutputstream can compress data into gzip format and zip format respectivelyGzipinputstream and Zipinputstream can be compressed into gzip format or zip data extracted to restore the originalGzip is multiple files compressed into one file, Zip is a single file compression;

Recursively unzip all compressed files in the current directory and sub-directories and delete the source files

@echo off setlocal enabledelayedexpansion echo the current batch path is: echo "%~dp0" cd/d "%~dp0" for/f " USEBACKQ delims= "%%i in (' dir/a-d/b/S *.rar ') do ( echo"%%i " set rar_path=%%~dpi echo"!rar_path! " REM changes to the directory where the RAR is located, and then removes the hidden and read-only properties of all RAR files in that directory. Otherwise winrar cannot be processed. cd/d "!rar_path!" Attrib-h-R "!rar_path!"

PHP Compressed Unzip files

ziparchive ();if ($zip->open ($zipName, ziparchive::create| Ziparchive::overwrite)) {foreach ($files as $file) {if (Is_file ($file)) {$zip->addfile ($file);}}$zip->close ();return true;}else{return false;}}Var_dump (Zip_files (' Test1.zip ', ' 22.txt '));Var_dump (Zip_files (' Test2.zip ', ' doupload.php ', ' download.html ', ' upload.html '));/*** Unzip* @method Unzip_file* @param string $zipName Zip pack

Linux Unzip compressed files

From: http://blog.csdn.net/mmllkkjj/article/details/6768294/ExtractTAR–XVF File.tar//Unpacking the TAR PackageTAR-XZVF file.tar.gz//Decompression tar.gzTAR-XJVF file.tar.bz2//Decompression tar.bz2TAR–XZVF file.tar.z//Unzip tar. ZUnrar e file.rar//decompression rarUnzip File.zip//Unzip zipSummarize1, *.tar with TAR–XVF decompression2, *.gz with gzip-d or gunzip decompression3, *.tar.gz and *.tgz with TAR–XZF

Upload compressed files and unzip the problem

I am a novice, originally is to learn Java, but just a into the company to make PHP Web page, do not understand Ah, this two days manager let me do an upload compressed file button, can upload, but in the target file but not receive my uploaded files, I copy the code over, I hope the road heroes can give guidance, grateful. /* Uploadify Copyright (c) reactive APPS, Ronnie G

Linux Unzip compressed files

/---------------------------------------------. rpmUnpacking: Rpm2cpio filename.rpm | Cpio-div---------------------------------------------. Tar. tgz. tar.gz. Tar. Z. tar.bz tar.bz2. zip. cpio. rpm. Deb. SLP. Arj. rar. Ace. Lha. Lzh. lzx. Lzs. Arc. SDA. SFX. Lnx. Zoo. cab. kar. cpt. Pit. Sit. SeaDecompression: sEx x filename.*Compression: SEx a filename.* FileNameSex just call the relevant program, itself and no compression, decompression function, please note!Sex please to: http://sourceforge.n

Pack compressed war, Unzip war package and Jar command under Linux

faster-M does not produce a manifest for all items (the Manifest) file, this parameter ignores the-m parameter[jar-file] is a jar package that needs to be generated, viewed, updated, or unpacked, which is a subordinate parameter to the-f parameter[manifest-file] is the manifest manifest file, which is a dependent parameter of the-m parameterThe [-C directory] represents the action that goes to the specified directory to execute the jar command. It is equivalent to using the CD command to go to

[Linux] Unzip the tar.gz file, unzip some files

Encountered the database can not find the cause of the problem, can only find the log, find the log when the old log is compressed, only to try to extract the A large amount of data, only in production decompression, and then to find The file name is *.tar.gz, and your blog has previously documented the decompression method: Http://www.cnblogs.com/garinzhang/archive/2013/04/23/3037147.html Use TAR–ZXVF *.tar.gz can not decompress, obviously good tar.

Unzip the rar compressed package in Linux

Unzip the rar compressed package in Linux First download winrar for Linux: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm at this URL Extract the rar folder and enter the rar folder in the terminal, Run the make command, Then you can decompress the package. Rar e aa.rar decompress the aa.rar compressed file to the current directory, which contains no directories. Ra

CentOS install MySQL (Download the compressed package to unzip its own installation)

Installation of MySQL: 1. Add User Group#> Groupadd MySQL2, add Users#> useradd-r-G MySQL MySQL3, switch to the installation directory (take/usr/local as an example)#> cd/usr/local4, Decompression (Mysql-5.5.22-linux2.6-i686.tar.gz has been copied to/usr/local)#> Tar zxvf mysql-5.5.22-linux2.6-i686.tar.gz5, rename the directory name#> MV mysql-5.5.22-linux2.6-i686 MySQL6, delete the compressed package (operable)#> RM mysql-5.5.22-linux2.6-i686.tar.gz

Zip compressed file Unzip view contents in Zip archive package

[Email protected] tmp]# zip-r new.zip./*ADDING:GITLAB_KEY_FILE20161001-2668-1EU44MV (deflated 15%)adding:rackmultipart20161001-8364-1ldbh6x (stored 0%)Adding:yum.log (stored 0%)ADDING:YUM_SAVE_TX-2016-10-01-03-280MA56P.YUMTX (deflated 35%)[[email protected] tmp]# lsGITLAB_KEY_FILE20161001-2668-1EU44MV new.zip rackmultipart20161001-8364-1ldbh6x Yum.log yum_save_ Tx-2016-10-01-03-280ma56p.yumtx[Email protected] tmp]# unzip-v new.zipArchive:new.zipLength

How to compress files, how to encrypt compressed files, and how to encrypt compressed files

How to compress files, how to encrypt compressed files, and how to encrypt compressed files We often encounter File compression and file encryption in our daily lives and work. Sometimes, they simply don't want others to see it; sometimes, they provide downloads but cannot

[]gunzip and unzip unzip files to the specified directory

Linux commonly used compression commands are gzip and zip, the end of the two compression packages are different: Zip compressed after the file is *.zip, and gzip compressed files *.gz The corresponding decompression commands are gunzip and unzip. gzip Command: # gzip Test.txt It will compress the file into a file te

Linux commands (16) Compress or unzip files and directories zip unzip

Directory1. Introduction to Commands2. Common parameter Introduction3. Example4. Direct access to the bottomIntroduction to CommandsZip is a widely used compression program under the Linux system, and the file is compressed with a ". zip" extension. The zip command is used to compress the file into a common zip format, and the unzip command is used to extract the zip file.Back to CatalogCommon parameters In

"Linux" "two" Linux compressed files (TXT), view the contents of compressed files, extract files,

compressing files and extracting files by Xshellgzip Tools.txt Compress "tools.txt" files      Zcat tools.txt.gz View Compressed file "tools.txt.gz" contentgunzip tools.txt.gz Unzip the file "Tools.txt.gz"     Cat Tools.txt View File "tools.txt" contentDecompression stat

Python zlib Compressed Unzip folder

Import Os,os.pathimport ZipFile def zip_dir (dirname,zipfilename): FileList = [] if Os.path.isfile (dirname): F Ilelist.append (dirname) else:for root, dirs, files in Os.walk (dirname): For name in Files: Filelist.append (Os.path.join (root, name)) ZF = ZipFile. ZipFile (Zipfilename, "w", Zipfile.zlib.DEFLATED) for tar in filelist:arcname = Tar[len (dirname):] #print Arcname zf.write (Tar,ar

Linux Learning---(compression and decompression of files command zip unzip tar, shutdown and restart commands shutdown reboot ... )

1. Compress and Decompress commandsCommon compression formats:. zip,. gz,. bz2,. tar.gz,. tar.bz2,. rar. zip format compression and decompression commandsZip compressed file name source files: Compressed filesZip-r compressed file name Source directory: Compressed directoryU

Use php to write all files in a compressed folder to a specified compressed file.

Using php to write all the files in a compressed folder to a specified compressed file, I now write a program that adds a magazine, that is, each magazine needs to be in a folder, compress the file after adding the file. I want to use a php program to compress files. Thanks, PclZip official address: http://www.phpcon w

C # compress or unzip (RAR and zip files)

}-o+ {1} {2}-R", PassWord, Rarpathname, Filespath); Else if(!string. IsNullOrEmpty (PassWord) !iscover)//compress encrypted files without overwriting existing compressed files (-p password-o-not overwritten)cmd =string. Format ("a-ep1-p{0}-o-{1} {2}-R", PassWord, Rarpathname, Filespath); Else if(string. IsNullOrEmpty (PassWord) iscover)//Compress and overwrite ex

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