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Compression zip under Linux, extract unzip command details and examples

Compression zip under Linux, unzip unzip commandI personally test the summary:Linux installation Unzip zipInstall command: Yum install-y unzip zip# Unzip Yasuo.zipMethod One:Install command: Yum install-y unzip zip1. I want to compress a file

Compression zip under Linux, extract unzip command details and examples

Example: compressing the contents of the current directory on the server as a xxx.zip fileZip-r xxx.zip./*Unzip the zip file to the current directoryUnzip Filename.zip============================Another: Some servers do not install the ZIP package

[Linux] Unzip the tar.gz file, unzip some files

Encountered the database can not find the cause of the problem, can only find the log, find the log when the old log is compressed, only to try to extract the A large amount of data, only in production decompression, and then to find The file name

Linux tar (package. Compress. Unzip) Command Description | How does tar extract files to the specified directory?

Packaging Example: package files in the /usr/local/src/zlib-1.2.5 directory into zlib-1.2.5.tar.gzCD/USR/LOCAL/SRCTAR-CZVF./zlib-1.2.5.tar.gz/zlib-1.2.5/*# compressed into the development directory (for example:/root/2/) tar-czvf/root/2/

Command Line2 zip and unzip, line2unzip

Command Line2 zip and unzip, line2unzipCommand Line-ZIP 1. know zip You can use man zip to obtain the man page of the zip command. The zip command can be used to compress the package file. The compressed file ends with. zip. man zip 2. Zip

"Linux" Linux in Zip and unzip

One, zip compression1, Application examples(1) package all the files under the current folder into one Xxx.zip file    Zipxxx.zip *(2) package all. doc files in the current folder into a single xxx.zip fileZipxxx.zip *.doc(3) Compress a file xxx.txt

Tar, zip, unzip packaging and compression

This article comes from "Stones" blog, http://pengyl.blog.51cto.com/5591604/1191197 Packaging, a combination of many files and directories is saved as a whole package file for easy delivery or portability. The compression operation can further

Python upgrades the green software, including single file upgrade and multi-file upgrade,

Python upgrades the green software, including single file upgrade and multi-file upgrade, 1. Three directories are required for green software upgrade:1) mainVersionDir, directory of the main version FileStores complete compressed packages.2)

Linux under compression, unzip command

For those who have just come into contact with Linux, it will definitely give Linux a bunch of different filenames to stun. Don't say it. For example, for compressed files, we know that there are only two types of compressed files that are most

Python enables green software upgrades, including single-file upgrades and multi-file upgrades

# coding:utf-8import sys, OS, timeimport zipfileimport shutildef print_usage (): print "' Usage:python Software_upgrad e.py Subzipfullpath, Targetzipfullpath, mainversionzippath[, relativepath]\n for Example:linux platform: Python

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