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Pack compressed war, Unzip war package and Jar command under Linux

Scenario: Package files under the Project_a folder into Project.war  1. PackagingJAR-XVF project.war/project_aDescription-C Create War package-V Show Process information-f Specifies the JAR file name, usually this parameter is required-M does not produce a manifest for all items (the Manifest) file, this parameter ignores the-m parameter-0 This is the Arabic numeral, only packing does not compress the meaning2. UnzipJAR-XVF Project.warNote:

AIX 7.1 jar Unzip decompression error problem resolution

Just started using JAR-XVF to decompress also error, suspect jar decompression command there is a problem. Then install the zip-related package to extract or error.Jar Decompression ErrorJAR-XVF Aix.ppc64_11gR2_database_1of2.zipInflated:database/stage/components/oracle.sysman.console.db/ end of ZLIB input streamAt Java.util.zip.InflaterInpu

Description of the unzip command in Linux gzip and unzip

Linux commonly used compression commands have gzip and zip, two kinds of compression package end different: Zip Compressed after the file is *.zip, and gzip compressed file *.gz; The corresponding decompression command is gunzip and unzipgzip Command:# gzip Test.txtIt will compress the file into a file test.txt.gz, the original file is not, unzip the same# Gunzip Test.txt.gzIt will unzip the file into a fil

[]gunzip and unzip unzip files to the specified directory

Linux commonly used compression commands are gzip and zip, the end of the two compression packages are different: Zip compressed after the file is *.zip, and gzip compressed files *.gz The corresponding decompression commands are gunzip and unzip. gzip Command: # gzip Test.txt It will compress the file into a file test.txt.gz, the original file is not, the decompression is the same # Gunzip Test.txt.gz It will

Linux commands (16) Compress or unzip files and directories zip unzip

Directory1. Introduction to Commands2. Common parameter Introduction3. Example4. Direct access to the bottomIntroduction to CommandsZip is a widely used compression program under the Linux system, and the file is compressed with a ". zip" extension. The zip command is used to compress the file into a common zip format, and the unzip command is used to extract the zip file.Back to CatalogCommon parameters IntroductionThe common parameters of the zip co

[Linux] Unzip the tar.gz file, unzip some files

Encountered the database can not find the cause of the problem, can only find the log, find the log when the old log is compressed, only to try to extract the A large amount of data, only in production decompression, and then to find The file name is *.tar.gz, and your blog has previously documented the decompression method: Http://www.cnblogs.com/garinzhang/archive/2013/04/23/3037147.html Use TAR–ZXVF *.tar.gz can not decompress, obviously good tar.gz file can this decompression, why not

Unzip, how does the Linux system unzip the zip file?

The unzip is usually available when using Linux, but it may not be available in the system after a minimal installation.Yum List unzip see if the installationIf not installed, continue yum install unzipAfter installation, you can use the zip and unzip commands to compress and decompress the zip file!Syntax: Unzip [-cfl

Linux unzip command details how to use Linux unzip command

Linux unzip command for extracting Zip files Unzip is the decompression program for the. zip compressed file. Grammar Unzip [-cflptuvz][-agcjlmnoqsvx][-p Parameters: -C Displays the uncompressed results to the screen and converts the characters appropriately. -F to update existing files. -L Displays the files contained within the compressed file

Project jar package management, using. userlibraries files to increase the portability of jar packages, clear jar dependencies, multi-project common jar packages

When an ordinary project is not applicable to the jar package management tools such as MAVEN, usually I copy the jar package directly under the LIB, and add the additional jar package directly in the build path, or use the jar package of the User_libraries packageIn a folder, and then make the project dependent on the

Detailed description of executable jar packages and jar commands

running result is the same as 7). Detailed information about the decompression process is displayed, for example: Create: META-INF/ Expand: META-INF/manifest. MF Create: Test/ Expand: Test/test. Class 9) jar UF test. Jar manifest. MF In test. the file manifest is added to jar. mf. Use jar TF to view test.

Example 3 jar package connection sqlserver2000-msbase. jar; MSSQLServer. jar; msutil. Jar

Example 3 jar package connection sqlserver2000-msbase. jar; MSSQLServer. jar; msutil. Jar 1. Ensure that the environment is OK. 1. Install JDK. 2. Download The JDBC driver. Here msbase. jar; MSSQLServer. jar; download msutil.

[Go]-jar file package and jar command in detail (MANIFEST. Use of MF)

-inf| '--MANIFEST'--Test'--test.classJar XVF Test.jarThe result of the operation is the same as 7, with detailed information displayed for the decompression process, such as:Created: meta-inf/Expand: Meta-inf/manifest. MfCreated: test/Expand: Test/test.class9) jar UF Test.jar MANIFEST.MFAdded the file manifest.mf in Test.jar, this use jar TF to see Test.jar can find Test.jar more than the original one manif

OJDBC version differences [difference between Ojdbc14.jar,ojdbc5.jar and Ojdbc6.jar]

, DATE, Intervalds, number, STRUCT, Time,timestamp,timestamp, and so on.---------------------------------------------------Overall, the new version of JDBC driver performance is strong, many bugs have been found and resolved.I met, before using Ojdbc14.jar (do not remember which version of the) BULK insert 100,000, actually only inserted more than 30,000, the other lost, change Ojdbc6.jar, a commit batch in

Turn: Linux under jar command with JAR package

jar filesWhen the content in a jar package is good, you can generate an index file for it, which looks like a hassle.$ jar I Hello.jarAfter executing this command, it generates an index file named Index.list under the Meta-inf folder of the Hello.jar package.It generates a list with the jar package name at the top.(11

Two ways to explain Jar pack (DOS Pack jar Eclipse package jar file) _java

1. Packaging jar files under DOS Copy Code code as follows: D:\jdk1.5.0_07\bin> Jar/help Usage:jar {ctxu}[vfm0mi] [jar-file] [manifest-file] [-c directory] filename ... Options: -c Create a new archive -t List of archived content -x expand a named (or all) file in the archive -u Update an existing archive -v Generate verbose output to

"Go" learning jar command Creating and decompression jar packages

Java programming every day with a lot of jar files, project development in the continuous guidance package, in the busy day of work, put down those complex business implementation, not only want to ask these jar package how to build, the jar package has what unique place and so on.Originally these commonly seen jar pac

When setting JDK environment variables, what are Rt. jar, DT. jar, and tool. jar in Lib, and what are their functions?

After searching for a long time on the Internet, it is a bit confusing. This is the DT in the JDK configuration classpath. jar and tools. what are the two jar files? Some people say this DT. jar is about swing. Open this package and you can see the classes related to swing. If swing is used, configure the classpath, but RT. what about swing in

Hadoop jar **.jar and Java-classpath **.jar run MapReduce

The command to run the MapReduce jar package is the Hadoop jar **.jar The command to run the jar package for the normal main function is Java-classpath **.jar Because I have not known the difference between the two commands, so I stubbornly use Java-classpath **.

MAVEN Learning Maven package generates an ordinary jar, can run a jar package, contains all dependent jar packages

http://blog.csdn.net/u013177446/article/details/54134394******************************************************The Maven build tool can be used to package the project to generate a generic jar package, a runnable jar package, or to package all dependencies together to generate a jar;One, ordinary jar packageThe ordinary

MAVEN relies on jar package updates, business jar is updated synchronously (business Jar dependency API)

Background:Environment problems, positioning as dependent jar missing, modify the project Pom file to supplement the dependent jar.Update Key Description:Dependency jar, Update commitBusiness jar, also need to update the commit: Maven build will reference the dependent jar, update the environment if the dependent

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