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Ajax in CHROME,IE8,IE9 Synchronous (Sync) mode causes DOM Update latency solution

When a sync-mode Ajax load results in a DOM operation being suspended, the browser with this problem has chrome,ie8,9, etc. (Unknown test), Example: The code is as follows Copy Code Dialog = New dialog ({}). open ();Sync mode of Ajax$.ajax ({URL: "Some/url",Async:false,//Load data with Sync callOther params}); In the above code, dialog is a dialog object, normally it should be a pop-up dialog, and then execute Ajax, but this place Ajax uses the Sync method

Ie9 full strategy !! Amazing debut, showing the beauty of the network!

Ie9 is an amazing debut, showing the beauty of the network! First, go to the official Microsoft website.Download ie9 Beta: Http://windows.microsoft.com/zh-CN/internet-explorer/products/ie-9/home? OS = win7 arch = A browser = IE First, declare: Ie9 can only run on Windows Vista and 7, but does not support XP and older versions.

The related JS implementation method of jquery attribute

--;) {Skip comment nodes on IE8if (El.children[i].nodetype!= 8)Children.unshift (El.children[i]);}Google Browser, Firefox browser, ie9+El.childrenClone Jquery$ (EL). Clone (); Google Browser, Firefox browser, ie8+El.clonenode (TRUE);Contains Jquery$.contains (el, child); Google Browser, Firefox browser, ie8+El!== Child el.contains (child);Contains Selector

Topsy IE9 The most complete IE9 troubleshooting totals in history

IE9 Chinese official version of the release has been for several days, as a newborn, most users have not been able to grasp the IE9 operation and use of skills. However, we are here for you to collect a batch of classic IE9 troubleshooting and application tips, I hope to help you to play the early IE9. Can the officia

Safe CSS Hacks

three most popular CSS hacks and which browsers they ' re supposed to target:.foo { color: black; color: green\9; /* IE8 and older, but there’s more… */ *color: blue; /* IE7 and older */ _color: red; /* IE6 and older */}Note the use of the \9 CSS hack. Web developers noticed it could is used to easily target IE8 and older versions, so that's what they did. But then there is

Ie8.ie9 and ie10 in win7

option for ie9 in the "installed updates" list. After ie10 is installed on this basis, the "installed updates" list will not show the ie9 uninstall option, but only the ie10 uninstall option. However, although the uninstall option of ie9 is no longer visible, it still exists. If we choose to uninstallIe10 and Windows 7 will be rolled back to

Answer the nine big questions of Microsoft IE9 Browser

1. What are the new functions in IE9? Microsoft claims that IE8,IE9 's speed performance and Web standards support have been greatly improved, with the biggest advantage being enhanced HTML5 support. The test shows that thanks to the new JavaScript engine "Chakra", IE9 's performance has been greatly improved to becom

IE6-IE11 compatibility Issues List and solution summary

Compared to the IE6-IE9 version, the main additions IE10 and IE11 new changes.Here are the catalogue and download links:DirectoryOverview 2First chapter: HTML 3Section First: IE7-IE8 update 31. If the P element that is missing the end tag is followed by a TABLE, FORM, NOFRAMES, or NOSCRIPT element, the closing tag is automatically added. 32. A valid, well-f

IE6-IE11 compatibility Issues List and solutions

IE6-IE11 compatibility Issues List and solution summaryCompared to the IE6-IE9 version, the main additions IE10 and IE11 new changes.Here are the catalogue and download links:DirectoryOverview 2First chapter: HTML 3Section First: IE7-IE8 update 31. If the P element that is missing the end tag is followed by a TABLE, FORM, NOFRAMES, or NOSCRIPT element, the clo

Get the real version of IE

IE Browser mode and text mode (ii) published on 2013-09-07Author:jerry QuArticle Directory Determine the true version of IE JScript engine Version number Does text mode have no effect on JScript? Summarize Before 1.5 I wrote a "puzzle about browser mode and text mode", which introduced ie8+ 's unique browser mode (Browser mode) and text mode, as well as the discrepancies between my test and Microsoft documentation. There are

Summary of IE6-IE9 compatibility problem list and Solution

Summary of IE6-IE9 compatibility problem list and Solution Please help me to see if there are any other items not included. Let's brainstorm and add, thank you! IE6-IE9 compatibility problem list and Solution The directory is as follows: Overview Chapter 1: HTML. 3 Section 1: IE7-IE8

Summary of Microsoft IE9's nine questions and answers

According to foreign media reports, on MIX 2010, Microsoft released the Developer Preview version of the new-generation browser IE9 as expected. What is the difference between IE9? Is it enough to combat the challenges of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Apple Safari? Next, let's take a look:#1And what new functions does IE9 have?Microsoft claims that,

Uninstall method of IE9

We all know IE9 browser has been released for a long time, but the use of IE9 browser is still not many friends, and many installed IE9 after the users have unloaded the IE9, the main reason is that the use of a bit inappropriate, easy to cause browser crashes and other problems often occur. Although the

Easy solution to the IE9 version of the five hot issues

First, install the prompt update program installation failed, can not continue to do? Internet Explorer 9 Beta installation prerequisites are automatically installed during the Internet Explorer 9 Beta installation. However, if the prerequisite installation process fails, the Internet Explorer 9 Beta installation process will fail. In this case, you must manually install the prerequisites. However, the IE9

I'll teach you to play around IE9 want to act like you want to quit

IE9 has been released for more than a year, sometimes search to see a lot of people say this is not good, in fact, many problems are third-party plug-ins caused by the IE9 itself is a pretty good browser. Take a look at some of the solutions to the common problems below and hope it helps. IE9 not all systems can be fitted I

Doctype declaration, browser standard, weird Mode

: after X-UA-compatible (meta or HTTP header) is set, the Compatibility View settings of the client are overwritten. The mode set by X-UA-compatible is forced (preferentially ).There is no X-UA-compatible, ie = IE8, ie = IE7, ie = A, and as mentioned in note 5 above: First Judge "Compatibility View ", there are "Compatibility View" Settings (doctype-IE7 standard, no doctype-IE5 weird mode); no "Compatibility View", there is doctype-Follow doctype, no

Front-end question finishing (CSS)

1, introduce the knowledge of CSS hack skills (such as: _, *, +, \9,!important, etc.).The principle of CSS hack:Due to different browser and browser versions of CSS support and parsing results are not the same, and CSS priority on the effect of the browser display, we can apply different CSS for different browser scenarios.Conditional Annotation Method:Effective only under IE:Intra-Class attribute prefix method: Hack Writing Instance IE6 (S) IE6 (Q) IE7 (S)

IE (Part One) confusion about browser mode and text mode in the browser

What is browser mode and text mode?Often use IE developer tools of the classmate, must have seen the browser mode and text mode, for these two nouns, comprehensive related documents explained as follows:Browsermode, which is used to toggle the default text mode of IE for the page, parse the conditional comments on different versions of the browser, and determine the value of useragent in the request header. It has been determined before the browser makes a request, and the site has no way to mod

IE11 for Windows 7 serial Uninstall

Previous Windows support for the previous version of IE will not be more than three (for example: IE 4/5/6 for Windows 98, ie 6/7/8 for Windows XP, ie 7/8/9 for Windows Vista), but with the current version of IE With the speed of change, and with the release of the IE11 standalone installation version, the version of IE supported by Windows 7 has reached an unprecedented four versions (IE8/9/10/11). Since Windows always has only one IE version at a t

IE9 can't install how to solve

Installed Win8 Genuine system users know Win8 browser is ie10, but Ie10 just came out not very long in the compatibility is not very perfect, so the use of people feel is not very to force. Or many netizens are staying in the use of IE8, IE9 and other versions. But IE9 is also a bit of a problem, such as a netizen said IE9

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