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MySQL 5.6 for Windows uncompressed version configuration installation (Win 10 64-bit Pro Test) with installation package download link

and enter the Bin folder, you need to remove MySQL (input mysqld-remove) and then reinstall (Input mysqld- Install); If error 1067 occurs, it is a configuration file modification error, verify that the configuration file is correct. 7. After the service started successfully, you can log in, enter Mysql-u root-p (no password for the first login, press ENTER directly), Login success! Note: The My.ini file must be encoded in English (such as ANSI in Windows), not UTF-8 or GBK, and so on. Link: h

Turn off win 10 upgrade tips

Download never 10, link http://down.51cto.com/data/2234966Run as Administrator:650) this.width=650; "title=" QQ picture 20160818115218.png "style=" float:left; "alt=" wkiol1e1mvpz4k33aac1xx_ Vqme216.png-wh_50 "src=" http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/m02/86/1c/wkiol1e1mvpz4k33aac1xx_vqme216.png-wh_500x0-wm_3- Wmp_4-s_186263770.png "/>650) this.width=650; "title=" QQ picture 20160818115342.png "style=" float:left; "alt=" Wkiom1e1mvpq8cj9aacapbklkcq353.png-wh_5

Outlook 2013 traditional display overlaps after you upgrade win 10

Office Update exception after upgrading from Win7 to WIN10, very slow response. problem solving after reloading office2013. But I found out that my Hong Kong colleague sent the mail with traditional characters in the outlook2013 display font overlap. Click Reply / forward mail, or traditional to simplified, or copy, paste into other documents, it will be displayed normally. reason is Win10 Simplified Chinese and English fonts are installed by default, and some characters are not displayed pr

Teach you a trick: Win 7 or win 10 Right-click menu Add Get Administrator privileges

When we upgrade from the classic Windows XP system to win 7 or win 10, we will find that when you want to delete some files, always prompt is occupied or is not permission, is very annoying.Here, write down the solution to this annoyance in order to comfort the heart of the injustice.1. Create a new TXT file, copy the

How to restore the bitlocker drive's private key on win 8.1 and win 10

How to restore the bitlocker drive's private key on win 8.1 and win 10 This article does not intend to study the internal operating mechanism of disk encryption in depth, but focuses on retrieving FVEK (complete volume encryption key) from the memory ). In Windows 7, key recovery is a simple task (for more information, see the end of the article). when process

[Win 10 Development] draws static UI and win draws static ui

[Win 10 Development] draws static UI and win draws static ui I believe that those who have experienced Windows Insider will not be unfamiliar with the figure below. I accidentally saw the Microsoft team headed by Jack Xin write an article on drawing this static page using xaml, then let's experiment with our own hands. Well... Please do and relax! First, let's

Windows 10 is handled. Chinese hackers win Windows 10 through Edge.

Windows 10 is handled. Chinese hackers win Windows 10 through Edge. Lu renjia: tell a joke. Passerby B: Windows is safe. Passerby A + passerby B: Haha In order to make such a joke a historical one, Microsoft joined hands. Do not underestimate Windows 10, at the time of development, Microsoft joined numerous advanced s

Win 10 should change most in these 10 areas

To improve on the next version of Windows, Microsoft recently released the Windows 10 Technology Preview test project, allowing users to try out their new systems ahead of time and provide feedback. So what are the features that users would most like Windows 10 to join? The following is a summary of the verge on the Microsoft UserVoice feedback platform. 1. File Browser add tag Adding a label

Play with the hash and plaintext password of Win 10

Play with the hash and plaintext password of Win 10 Windows 10 has been released for a period of time. The increasing installation volume and the frequent adoption of messages by more and more enterprises are a great situation. It is estimated that the number of windows 10 servers will reach September at the end of

Win 10 Development first step: building the development environment

Win 10 is a brand new platform that also marks the unification of Microsoft. With the release of Win, VS2015, universal applications will enter our lives. For the students who want to learn win 10 development, this is an opportunity, WIN10 is a new beginning, let us enter th

Windows 8, Windows 10 operating system Ten common win shortcut keys

When using the Windows-related operating system, if the keyboard shortcut keys, you can make the operation more convenient and smooth, this article describes the Windows 8 common win key shortcut keys, through testing, the method in the Windows 10 operating system environment also applies.Win key, such as:650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/54/91/wKioL1SGrJLSbD6qAAGXqHT55IM144.jpg "st

November Global operating system share: Win 10 shares rose 1% to 9%

, a sharp decline. In addition, Linux ranked 3rd in share 1.62%, with a small increase last month.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s1.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/76/F4/wKiom1ZfqfTBKSDeAACGtca0xxM252.png "title=" June 2015 to November Global operating system version share chart. png "alt=" Wkiom1zfqftbksdeaacgtca0xxm252.png "/>(Fig. 2) June 2015 to November Global operating system version share chartCross-view 2,IDC commentary network found that in the last six months (June-November), the operating sy

August domestic Operating system market share: Win 10 fourth part of 1%

IDC Commentary Network (idcps.com) September 02 reported: According to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in August, the domestic operating system market share of the top five, compared with last month, changes. Win 10 in Share 1.09% into the top five, replacing Mac OS ranked 4th. In addition, Win 7 parts continued to rise to 49.14%, ranked top five.

Win 10 opens the door for mankind to move into the intelligent world

3Month -Day,from Microsoft hardware Engineering Conference(WinHEC)good news came from the:this summer, Win tenwill be officially released. Win TenPublish,What's new??Microsoft's new leader Nadra(Nadella)advocate:Operation Calculation,Big Data and AI are the future of software supporting the world.actually, Win tenopens the door to the smart world of the future.Wh

"Win 10 App development" UI composition Notes (V): Lighting

point to the outside of the screen.Let's do an example. Put a picture on the interface, first of all to see the original image.This study is not very tall on it. We then let it load on the Image element. GridBackground="{ThemeResource Applicationpagebackgroundthemebrush}"> BorderName= "BD"Background= "Black"> ImageName= "img"Source= "Assets/2.jpg"/> Border> Grid>The Image element also needs a container outside, here I still use border, because the cone light and f

What is the basis of the Win 10 service intelligence?

in this year7Month indays later,Win TenThe operating system is called "Windows Services", which there is no "smart" factor? Can it be called an "intelligent operating system"? Why? What is "intelligence"? theyears3Month -Kaku, a well-known American theoretical physicist ,Michio Kaku,1947- ) written by popular science books " the Future of the Mind "("The Future of Human consciousness") is ranked first in the "New York Times" Best selling Books list.

The adaptive magnetic paste template and Toast notification XML document structure in Win 10 development

XML document structure of adaptive magnetic paste template in Win 10 developmentIn the same way, you can still use the 8.1-time magnetic paste template, in the win 10 API is also supported, in addition, WIN10 app also supports a new adaptive tile template, this article will give you a first talk about the basic structu

Click "Liu Xiang" to win the championship 10. The real level of keywords has exceeded the world record.

efforts to speed up. During the Paris Grand Prix, Liu Xiang suffered too much losses due to the first three columns. During this world championship, Liu Xiang well controlled the pace until the end of the competition. Sprint speed Although the distance between the sprint run after 10 columns is short, it may also determine the ownership of the final champion. Liu Xiang's sprint after 10 columns is quit

Win 10 The biggest bright spot is not free but artificial intelligence

7Month -Japan, a famous Japanese writerManish Singhpublished the article entitled " Eight reasons why do you should Upgrade to Windows ten ", the following examples are cited in this paper8reason: (omission of the argument)1.voice-based Virtual Assistant Cortana arrives on desktop platform (Integrated voice virtual assistant "Cortana")2.Start Menu is making a return3.Because It ' s much more secure (more secure)4.Xbox Games Mirroring5.Microsoft Edge

"Win 10 App development" UI composition Notes (iv): Drawing graphics

supports the brush, such as spritevisual. Remember, be sure to set the object's Size property , because the default value is 0, otherwise it will not be displayed, here, I directly with an expression animation, let its size follow the size of the Canvas.This method is encapsulated so that it can be called in the appropriate place to draw the content, such as in the constructor of the page class. Public MainPage () { this. InitializeComponent (); drawsomethin

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