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For PHP Environment FCKeditor editor upload picture Configuration Detail Tutorial _ page Editor

Open FCKeditor upload image function In view of the directory security issues, The default Fckeditor2.6.6 upload function is not turned on, so the first step we must open the FCKeditor upload function, here need to pay attention, because the PHP

ueditor1.4.3---php version upload picture path modification _php Tutorial

ueditor1.4.3---PHP version upload image path changes Locate the Php/config.json file in the Ueditor file directory to modify it My goal is to change the upload directory to the site root directory under the UploadFile directory, I modified this,

PHP Upload Video

Https://github.com/chaping/plupload_docs this downloadLupload has the following features and features:1, has a variety of upload methods: HTML5, Flash, Silverlight and the traditional . Plupload will automatically detect the current environment,

Plupload powerful multi-file bulk upload Plugin

Plupload is an interface-friendly file upload module on a Web browser that shows upload progress, automatic image thumbnails, and upload chunking. Can upload multiple files at the same time, for your content management system or similar upload

JS Baidu ueditor Picture upload configuration and the default use of remote URL address

Picture upload configuration succeeded, the picture also uploaded, but there is a problem is the picture in the save time, using the relative address. The red part is now the problem, I would like to change to the green section below with my site'

HTML5-based preview multi-picture Ajax upload _ajax related

One, about the picture upload what or whatIn the era of XHTML, we upload pictures using HTML file controls and upload one at a time. To upload multiple graphs at one time, the practice is to use flash. such as Swfupload.js. Unfortunately, the use of

PHP Picture upload Class Code

PHP image upload Class code, function is also more complete, we need to choose according to needs. Let's start with a simple: ?Http://www.jzxue.comClass upload{Public $length; Qualify File Sizepublic $file; Determine if this class is for picture

iis+php server cannot upload picture (500 error)

If the form cannot be submitted properly, modify the temporary file permissions ~ ~ ~ If you can submit the form normally, modify the upload file Small!!!Server on the use of apache2+php normal operation, replaced by Iis+php, has appeared php.ini

PHP picture upload class Code _php instance

Let's start with a simple: Copy Code code as follows: ? Http://www.jb51.net Class upload{ Public $length; Qualify File Size public $file; Determine if this class is for picture uploads or file uploads Public $fileName; Filename

PHP discuz chhome picture upload swfupload function

PHP discuz chhome picture upload swfupload functionThis upload and discuz to compare, still far from the difference. function is also deficient.In addition to some of the built-in URL leads, we can not change, the other data are

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