upload vm to azure

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Use vhdupload to upload vhd files to cloud storage and add azure drive to Azure VM.

1. Upload a vhd file to Azure blob Storage The source code of the vhdupload program is compiled into vhdupload.exe in the labs \ exploringwindowsazurestoragevs2010 \ source \ assets \ vhdupload.exe directory of the Windows azure Training Kit directory. Then upload Uploads a virtual hard disk (vhd) file to Windows

Windows Azure Virtual Machine Azure VM supports multi-NIC capabilities

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogWindows Azure VMS, by default, are a network card with 2 IP addresses. In many cases, we need azure to support more than one network card, here is a brief introduction of the author.Suppose we create a virtual network, 3 subnet subnets, divided into named Frondend, Midtier and backend, with different CIDR addresses

Running a remote Desktop on a Windows Azure Linux VM (Remote Desktop to Windows Azure Linux)-Excerpt from the network

directly from the Windows Azure portal by downloading the RDP file from the server.Let ' s has a look at what this is all achieved, Click-by-click.In the Windows Azure Portal, I-Create a new Virtual machine. In this case I ' m creating an Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. I Specify the latest version release date, the machine name, the size of the VM, and I create a n ad

[Reprinted] VM role practice: the vm c disk uploaded on the azure platform cannot be larger than 64 GB

in source. thenprovide Destination path and new size as 61 GB and click on resize button. 10. thedestination path will have vhd with required size. Proceed with csupload ofvhd. Azure will not show any problem. Related Articles: Http://blogs.msdn.com/ B /avkashchauhan/archive/2010/12/22/windows-azure-vm-role-handling-error-the-vhds-logical-size-of-130048mb-exce

Use azure SDK 1.6 to load the azure Drive Solution in VM role

With azure SDK 1.6, loading azure drive in Web role and worker role is okay. However, the following error occurs when loading VM role: Clouddriveexception 0x80070103 when using Windows azure drive from a VM role He discussed with Andrew Edwards of Microsoft and found that t

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (30) modifies the subnet of an Azure VM

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  When I use Azure virtual machine VMS, I often use them in conjunction with the virtual network.But sometimes, we deploy in the virtual network subnet subnet information is wrong, I want to modify this virtual machine belongs to the subnet, how should I modify?Let me briefly introduce you here.  1. First, we have a virtual network vnet with 2 subnet subnets.

How to select available services for Windows Azure Vm, cloud service, Web application

features of Virtual machine are as follows: Services that provide IaaS. Not only Windows-supported, but Linux operating systems are supported. Easily deploy and run Windows Server and Linux virtual machines within minutes, migrating running loads without changing existing code. For Windows OS-based apps, you can deploy it to Hyper-V as a VHD file and upload it directly to Windows Azure for dep

Windows VM password reset under Windows Azure

Azure if the password forgets how to reset it, because after creating the VM on Windows Azure it's impossible to crack the password by Consloe to mount the cracked password image. Of course, Microsoft will definitely take this issue into account, just use PowerShell to reset the password, see below:There are two ways to forget a password, one is to know the acco

Delete an azure VM using PowerShell

See the headline estimate a lot of people will think this thing also want to write a blog, can be more water pointhahaha, of course not so simple, but not too difficult, this time to introduce is really how to delete the virtual machine in Azure, the removal of the virtual machine itself is a simple and easy taskIt is absolutely true that the mouse click on the portal is not deleted. But because Azure compu

Correct use of VM role in Windows azure

Correct use of VM role in Windows Azure by: Microsoft, source: blog, responsible editor: Valen, At the 2010 PDC Conference, we introduced a new computational role-VM role in Windows azure. This feature greatly improves application control, but may be confused with the full infrastructure solution in Windows hyper-v. Th

Use Windows Azure VM to install and configure CDH to build a Hadoop Cluster

Use Windows Azure VM to install and configure CDH to build a Hadoop Cluster This document describes how to use Windows Azure virtual machines and NETWORKS to install CDH (Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop) to build a Hadoop cluster. The project uses CDH (Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop) in the private cloud to build a Hadoop cluster for

Configure FTP server on Windows Azure VM _powershell

1. Enable FTP Service2. Create FTP Login User3. Create an FTP site4. Add Endpoints to Portal5. Configure the firewall to allow communication on the increased endpoint port above6. Restart the FTP service 1. Enable FTP Service This should be simple, in the case of server R2 (this is the system for my Azure VM), open Server Manager, click Add Roles, select Components Web Server (IIS), and in role services,

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud Enterprise Exchange 2016 Deployment 6-Create a dual-Nic VM

replication network, if the MAPI network is not affected by a failure, the log shipping and seeding operations revert to using the MAPI network, and the MAPI network sets its Replicationenabled property to False. When a failed replication network resumes normal and is ready to resume log shipping and seeding operations, you must manually switch to the replication network.Microsoft Azure supports the creation of multi-NIC virtual machines to meet the

Azure VM deployment One of RDS

it is an international version of Azure, you can only select the English version of the OS)650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/6F/7D/wKiom1Wd8fagjeMIAAEOdFShGHQ020.jpg "/>Select OS Version release date, enter VM name and level, size (size selection in the actual enterprise environment is important, when the VM size is created there are 5 d

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (5) Configures the endpoints of a VM

First, we review the previous chapters: 1. First we created a new virtual Machine with SQL Server 2012 installed. 2. After the creation, we mount disk in this VM, the F disk (50GB) and the G disk (80GB). 3. Then we configure SQL Server 2012 to Data,log, backups to the F disk and G disk we created respectively. The TCP/IP protocol is set to Enabled and firewall rules are configured to allow access to port 1433. In this chapter I will show you how t

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (3) Mounts disks on a VM

D disk. Once a memory failure occurs in the physical host on which the VM resides, and an exception such as a power outage results in an inability to function properly, Azure Fabric control automatically migrates the VM to another normal physical host to ensure that the service is provided properly. However, the file information you save to the D disk will be lo

Azure VMS Use the D: disk as a data drive on a Windows VM

If your application needs to use the D drive to store data, follow these instructions to use a different drive letter as a temporary disk. Never use a temporary disk to store the data you want to save.If you resize the virtual machine or stop (DEALLOCATE) The virtual machine, this may trigger the operation of placing the virtual machine in the new hypervisor. A scheduled or unplanned maintenance event may also trigger this drop operation. In this scenario, the temporary disk is reassigned to the

Windows Azure VM two shut down road

Today survey Azure when price, find the following statement, from Http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/virtual-machines/ * If My deployed instance is in the ' Stopped ' state, do I still get billed? If your instance is in the Stopped deallocated state, it's not billed. If your instance is on the Stopped allocated state, it is still occupying compute resources and would be billed for virtual Cores allocated, not the software license itself.

Remember Azure VM migrations (between different subscriptions)

Recently encountered a lot of cases that need to migrate VMS between 2 different azure subscriptions, which will be written out for your reference using the Azure Copy Tool's Migration method. Advantage: Data migration is very fast and requires no redeployment of applications and databases, only the VM is recreated from disk. Disadvantage: You need to reconfigure

How to use PowerShell to collect an azure VM image list

Tags: SSI Ros member Compare TypeName TAC common exp et ceteraThis time to share the script on Azure, while using azure, some of the newly created resources are basically already in arm mode, and Azure Classic Portal is now completely superseded by the new portal. In the use of experience, the arm mode is more convenient for most of the ASM, but there are some de

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