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Domain name category and domain name type

Some people often ask what. com means? This should begin with domain name classification. The highest domain names to be divided by institutions originally had seven: com (representing commercial institutions), net (representing network service

C # obtain the local name, IP address, domain name, and physical location through network programming

In C # network programming, host domain names and IP addresses can be converted to each other. At the same time, DNS classes, iphostentry classes, IPaddress classes, and dnspermission classes can be used to implement some simple DNS functions. The

December 2nd week China. NET net increase of COM domain name 50,000 us minus 50,000

IDC Review Network ( December 19: According to the latest data released by, the 2nd week of December, the total number of China's COM domain names rose to 7,896,952, a net increase of 51,967, the most obvious in the global

Boys' English name

It is very important to have a good English name! It must be easy to remember, nice to hear, and have a moral hazard... Aaron Inspired by heh, Aaron is depicted as a less-tall but handsome man, honest, hard-working, responsible, and a leader with an

URL rewriting rules

Enable mod_rewriteEnable mod_rewrite moduleTo use the URL rewriting function, you must install the mod_rewrite module. Use the phpinfo () function to find the Apache Modules section. You can see the current apache loading module.If mod_rewrite is

Log on to the website with the account of the computer on the computer of the domain controller.

Today, there is a strange demand. The Domain Controller's computer uses its account to log on to the computer to log on to the website (ASP. NET). Below is a promptCode /// /// Read and verify login user information and Set

Foreign free PHP mysql home space/ftp/bindable domain/[10 section]

I collected 10 foreign free php+mysql+ftp's homepage space , only provides the application address to have one also may bind the domain name, the flow is not limited, also in the partial is no advertisement. bplaced German free PHP space, support

English name (male)

Inspired by aaron (Hebrew), aaron is depicted as an untall but handsome man, honest, hardworking, responsible, and a quiet leader with an effective personality. Abel (Hebrew) refers to breathing, short for abelard. Most people think abel is a tall,

English name of man

Aaron(Hebrew) inspired by his ideas, Aaron is depicted as an untall but handsome man, honest, hardworking, responsible, and a quiet leader with an effective personality.Abel(Hebrew) "breathing" stands for Abelard. Most people think Abel is a tall,

How to distinguish the different artificial network faults in the domestic Internet environment

Add by Zhj: Learning, the original GFW available means so much ah, of course, I guess the real means should be more than this. And GFW are constantly escalating.Author Twitter: @davidsky2012 Posting to Moonlight blog post

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