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Ubuntu under Xilinx Platform Cable usb/altera usb-blaster/seed XDS-560

", symlink+="xds560v2"Note that the Xilinx Platform Cable USB configuration has two devices 03fd:000f and 03fd:0008, and I've been doing this for a long time to discover that the idproduct of this USB device will be in hardware manager--open new tar Get automatically from the former into the latter, the former has the ability to execute the case.If there is no va

Solution to USB blaster Driver Installation failure

Solutions to problems reported by some customers that the USB blster driver cannot be installed Many customers have reported that the USB blster driver cannot be installed. The specific situation is described as follows: 1. After the USB blster is inserted into the computer, the following prompt appears in the lower right corner of the screen: The new ha

[Usb-blaster] Error (209040): Can ' t access JTAG chain

Today, I encountered this problem in downloading the FPGA program to the board of your own design.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Error (209040): Can ' t access JTAG chainerror (209012): Operation Failedinfo (209061): Ended Programmer operation at Wed Au G to 15:12:29 2016Info (209060): Started Programmer operation at Wed 15:12:31----------------------------------------------------------------------------------The point is I have two

Clever Little Box Cable Assembly USB A receptacle to USB B plug Details USB3.0 AdapterSuperSpeed USB will provide 10x data conversion rate high-speed USB, as well as improve power efficiencyUSB3.0 Cable provides a durable, high-quality connectionFast transfer speed bet

Clever Little Box Cable Assembly USB A plug to USB B plug Details USB3.0 AdapterSuperSpeed USB will provide 10x data conversion rate high-speed USB, as well as improve power efficiencyUSB3.0 Cable provides a durable, high-quality connectionFast transfer speed bet

Android Technology home: Homemade USB OTG Data cable

As an Android technology home, USB OTG is what you must understand, so-called USB OTG is you can use the phone or tablet to charge, and the computer to transfer data from the Micro USB interface to connect other USB peripherals, such as gamepad, mouse, keyboard, The USB stic

Connection skills for USB cable and audio interface

In general, the chassis we can buy now provides front-end USB and front-end audio as well as switch-key functions. And the need for us to connect including switch machine button, hard drive indicator, audio interface and USB cable. It is easy to install the audio and USB cable

How to Create a 10-meter USB extended Cable

USB cable on the market, its name is "with magnetic ring, with screen", but 3 meters will not work. No MP4 can be recognized for a 5-meter connection. There is no 10-meter USB extension cable on the market, even if there is a sky price.Is the most common USB extended

Computers connect tl-tr761 series via USB cable

The answer is yes, through the USB data cable to achieve! Below we introduce the computer through the USB Data Cable Connection tl-tr761 series sharing Internet usage method. When a computer is connected to a device through a USB ca

How Android does not debug via USB data cable

When developing an Android app, it's usually connected to the device and computer via a USB cable, but for some applications that need to use a USB device, this approach is troublesome, and the USB port of the phone is connected to the external USB device and no longer conne

PS Draw a realistic USB cable tutorial

I have to say, Photoshop pen tool is really a very powerful tool, because it can be used to create pictures of lifelike images. Today's small series to share with you is to use PS to draw a realistic USB cable tutorial. 1th Step Open a new document 1000x1000 Pixel, resolution: at the DPI. This document will use about 60 floors. Organization is the key. I've created 4 folders to organize my layers. See the

Influence of internal resistance of USB data cable on charging current

Influence of internal resistance of USB data cable on charging current Mobile phone and tablet Charger interface for USB interface, the use of the adapter through the power of the USB cable and ground to form a loop to charge the phone, if the quality of the data line, the

How to use the USB cable interface to log on to the campus network on the MacBook

Looking forward to, looking forward to, the new computer MacBook came, but the thin Mac does not have a network interface, and the school campus network wireless speed is very slow, how to do?Had to buy an external USB adapter (I would say that the MacBook built-in lightning adapter is too expensive?) ), the hardships received goods, plug in the network cable ... The results show: "

Samsung d908 uploads and installs Java software/games with a USB cable (attached to anyview/Moto-TXT download)

Download the following four software. For installation instructions, refer to the following tutorial. (1)D908 driver Samsung PC Studio 3(61.0 MB). The link is invalid. Find it online!(2) softtick PPP (3) Samsung XXXX Java Uploader Chinese edition (4) jadwizard 1.0 (drag the jar to it without a JAD file) If the downloaded Java game only contains a single. jar file, download the Jad generator and drag the. jar file directly into the Jad wizard.In the 1.0 window, the. JAD file is generated, and th

Why the computer USB plug data cable on the panic

compatibility is poor, when using a partial USB device crashes, reinstall its driver try. 3, the USB interface is artificially corrupted, or the connection is incorrect. 4, in the actualIn the process, the USB device, in turn, plugs into the USB connector, of course, but will be the

View the log information via wifi adb without a USB cable connected to the PC

desktop computer, and there is no network card, you can buy a small USB external WiFi, plug in the desktop can also share WiFi. (As long as the PC can ping the IP on the phone) Check the phone-side connection to the PC side to share out the WiFi after assigning the IP, assuming it is, then open the command line on the PC side. Tap command adb connect many times the first case will appear: " Unable to connect to 172.1

Connection to the Internet using a USB cable to a computer using the mobile phone of the d700

The premise is that your computer must be able to access the Internet.1. Enable the "file"-"connection settings" option in the synchronization software "Microsoft ActiveSync", remove "√" before "allow connection establishment through USB", and press OK.2. In the "Start"-"other"-"other"-"attachment" of the mobile phone, select "modem link", select "USB" in the "connection" column, select "Activate" in the "m

Use minicom and USB serial cable under Fedora

First, minicomFedora is not like the previous redhat, can not directly input minicom Enter, because there is no modem in the directory/dev/sub-directory, and minicom run by default is the directory, so the direct knock is not. But you can enter Minicom-s carriage return, so you can set the path of Minicom,/dev./modem to/dev/ttys0, and then set a soft connection, ln-s/dev/ttys0//dev/modem enter, you can. Then you can enter the minicom.Second, USB seria

How to debug Android without using the USB data cable

Generally, Android applications are connected to devices and computers through a USB data cable. However, this method is troublesome for applications that require USB devices, the USB interface of the mobile phone has been connected to an external USB device, and the data li

Mechanics of USB cable and connector

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shell shield drain WireBytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standard A is the most common type. Most USB mouse and keyboard connectors are of this type. You can directly Insert the standard a connector tacle (master) on the PC ). The biggest bene

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