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Linux2.6.34 USB driver (USB flash drive, USB mouse, keyboard)

Because the USB driver in Linux is already very complete,You only need to follow the following configuration. After the configuration, recompile the kernel and install it on the Development Board. 1. Modify make menuconfig System type --> Input core support --> SCSI device support ---> [*] Legacy/proc/SCSI/support * ** SCSI support type (disk, tape, CD-ROM

Complete notes for USB mouse driver in Linux

driver chain table. How is the interface added to the device linked list? After the USB driver matches the USB device, USB core configures the device. After analyzing the structure of the device, all interfaces of the device are added to the device linked list. For example,

USB device driver mouse

USB device driver mouse 1. Overview The USB mouse driver is roughly divided into two parts: the driver of the USB device and the

USB mouse Device driver simple implementation (i)

one, Linux under the USB driver Separation and tiering is the most basic form of driver development in Linux, USB drive development in the host side mainly involved in two parts: Host controller driver and device driver. Host cont

Linux USB Mouse Input driver detailed

Platform: mini2440Kernel: Linux the USB device is plugged in, the kernel reads the device information, and then compares the information in the id_table with the information read to see if it matches and, if so, calls the probe function. The disconnect function is called when the USB device is unplugged. The URB is used in USB device drivers to descr

Hardware driver in Linux-USB device

one. When you open a device file, the operating system knows the driver corresponding to the device. SCSI Device SCSI is a standard computer interface different from IDE. Nowadays, most flat-board scanners, CD-R recorders, MO optical transceiver and so on gradually tend to use the SCSI interface, coupled with SCSI and can provide a high-speed transmission channel, so, access to SCSI devices more and more u

Design and Application of USB signal transmission through optical fiber

. After 1000us, the output EN of IC7 of the lower computer is restored to "0". At this time, the USB data status of the lower computer changes first. The procedure of transmitting USB data from the lower computer to the upper computer is exactly the same as that of transmitting USB data from the upper computer to the lower computer described above. 4. Experiment

A brief analysis of Linux driver framework for USB bus driver

find it (and no interruption)Answer 5: The USB interface has only 4 lines: 5V, GND, D-, d+. the PC's USB port has a 15K pull-down resistor inside the D-and d+, a low-level USB device, and a USBdevice with a 1.5k pull-up resistor inside the USB port, D-or d+: It will put the PC USB

How to install winpe + ghost + virtual optical drive with a USB flash drive

access to NTFS file system partitions and internal networks. This pre-installation environment supports all large-capacity storage devices that can use the Windows2000 and WindowsXP drivers. You can easily add drivers to new devices. Supports copy, delete, and partition formatting of fat, FAT32, and NTFS system partitions.Using winpe can help you convert existing MS-DOS-based tools to 32-bit windows APIs so that you can easily maintain these applications in standard development environments (su

Linux USB Driver Development (i)--USB equipment basic Concept "turn"

the data returned _ _u8 bnuminterfaces; //Configure the number of supported interfaces _ _u8 Bconfigurationvalue; parameter values required by the//set_configuration command _ _u8 iconfiguration; //The index value of the string describing the configuration _ _u8 bmattributes; //Power supply mode selection _ _u8 Bmaxpower; //device maximum current extracted from the bus } _ _attribute_ _ ((packed)); 3. Interface DescriptorA configuration can contain one or more interfaces, for examp

Linux Device Driver Learning (17)-USB driver (2)

contain a struct device structure.The following is the directory tree of My USB mouse in sysfs: /Sys/devices/pci0000: 00/0000: 00: 1A. 0/usb3/3-1 (indicating the usb_device structure) . | -- 3-. 0 (USB _ interface corresponding to the mouse) | -- 0003: 046d: c018.0003 | -- Driver

How to Write a USB driver in linux

device type or block device type, for example, the mouse is a character device and the hard disk is a block device, after successful registration, the system will report a master configuration.The primary device ID is the unique identifier of the system. The driver creates a device file typically stored in the/dev directory based on the master device number. When we want to access this hardware, we canFile

The computer is turned off and the optical mouse is still on.

keyboard mouse boot, at this time, whether we use the PS/2 or USB interface of the optical mouse, as long as the keyboard mouse boot function is not closed, then the mouse after the shutdown will be in standby state. So to solve

Linux USB Driver Development (i)--USB Equipment basic Concept

power supply mode U8 Bmaxpower; The maximum current that the device extracts from the bus} _ _attribute_ _ ((packed));3. Interface DescriptorA configuration can contain one or more interfaces, for example, for an optical drive that uses its mass storage interface when used for file transfers, and when used to play a CD, uses its audio interface. An interface is a collection of endpoints that can contain one or more replaceable settings that enable th

Linux USB Gadget (USB device-side Driver Analysis)

multiple functions, which will be carefully studied laterThe implementation of the composite device. Devices such as smartphones and PDAs support a wide range of hardware endpoints and DMA buffers, providing software support for CompoundBasic functions.There are two points worth noting: the first is that the USB gaget driver framework does not have the concept of USB

Small maintenance technique of optical mouse and analysis of common faults

The photoelectric mouse uses the photoelectric sensor to replace the mechanical element in the mechanical mouse, thus the maintenance method has the unique characteristic. Let's take a look at the optical mouse maintenance tips and common fault analysis Daquan. Optical

Detailed description of Wince USB driver code

a keyboard or mouse, printer is a sample driver for a USB printer, and storage is a sample program for a USB storage device such as a USB flash drive. Take the USB storage device as an example. Expand the storage folder. The INC

Use group policies to completely disable USB storage devices, optical drives, floppy drives, and zip drives.

;"Custom policy settings"→ Click"Restrict drives" 650) This. width = 650; "border = 0> Step 8: for example, we want to disableUSBInterface (you can rest assured, although we do notUSBInterface, but it does not affect our useUSBInterface printer, mouse tired device), right click"Disable USB"→ Click" properties ". The"Disable USB" Properties dialog box. 650) Thi

Linux USB driver Workflow

Linux USB driver workflow 1. in the Linux driver of a USB host, the USB driver is at the bottom of the USB host controller hardware. The driver

Driver guide for USB devices under WinCE

keyboard or mouse, printer is a sample driver for a USB printer, and storage is a sample program for a USB storage device such as a USB flash drive.Take the USB storage device as an example. Expand the storage folder. The INC fol

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