use godaddy domain with another host

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The risk analysis of the domain name registration of GoDaddy

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported that the domestic well-known movie Database website time Network was closed the reason finally has the answer, time network closure is said to be related to the yellow, million network staff said,

GoDaddy suspend China domain name registration business

According to overseas media reports, the world's largest domain name service provider in the United States and another U.S. company to provide similar services network Solutions LLC3 Month announced 25th, stop the CN domain name registration

How to become a top-level domain registrar and how to provide domain name registration

This is said domain name registrar is not a domain name distributor or agent, first say things happen background, in the second half of 2015 for a job, (this article may have a little verbose, do not like to ignore), the first day of work, completed

Feasibility analysis of the deployment of Nodejs on the virtual host Nodejs API Nodejs installation teaches

Problem GoDaddy last host can hang multiple sites (such as the PHP site), then node. js site can also be used as one of the sites on GoDaddy? Virtual Host Implementation To answer this question, we need to first analyze how the virtual host is

Apache rewrite implements URL jump and domain jump

The main function of Rewirte is to implement a URL jump, and its regular expression is based on the Perl language. Can be based on both server-level (httpd.conf) and directory-level (. htaccess) methods. If you want to use the rewrite module, you

Apache Rewrite implements URL 301 redirection and Domain Name Redirection

To use the rewrite module, you must first install or load the rewrite module. There are two ways to install the rewrite module directly when compiling apache. The other is to install apache in DSO mode when compiling apache, and then use the source

Apache rewrite implements URL jump and domain jump

1, Rewirte main function is to implement the URL of the jump, its regular expression is based on the Perl language. Can be based on both server-level (httpd.conf) and directory-level (. htaccess) methods. If you want to use the rewrite module, you

Build a vpn and wordpress On a vps host outside China

1. Build a VPN First, go to the configuration panel of VPS. The system is CentOS 5 32bit. Reload the system to complete the entire process. Use Xshell 4 to connect to the remote host and change the initial password. Directly use the PPTPD

Configure Apache Virtual Hosts-centos 7

Difficulty: 2Time: minutesWant to host websites on your server? Using Apache? Great. This article would show you what to do exactly that using Apache's "virtual hosts."In Apache, you can use virtual hosts to direct http traffic-a given domain name

Set up a full set of processes and detailed explanations of the site If Google's topic, 80% of the results are ads-they will tell you, "Hey, I (or a company) here can build a website, fool-style yo, Come and run to me! "Novice generally feel that building a website

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